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Welcome to Moose X-Training!

The MOOSE is a personal training boutique designed to accommodate you and your busy lifestyle.

We offer a unique approach to fitness that is fun, friendly, and fabulous. There are no membership fees, no crowded changing rooms and no sweaty studios.


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Sabina Mangosi

4 January 2015

Great service, no excuses, no messing about: you sign up, you book a time, MOOSE turns up and there's no way out! By far the easiest way to get fit quickly without having to lug a kit bag around or get hot and sweaty in the (confined) company of others in an expensive gym.
If you enjoy the outdoors and are serious about fitness, this is the way to go - whatever the weather!



4 January 2015

As the co-Founder of Moose X-Training, it's not a big surprise that I rate it highly, but having experienced the MOOSE's services as an actual client, I am genuinely impressed. Nick and I started this company together after Nick had trained me independently for two years. Needless to say, I've always thought he had a certain je ne sais quoi; otherwise, I wouldn't have teamed up with him. But, I have since had the opportunity to try all the conveniences that we set out to bring to the busy individual who wanted to feel fit and look fabulous, without paying a fortune. You see, 15 months ago, I had a baby. I went from being pregnant to just fat! Six weeks after delivery, ie as soon as I got the greenlight from the GP, I started scheduling my own training sessions with our trainers. I find it incredibly easy to do. I go online when I have a few spare moments (a rare occurrence these days), search for available time slots when the baby will be napping or I have childcare, and with the click of a button, I'm booked. I tend to book two weeks worth at a time. I simply write in where I'd like the trainer to meet me. The confirmations get sent to my email inbox, and with another click, the booking is automatically added to my diary. And, when I change my mind or my plans change, I just go back into the system and reschedule... it's just as easy. The workouts themselves have been really great. They started out properly calibrated for someone who hadn't worked out for a year, and as I've become more fit and improved my endurance, the workouts have become more demanding as well. Each workout builds on the last but is slightly different so that I don't get bored. I especially like the kickboxing... the time goes by so quickly, and it's fun to get into a routine of punching/kicking. I feel a lot better physically and mentally as well, which is just as important. While I was pregnant, I had intended to go to pregnancy yoga 2x a week. I went twice full stop. Likewise, these days, even if I really, really, really intended to go to the gym or to pilates or to a spinning class, realistically, I know I wouldn't. There would just always be an excuse. Being tired from sleepless nights and work doesn't help motivation. With the MOOSE, the workouts are scheduled into my diary, just like doctor appointments, haircuts, and coffee with my NCT group. So, I go. And, I work out 2x a week, sometimes 3x. I don't feel guilty for not making the gym thing happen despite my best intentions. I'm proud of myself for getting the exercise I want and need. And, furthermore, I am even feeling more energetic, which is something I really crave. The icing on the cake? I've toned up and am wearing my pre-baby clothes. I mix and match all the trainers on our team, as I think various training styles make the workouts that much more effective in combination... you know, like interval training. Bottomline? I think Nick and I have created something unique, and I think that's awesome. I think it's even more awesome that I get to benefit from our venture! More...