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I am a fully qualified Holistic Therapist, currently running my own holistic health and wellbeing business from Camden Town in London. I spent many years working in the beauty industry before making the leap into self employment. We also run a weekly practice in Covent Garden at Good Vibes studios.

I am a sole trader, and the proprietor of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy and during the years running this business have built a large clientele in the Greater London area, as well as a base of corporate clients for whom we provide corporate and event massage services.

Prior to starting BodyWorks I was working in the beauty, health and wellbeing industry and learnt a lot about the running of my business through my time at these beauty havens. I like to think that I offer something different, in that I like to be able to really connect with my clients; finding that the conveyor belt feel in salons and spas can often be counter productive to relaxation, I prefer to be able to offer my clients a much more relaxed environment in which they can take their time without feeling rushed.

We offer a friendly, highly professional service, and believe that mental and physical wellbeing go hand in hand, transforming the way people feel and restoring balance. All this contributes towards BodyWorks being ranked ranked at number 1 in the UK masseur category on Freeindex for the last two years.

I am also a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists: the largest and leading professional association for therapists in the UK and Ireland.

BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy Reviews


Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Karina Jacobsen
5 26/04/2018 Karina Jacobsen

My search for a good therapist ended more than a year ago, when I met Ben.
You will instantly feel the good vibes from the moment he welcomes you at his door. Ben is an absolute professional, passionate and dedicated person, who loves what he does.
With the mix of the relaxing music, the exquisite oils he blends and the magic he works, it’s the perfect getaway for your body and soul.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by nicola cane
5 19/04/2018 nicola cane

Have been seeing Ben for sports massages during my marathon training. He is very good at tailoring the massage for any particular areas of pain to provide relief. Not sure I would be getting to the start line of the run without Ben! Highly recommend.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Becca Fiorini
5 13/04/2018 Becca Fiorini

Ben's massages are wonderful! He is able to get out tough knots and I always leave feeling new. He pays attention to detail and has new patients fill out a questionnaire to explain their medical history and symptoms. He has a very warm and friendly demeanor. Highly recommend!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Jon
5 27/02/2018 Jon

Ben is a remarkable and excellent masseur. I always feel very relaxed after a session. He is very friendly, approachable, full of positive energy and a good conversationalist. I highly recommend his services.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by vicky270584
5 21/02/2018 vicky270584

Best massage in London. I go there regularly and I would super recommend Ben for a massage. In addition he is super nice, kind and joyous.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Monica Woodley
5 20/02/2018 Monica Woodley

Ben gives an absolutely amazing massage. Going to see him regularly has sorted out my tricky back after many years of problems. And the ear candleing is helping with my stubborn congestion. Feeling so much better for seeing him! On top of the great service, Ben is the loveliest guy - warm, friendly and attentive.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Liliana Ferreira
5 16/02/2018 Liliana Ferreira

By far the best deep tissue massage i have ever had. Ben is absolutely amazing. You will not be disappointed and will leave after the massage feeling like new. He has helped me with some very difficult knots on my back and a bad shoulder but after the massage i always feel like my back is new! i have already recommend friends, family and even colleagues. You will not be disappointed, he is worth every penny.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by info Dyad Medical
5 16/02/2018 info Dyad Medical

Absolutely the best! Can not recommend Ben enough. Ben is welcoming, warm and very friendly. He makes you feel at ease from the get go. Deep tissue massage is must if you see Ben. He definitely works wonders on the areas that have tension or knots. I have seen him three times and have already booked my fourth appointment in 4 weeks. Highly recommended to everyone!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Shaf Dinmahomed
5 16/02/2018 Shaf Dinmahomed

Ben is simply excellent. He relaxes you from the moment he answers the door, always is full of energy and has an uncanny knack of finding the source off all your aches and pains. Don’t hesitate - book a session ASAP.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by katiebroome1
5 13/02/2018 katiebroome1

Ben is a very knowledgeable and skilled masseuse! You are in very good hands with Ben. He has helped me with my back pain hugely. I thoroughly recommend him!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Purple Princess
5 22/12/2017 Purple Princess

Well....what can I say about Ben apart from he is absolutely AWESOME. I cannot commend Bodyworks, Fitness & Massage therapy highly enough. I have been going to see Ben regularly for his amazing deep tissue massage and he is by far the best therapist I have ever had and believe me I have tried loads over the years. Ben's friendly approachable manner combined with his professionalism, knowledge and expertise means I am never disappointed with my treatment and I always feel great benefits afterwards. I have recommended Ben to friends who are equally impressed and I would never consider seeing anybody else.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Stephen Park
5 20/10/2017 Stephen Park

