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Udi Glaser is a composer (film composer, composer for theatre, etc.), an accomplished guitarist, educated musician, producer, experienced guitar teacher and music theory tutor. Udi has dedicated his life to music. Since picking up a guitar 22 years ago, he has gone on to attain a B.


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Ayot St Peter

26 January 2019

My daughter had already passed her grade 8 classical guitar before starting with Udi a few months ago. Even at her level, within this short space of time, her playing has developed to a new level. Improving her confidence, musicality and understanding in the pieces she is playing. Most importantly, she is really enjoying her lessons with him. Would definitely recommend. More...


Lindi van Niekerk

27 December 2018

It has been wonderful having Udi as a guitar teacher. Each lesson is a stimulating mix between learning classical and contemporary guitar pieces. Udi integrates music theory as part of the lesson in an easy and digestible way such that I not only enjoy what I am playing but also understand it. He has helped to open the world of music to me and given me a much greater appreciation and love for it! I can highly recommend Udi to any adult learner. More...


Nupur Agarwala Bahadur

28 September 2018

Udi is an exceptional and extremely dedicated Guitar Teacher who genuinely wants his students to do well and most importantly enjoy what they are doing. The biggest testament to that is that even almost 3 years after moving from London, my Son still continues his lessons on skype with Udi. He is firm with the students and his standards are high, at the same time striking the right balance with encouraging and making the lesson enjoyable. As my Son has progressed over the past 6 plus years, they are looking at acoustic, jazz, besides the classical guitar, as well as practising rock and pop songs. I would highly recommend Udi. More...


Mariana Dodourova

28 September 2018

Udi has been teaching my 13-year old daughter for seven months now and we are absolutely delighted with his calm professional manner, elaborate knowledge, attention to detail and ability to bring the best in my daughter. Having changed several teachers over the years (my daughter started playing the guitar at the age of 6 and is now working towards grade 8), I will not hesitate to state that Udi is most definitely the best of them all. I would wholeheartedly recommend him. More...


Niall Ivers

30 June 2018

Udi is a fantastic tutor. I was trying to learn to play just with YouTube videos for c12 months but felt I was lacking some basic framework. Udi has given me a great framework of theory and knowledge to carry on with my progression of my guitar practice . He’s a great guy to see once a week and always look forward to our lessons. Highly recommended More...


Ben Malo

26 May 2018

Udi is an amazing passionate teacher, he really cares about development, and wants to know what you want to learn. When I started learning guitar I was so frustrated of trying to teach myself on youtube videos and books but was not working. Then I started taking lessons with Udi, immediately it felt like he gave me the key to unlock inside talent thank you for all your help ! I salute you!!! More...


Julia Thomson

26 May 2016

Udi is quietly patient with my 11 year old rock guitarist son. He tutored him to merit standard in Grade 3 Rock and they are now going great guns together on Grade 4 work. Quite a perfectionist and expects his pupils to practise properly in between lessons. Skilled musician, good value and dedicated tutor. Highly recommended for children prepared to work hard and do well. Teaches all genres, not just for Rockschool exams. More...


Hayley Pearce

26 May 2016

Udi has the patience of a saint and is a brilliant teacher! As an adult learner I don't want to spend hours on theory and he perfectly managed enough to keep me on top of things, without me getting fed up. I highly recommend him.


Salvo La Rosa

26 May 2016

Udi is a genuine and inspiring teacher who provides a supportive and creative space in which to learn and practise. He is spontaneous and flexible and tailors the lessons to what is more interesting to me. I particularly enjoy how he also gets me to connect more to the feel of the music and how he encourages me to let go and express myself without too much conscious control over it. A big heart and a kind smile. More...


Eli Lee

26 May 2016

Udi, is a great teacher for any guitarist. He's a very personal teacher, that's capable of catering to your interests and goals, whether they be focusing on specific songs or simply honing your skills. Extremely friendly and polite, he knows how to direct any guitarist and tell them exactly what they should be working on, ultimately to make a great musician. I've only been learning guitar for a year or so but Udi has been very open about helping me work on songs and fundamentals in a free flowing manner. He's the sort of guitar teacher that is more interested in what you want to do with your lesson, which is exactly what a guitar lesson should be. Easily the best guitar teacher I've had, couldn't recommend more. More...


Sue, London

24 September 2015

Nice friendly environment to practice in. Great teacher, my 9 year old son loves his weekly lessons and has progressed very fast. Can definitely recommend Udi, am really happy to have found such a good, local guitar tutor. More...


Fred Breen

23 September 2015

One of the best all round guitar tutors.. You'll leave your lesson very satisfied. A++++++++


Ricardo Antolin

23 September 2015

I've had weekly lessons with Udi for over 5 years now. I first started seeing him as a 35 year old beginner and he has taught me to do things that I thought were impossible for me. I can now play concert level classical pieces, write my own compositions, write arrangements of popular songs, and play songs by just listening to them. If you have the self-belief and are willing to put in the practice time, Udi is the man!

I've covered many different styles with Udi - electric, acoustic, Spanish, classical and jazz which has helped me find my direction and identity as a guitarist. Do you want to play Bach or Hendrix? The only way to know is to try them both. He's studied music formally and has solid theoretical knowledge if you're interested in getting that down too.

Udi's own playing and compositions are a source of inspiration to me. I've learnt to trust that his answers to my questions will guide me even if they don't make sense at first! He has a genuine interest in making me a better guitar player and a passion for music. I feel very grateful to have him as my teacher.

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