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Hiring a catch-up tutor: Everything you need to know

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Zara, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

If your child has missed out on valuable time at school, tutoring plays an important role in helping them to ‘catch up’ by bridging any gaps in their knowledge. 

If you’re thinking of hiring a catch-up tutor to get your child back up to speed, you might be wondering how to choose the right tutor for your child. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to choosing the right catch-up tutor to support your child in their learning.

Experience matters

Many people will claim to be ‘qualified tutors’ but there’s no standard that they must meet to make this claim. The National Curriculum is regularly updated and exams are constantly changing. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that the tutor you choose is adequately qualified and experienced, with an in-depth knowledge of the current curriculum.

Chemistry counts

The relationship between your child and their tutor must be right. Your child needs to feel comfortable and supported by their tutor to enjoy the full benefits that having a tutor can provide.

It’s a good idea to arrange a trial lesson before committing to a full programme of tutoring. This will allow your child to try out the tutor and see if they are compatible. You can decide your next steps from here, based on how your child reacts to the tutor and how comfortable they feel.

In-person vs online tutoring

Many tutors offer the choice between face-to-face and online tuition. The type of private tuition that will work best for your child will depend on their personality and their learning style.

In-person tuition is often best for children who are easily distracted. However, online tuition is often more cost-effective and no travel is required. If you aren’t sure whether to opt for online or in-person tuition, it might be worth trying out both options to see which works best for your child.

Check out their sites

Before deciding on a catch-up tutor, it’s a good idea to have a look at their website and social media accounts. You will often see from social media accounts how other parents engage with the tutor and what their general attitude is. If other parents are liking and commenting on every post, there’s a good chance that they’re happy with the tutor.

Reviews are key

The best way to find out whether a tutor is reliable and effective is to read genuine reviews from their current or former clients. However, it can be hard to know which online reviews you can trust. When you hire a tutor on Bark, you can read genuine reviews from former clients, making sure that you choose the right tutor for your child.

Hire a catch-up tutor on Bark

If you’re ready to hire a catch-up tutor to support your child with their education if their school learning has been affected, you can hire a private tutor on Bark.

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