I see this guy once a month. He is a very friendly man and very professional and most importantly he is very good at his job. I would recommend him to anyone.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Steve B
5 07/10/2017 Steve B

I started visiting Ben followIng a painful attack of Sciatica. He clearly explained to me the course of therapy he recommended and professionally applied it. Ben has excellent knowledge of his profession and applies his skills in a friendly and professional manner. His facilities are clean and pleasant and I now enjoy visiting Ben on a regular basis.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Marie Gorbenko
5 13/09/2017 Marie Gorbenko

Ben is God's gift to achy and knotted bodies. He has relieved every issue I've come to him with and I certainly can't say that about every massage therapist I've been to in my life (and there have been quite a few!). If I had to answer the question of what one item I would take on a desert island with me, it would probably be Ben because someone would have to get the knots out of my shoulders once I finished shaking coconuts from trees and building a shelter from bamboo. Ben is the best!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Von Wager
5 09/09/2017 Von Wager

I've been getting treatments from Ben for a little over a year now, ive have had a lot of massages in my life and can honestly say, Ben is by FAR the best masseuse I've ever met. If you are looking for very skilled, very friendly, very accommodating at a wonderful price then please go see Ben. He's the absolute best!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Raj Gill
5 14/08/2017 Raj Gill

I originally chose to visit Bodyworks, Fitness and Massage Therapy as I preferred to visit Ben's home studio rather than an often female dominated Salon environment. I have had several different treatments and regularly return for the Hand and Foot Treatment and the Swedish Massage. I have had several pedicures in the past and have been left in pain or bleeding and also there is often an emphasis on polishing and buffing. In this treatment there is more focus on foot care, with a lot of time spent on exfoliation and cuticle care improving the overall look and shape and feel of the nails. This treatment is great for Men who would not look after their feet and women who want time spent on nail care rather than polishing and painting. Ben is a friendly warm individual and I would recommend a visit.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by virginie chedal-bornu
5 05/08/2017 virginie chedal-bornu

Super friendly, makes you comfortable and relaxed instantly. Always chooses the best blend of essential oils, you leave his studio painless and smelling divine! Best deep tissue massage I've had by far! Worth every penny and the long trip up from Surrey.

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Kate S
5 28/06/2017 Kate S

Easily the best massage I have ever had, really helped me through pregnancy and beyond with the use of massage techniques and essential oils (all pregnancy safe!) Highly Recommended!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Shona Barker
5 09/06/2017 Shona Barker

Quite simply, you won't find better than Ben. I've been a loyal customer for many years, which in a city with as much choice as London is a real testament to his skill. His combined knowledge of physiology, anatomy, massage technique and physical strength is unrivalled. If you need a deep tissue masseur, don't bother trying anyone else, go straight to Ben; he'll fix all your muscles!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Rebecca Sunter
5 22/05/2017 Rebecca Sunter

Ben really personalises the massage for you depending on where the problem areas are. I have been going to see him regularly since November and am finding that my back particularly is feeling much better due to going once a month for a massage. The calming music, lovely oils and Ben's friendliness all mean it's a comfortable, enjoyable experience (and also really affordable for London which is great)!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by miles law
5 31/03/2017 miles law

Ben's massage is second to none. He's an intuitive, effective and flexible masseur - the best you'll find. He's never been phased by my multiple medical conditions and always takes them into account.

His massages always remedy any problem areas, as well as making me feel light and centered. I'd been searching for a good masseur for years before meeting Ben, and now the search is over!

Whether you're looking for a relaxing massage, or have aches and pains you need addressing, Ben's your man!

Review of BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy by Holly Wilkins
5 14/03/2017 Holly Wilkins

There aren't enough superlatives to use when describing Ben's massage. He is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever used - and there have been a few! He really knows what he is doing - I arrive bunched up & stressed & leave feeling light as air. He mixes his own oil blends so the massage feels like a treat as well as a treatment. He is also just a really lovely person who will instantly put you at ease. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy

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BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

The satisfaction that I get from seeing people who have previously had immobile joints due to muscular issues, or aches and pains that I have managed to remove is the most amazing feeling!

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having worked in salons and spas, realising that as long as you work for somebody else your life is never truly your own. You are committed to working a schedule someone created for you, and ultimately doing things the way someone else has decided they should be done. Personally, seeing the way things work in the beauty havens I have worked in, I do not like it. As a Holistic therapist the conveyor belt feeling of 'one in, one out' to the massage therapists is not how it should be.

