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Experienced husband and wife Life Coaches and Relationship specialists.
1-1 life coaching/counselling.
Whatever your challenge or block, our systems-held developmental work will help you to regain your mojo and be the example that others will want to follow.
Relationship coaching/counselling.
With over 30 years of living and working together every day, and 20 years of relationship coaching, we’ve seen pretty much everything that can happen to a relationship. Lean on our experience to help guide you out of troubled waters.

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UK Coach Reviews

UK Coach Reviews

Review of UK Coach by Alex Florschutz
5 02/09/2016

I have been working with Barry (UK Coach) for several years now and I can honestly say that he saved my life... and I know he has with many others too. He helped me to have courage to follow my dreams and make them a reality. He helps one to undo and heal cultural and family conditionings which can hold one back so one can discover our true life path. He empowers you to meet situations with clarity, compassion and an open heart.

Barry can help you in all areas from personal issues, finding or daring to pursue one's purpose, business coaching and relationship support (or anything really). I cannot emphasise enough that you can really create miracles if you work with this genius human being. I am so deeply moved by is authentic and love for humanity. I rate him 5 million stars!

I haven't worked with Winnie but know from many people that she is also as amazing as Barry and they both work in similar ways... I guess it comes down to who you are drawn to and if you prefer to work with a man or a woman. Couples counselling is also five stars.

If you are hoping to turn your life around, gain clarity in a certain area, improve a relationship(s) (not just a partner) then Barry's your man.

Thank You for all the support you have given me

Alex Florschutz
Review of UK Coach by Jenifer Ryder
5 29/08/2016

I've been working with Winnie for about 5 months now and we are making significant headway into the baggage I carry which is in turn bringing much relief to my everyday life.
I came to Winnie through a friends recommendation whilst I was experiencing high levels of anxiety, physical aches and pains, PTSD with anger rising sporadically and an inability to move my creative business forward. On our first meeting I was very anxious, but I was immediately put at ease by this serene and accepting woman who I began to trust and is now helping me change my life.
There is sometimes hard emotional work to be done to face our stuff and unearth the pain that is hiding deep in our minds but I couldn't want for a more understanding and gracious guide. I wish I had met Winnie a long time ago, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jenifer Ryder
Review of UK Coach by James and laura
5 28/08/2016

Sometimes it's like being lost in the woods, lost at sea...lost. You see the person you love and something is stopping you from being able to find that space where love can thrive. It's like your caught in a cycle of pleasure followed by pain, and often, it's someone else's fault! That's where Barry and Win step in, acting like a lighthouse to guide you away from the rocks, or a special torch to help you find your way out of the wild wood and eventually to a mirror! This is because through the work, you deepen into owning your own behaviour, seeing the part you play in the madness and ultimately trying to make yourself a better person. Working in this way allows both parties to be more self aware and try to understand where their loved one is coming from. Barry and Win care deeply about their clients, you can see this clearly. To them it appears more like a 'calling' than an occupation. We highly recommend booking a session if you feel lost in a relationship, or lost in life. Having someone help you see again is a wonderful experience!

James and laura
Review of UK Coach by marika harding
5 26/08/2016

There simply are not enough stars to rate Barry's help, support and inspired thinking high enough!
working with Barry has helped me gain powerful insights though many challenges.
I used to see myself as a victim in many areas. with his coaching, i now find myself excited about life's challenges and see them from a place of love and inspiration rather than fear and trepidation.
without his and Winnie's example that there is a way to live life without constant fear and more continually from love, i would not have considered it possible , so rare is this modeled in the life i see around me.
working as a therapist it has helped me to support more patients who also want to be themselves, beautiful inspired human beings.
HUGE THANKS :) to you both!

marika harding
Review of UK Coach by Alistair
5 25/08/2016

Meeting and working with Barry has been a revelation for me. His approach and methods began to help me from the very first session, and the learning continues well into the future. He has helped me uncover the mystery of emotional intelligence that others seem to be magically blessed with, I am massively more connected to myself and my family, friends and colleagues. This is a set of life skills that we all deserve and I feel hugely grateful to have begun this journey. Thank you, Alistair.

Review of UK Coach by Dorothea Leber
5 23/08/2016

I've ben working with Barry for a long time, quite intensively at first, now I just see him when I feel I want to make sure I'm staying on track.
For me Barry's approach really worked (looking, and finding out what's really important for you, and then more and more get into alignment wth your true values, one very soon feels like having the wind in one's back on that road of getting closer and closer to these core values (it's fine if one finds they change slihtly on the way)
I also find Barry has got a gift of helping to see you what's true, and what's coming from personality or ego.
In the more challenging times I always felt supported, and knew if I needed some help I could always have it.
Barry completely lives what he teaches, that also makes his coaching so strong it's not theory, it's what he lives ona daily basis

Dorothea Leber

UK Coach

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UK Coach Q&A

UK Coach Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

We love helping people to overcome problems that they didn't think could be overcome, creating sustainable changes for the long-term; we love helping people achieve goals that they thought were either unrealistic or out-of-reach. We love helping people to live lives that are more authentic. And we enjoy using common-sense and simple strategies to help people achieve those goals.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We were inspired to start our business back in 1996 through our own desire to experience more balanced and happier lives as young parents who were at the time struggling to keep our heads above water.

Why should our clients choose you?

If we were potential clients we would be looking for help from people who really live what they teach. And we strive to do that. We don't try to fill our diaries endlessly with clients, we don't want long waiting lists and the pressure that this brings; we want to be effective 100% of the time and that means remaining fresh and inspired. Some of our clients are even therapists themselves who use us to help them find their own balance - I guess that says a lot!

Services provided by UK Coach

UK Coach Services

Life Coaching

Whatever your challenge or block, our systems-held developmental work will help you to regain your mojo and be the example that others will want to follow.

Relationship Coaching

With over 30 years of living and working together every day, and 20 years of relationship coaching, we’ve seen pretty much everything that can happen to a relationship. Lean on our experience to help guide you out of troubled waters.

Work history from UK Coach

Work History


The Art of Change ( UK Coach)

From January 1996 to present.

Barry is a personal and business coach, relationship specialist, facilitator, author and record producer. In addition to 20 years of 1-1 counselling/life-coaching and relationship work, Barry has carried out values, communication and strategy work in various organisations and businesses, travelling as far as Kenya in 2013 with eldest daughter Anna, to train peace-keepers prior to the elections. He’s the author of 6 books including a top 5 Amazon best-selling novel ‘The Breaking of the Shell’ and a book on male psychology, ‘The Male Agenda’, which was circulated throughout UK prison libraries to inspire inmates. He also co-authored a new psychology of health book, ‘The Truth about Illness, Unhappiness & Stress?’ with wife Winnie. An experienced record producer and songwriter, Barry is also currently actively engaged in co-producing and managing daughter Sophie Janes. Winnie has been practicing as a holistic personal and relationship coach for the past twenty years, specialising in women’s development and empowerment. Winnie is also an author, hypnotherapist and artist, and an experienced alternative educationalist, having home-schooled two daughters for 8 years with husband Barry and having performed roles as a mediator and advisor between families and the Local Education Authorities. Winnie has been in the same relationship for over 30 years, and her partner just happens to be her fellow consultant, Barry.

  • 1 hour average response time

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