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Hello we’re a UK visa law firm. We provide a complete service from initial assessment to submission of your UK visa application. As part of our service we conduct a thorough analysis of your documents, draft the necessary application forms and submit the compiled application with full legal representation ensuring the best chance of gaining approval.

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محمود عبد الرؤف

8 May 2019

Looking for work of any work please help to find any job I work circuit


Adam Adam

8 May 2019

Excellent service, Fayyaz is both efficient professional and efficient. Highly recommended.


Heinrich Böhmke

8 May 2019

Fayyaz was efficient, precise in his instructions and pushed me nicely when I needed to get stuff done. A painless experience. Highly recommend his services.


Hamed Dallas

8 May 2019

Excellent lawyer Fayyaz is professional and very efficient. I would recommend his services to everyone.


Nick Mathiason

8 May 2019

Once or twice a year, I invite journalists from many different countries to London many of whom require visas. I have not regretted in the slightest working with the company. Visa Positive provide a superbly efficient and responsive service. And they get results. Outstanding. More...


Yildiz Akil

8 May 2019

Excellent and professional service. I would recommend their service to everyone!!!


Abu Bilal

1 March 2019

Amazing service. I was previously refused a visitor visa for the UK and wished I found Visa Positive earlier. They put in a lot of work to overcome the refusal and without their help I don’t think I would have been granted. Thank you I will definitely be using your services in future! More...


Mario Daigle

1 March 2019

Excellent and speedy service from Visa Positive. I needed a business visa, which can normally be lengthy and need a lot of time, and decided to try using an agent. It was the best decision ever. They made the process very easy and straightforward. They explained the process in detail upfront and provided support and assistance all way through. They even hand delivered my passport back to my office. Nice touch! I will certainly use their professional services again. More...


Rozina Islam

2 October 2018

Outstanding performance


Jameel Osmani

31 May 2014

its just awow,i must say that this company is absouletly brilliant...bcoz were i lost all of my interest nd hope to get avisa to travel wid my 3little kids,this TALK MIGRATION has fulfilled all my dreams and made me live after getting my visa from visa office with in NO time . i was very happy nd thanked them for helping me without any problems atallmashallah they done GREAT job i will recomend everybody who hv or facing any kind of immigration problems or visa problems plz go to talk migration nd get your work positivethanku very much for all your co operation....may ALLAH bless u both nd ur companyjameel osmani More...


Ian Hook

31 May 2014

very proffesional in every way, nothing was too much trouble,talked through the application, and even made sure the application was correct before submitting the form.I have recommended to my company that they use talk migration in the future, I know I will.. many thanks for all your hard work. More...

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