Why should our clients choose you?

Having extensively studied body science I know the human body inside and out, however any idiot can learn anatomy and physiology. People should choose me because I do truly care; I genuinely love what I do, and have a commitment to ensuring each and every client leaves having achieved the desired result, but also feeling on top of the world!

Services provided by BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy


Deep Tissue Massage

You ache; your muscles are tight, tense and knotted up; You need a deeper massage to sort out those underlying muscular problems - This is the type of massage you need. Great for deep and persistent muscular aches and pains, and perfect for all you gym junkies and sports lovers. Deep tissue massage works layer by layer through connective tissue and muscles down to the deepest accessible layers to change posture and create freedom of movement. It is worth mentioning that Deep tissue massage is not for relaxation, and should not be booked for a relaxing session. Some elements of the massage can be a little on the painful side, and may still be felt up to 48 hours after treatment, however will do the muscles the world of good in the longer term. During a deep tissue session I use my thumbs, forearms, fsits and elbows to stretch each muscle and fascia layer by layer. For best results a deep tissue massage is best booked as a 90 minute session for the whole body.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Full Body Massage is also commonly referred to as a Classic or Traditional Massage and is the most common form of full body massage treatment. Treatments can last between one or two hours and can include parts or the body as a whole. A Swedish massage can be tailored to fit your needs; it can be as deep or as light as you like, and we can use essential oils if you wish to create an aromamassage (not quite aromatherapy, but still working with the sense of smell during the session) Why have a Swedish Massage? A Swedish Full Body Massage employs effleurage (long, gliding stokes) accompanied by petrissage (kneading), friction (cross fiber) and vibration/shaking to benefit the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, lymphatic and nervous systems. The functions of the skin, respiratory system, digestive system and the urinary tract will also be improved. Indeed a Swedish Full Body Massage offers a whole range of physiological and psychological benefits and is the perfect way to treat physical aches and pains and increase feelings of deep relaxation and inner happiness.


Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that focusses on the sense of smell by utilising essential oils to bring about different effects. The first mention of aromatherapy in history was in 1910, when a French chemist named René-Maurice Gattefossé who used Lavender oil to heal a burnt hand. Each oil has it's own scent, and properties (for example, tea tree is anti microbial and is great on an acneic or oily skin; Lavender is healing and can heal fresh scars) When blended with a base oil these essential oils can have an amazing effect on whole body (physically, physiologically and psychologically) After your consultation I will gather the oils required for your treatment and blend them - we will begin with inhalation of the blend, followed by gentle massage, using the chosen oils to create different effects. Pressure point massage will help to release tension, your choice of essential oils will awaken your senses and the whole treatment will leave you feeling revitalised. Aromatherapy sessions may only be booked at least 24 hours in advance, and require a consultation prior to treatment to allow for selection and blending of required oils (this can be a telephone consultation and is to ascertain the reasons for treatment). Please note that we do not stock a full range of oils at all times, so feel free to bring your own, or mention in advance if there is a particular scent you would like for your treatment.

Work history from BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy

Work History

Sales (Ireland & N.Ireland)

International Institute for Anti Ageing

From July 2010 to December 2010.

Sales of Environ Vitamin enriched skincare, Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics & ANP supplements, up selling and cross selling to improve sales and looking after our Irish client base. Liaising with our team on the road in Ireland, to push the brands forward and to maximise sales potential, whilst actively following up new leads.

Receptionist/ Bookings Agent

Urban Retreat at Harrods

From June 2008 to August 2010.

Working at the forefront of the beauty industry in London with some of the worlds most prestigious brands. During my time at UR I worked as a receptionist and a contact centre agent. A five star service was expected at all times during these roles. Extensive training was given continuously in luxury brands and the treatments offered within the salon to enable the upselling of treatments and products, and was expected with each client. The clientele included Londons elite, and were require to deal with people from all backgrounds on a daily basis, including celebrities and beauty writers for publications such as vogue and Harpers Bazaar. As a receptionist at Urban Retreat I was at the forefront in the salon, and immaculate presentation was a must. During my time as a receptionist I would be responsible for the checking in and out of clients, and also making future appointments in a very busy environment. As a contact centre agent I was based behind the scenes, dealing with appointments and enquiries over the phone, managing schedules for therapists and stylists and effectively rearranging appointments during the event of illness or absence.

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