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My company offers personal training in the comfort of your home and outdoors. I know how hard it can be to want change but don't know where to start.

Thats where Figure Blueprint comes in we use Calisthenics and HIIT training to help improve your strength, endurance and power.


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Mauricio Clavijo

6 November 2014

Determination and positive thinking Great character Happy to have met you Fantastic influence


John Yater

18 September 2014

Zycco was kind enough to put me through the paces while I was visiting London. As a former fitness professional who studied sport medicine at university I have known a number of personal trainers. I can attest Zycco's workout regimen progressions are both sound and challenging. His focus on building solid foundations of key movements before proceeding to the next level reminded me of how even a knowledgable fitness fanatic like myself needed to develop stronger base strength. Zycco has something special going on here and I expect his program to be very successful. More...


Richard Lee

15 September 2014

I've trained with Zycco and his fitness regime is very structured and gets results #calisthenics


Andrew Huynh

14 September 2014

Zycco is by far one of the most determined, positive and forward thinking people I've ever met. If he ever comes up with an idea or a plan that he think is viable then he will put in 110% effort to make sure he will achieve his goal. He is like a sponge, who soaks up information from anyone or anything he comes across that inspires him. He would always want to know your view and opinion about something so he can have a larger view about something rather than be narrow minded. All of these qualities make a perfect Pro. More...


Eddy M. Kheloufi

3 August 2014

dedicated in his profession he will give you great advice. very good personal coach at who wants to be serious, he will help you to achieve your goal. He learn me a lot of thing as a good coach and as a friend Thought from French customer More...


Anne Worrell

4 July 2014

This is a great way of motivating yourself love it


Serena John

30 June 2014

Amazingly motivational.....


Henna Talbutt

21 June 2014

Great fitness tips


Callum Mutch

21 June 2014

Great fitness training worth it!

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I own a company called Figure Blueprint. Figure Blueprint’s goal is to create a blueprint for you, then construct and build people through coaching and education using the mind, body and nutrition as the building blocks for your masterpiece. We star

I do portrait photography but i'm better at the editing side of things but i'm still pretty confident behind the lens and use it for personal training artwork and videos.

Willing to help out and be part of projects paid and unpaid to imprive in the field of video and gain some experience.