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Balmoral Construction (SW) Limited

Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset


Balmoral Construction (SW) Limited

Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset

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15 September 2018

Ian provided a written quotation to demolish existing buildings, prepare the site with and rebuild an extension in accordance with provided architects plans and building regulations, a fixed price was agreed on and work commenced.

The demolition went OK, the underground work exposed some issues we did not know about that were addressed and an obvious extra cost was incurred.

Once the foundations and the slab were laid it was explained that from here there were no unexpected developments, as everything was now know., so all was good.

Until the price started to increase with extra costs for items that should have been included such as concrete blocks, concrete and man hours.

In a meeting Ian explained that he had miscalculated the build area quoting on 36sqm instead of 76sqm despite have the architects plans.

The cost to finish would be around triple the original quote, Ian explained that he was unable to finish for the quoted price, but he helpfully provided me with details of a mortgage consultant that would re-mortgage my home to allow me to pay his bill.

This offer of arranging a mortgage was refused and Ian subsequently withdrew from the project leaving it an unfinished shell and having been paid more than the original quoted price.

I suggest that anyone who is considering having any work done by any builder do their research first and do it well, make sure you get everything in writing and speak to previous customers.