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Elena Yatskanich

22 May 2019

Nice place for cocktails and a romantic date :)........................................... good music too. Nice staff very friendly. Good ambience all in all.................. More...


sharon keaveney

30 March 2019

Funky music , most drinks are rum based . Glasses were fun tiki style with faces. Didn't try the good but I think it was BBQ style. DJ was great


Keegan Menezes

30 March 2019

This is a great bar I have been going for 15 years


Matt E.

28 March 2019

I never really considered London to be a home for tiki, but stumbling upon Trailer Happiness was a very happy surprise during my day of bumbling around Notting Hill.This basement lounge isn't really full tiki, but more like a cool and trendy bar that pays homage to the Polynesian vibes. It was pretty dead when I went in, but they had also JUST opened, and  get the impression that it does get quite busy. It's a dark, cool space that I would enjoy hanging with had I brought a crew. Since I was solo, I bellied up to the bar and began chatting up the staff. Long story short, the drinks I tried were great, and the staff clearly had a passion for tiki cocktail culture. I would have loved to have tried much more, but the drinks pack a punch. They're also beautifully presented. I'm fan of this spot, and I hope to visit it on my next trip to London. More...


Nour Crema

28 February 2019

The best in Notting Hill! Great music, amazing cocktails, impressive selection of rums, it gets crowded so book ahead


Mariam Tee

29 January 2019

Such a fun place - I like their music here and it’s a good place to go for a dance in Notting hill as there aren’t many places like it around here. The only down side that it’s in the basement so it can get super hot! More...


Elena Serena Piccardi

29 January 2019

Lovely interiors, relaxing atmosphere and amazing cocktails! We visited on a Sunday evening and we pretty much had the whole place for us! I would recommend it and I will be personally back when in the area. More...


tee max

29 January 2019

It's the best rum spot in West London. Actually... No... In London period! Great atmosphere, amazing bartenders and welcoming people. Can not recommend it forcefully enough. More...


Dernel Gabriel

30 November 2018

I love trailer happiness it's a lovely low dimmed quaint bar, the cocktails are pricey but some are worth it. I would suggest the cocktail hell in the Pacific. My only gripe is the excessive wait at the bar, barmen overlooking me and my friend to serve others was especially annoying. However, a lovely barmaid saw our long wait and came to serve us . More...


Evelyn A.

1 April 2018

Do you tiki? I tiki. Wherever I am in the world, if someone mentions a tiki bar my heart lights up, and I make a reservation. I popped in here on a Friday night at 10pm with a solid squad of six. Trailer Happiness is a true tiki bar. All of the usual darkness and tropical vibes, giant flaming bowls and cute cups. The only downside is the clientele. Unhappily, Trailer Happiness seems to be a bit of a suburban haven for hen-dos and stag parties. Hopefully, popping on on a weeknight might thwart this misery, because Trailer Happiness deserves to fill its destiny as a happy tiki haven. More...


Alessandra L.

11 June 2017

Really great vibe, delicious (& lethal!) cocktails! Great music too but it's quite loud so if you're trying to go somewhere to talk, this is probably not the place for you.


Samantha J.

10 May 2017

This was such a fun bar with great oldies music. The venue is a little small so if you get there too late you won't have any where to sit and they stop serving drinks at 11:00 :/ which was very surprising.


Esther C.

25 October 2016

Quirky retro bar worth visiting if you want to go where the locals go. Great for groups and heavy handed with the liquor. The bartender found it was my birthday and delivered a 73 proof flaming shot while my friends enjoyed tequila. Made some great memories here.


Vivian D.

12 September 2016

Was in Notting Hill area, so decided to get a drink nearby. Fun tiki bar retro vibes of 1950's-60's era. The bartenders are also dressed up which adds to the ambiance. Good recommendations, good drinks. Very chill area to just relax. Would return if I lived in the area! More...


Kari V.

17 January 2016

Fun, trendy, creative! Inspired in a typical Hawaiian bar, a doll dressed in Ula Ula will greet you at the door.  Downstairs a spacious room is waiting for you with Hawaiian bar look and feel, and two super fun bartenders. The menu is about 8-9 drinks total. Fun names, heavy cocktails, you will not be disappointed. I got the "Princess something" (sweet, delicious but heavy enough I cannot recall the name haha) My husband got "Dia de Los muertos", loved it!! The bartenders are also the waiters so be patient! Drinks will come and will worth it. They know what they are doing, and they do it with joy! Average price is 8-10 £ per drink. Not bad for the quality. Of course you can order something off menu. Just tell the bartenders "how you feel" and I'm sure they will get creative! Music is good and volume allows you to have a conversation. Not really a dance floor but more a bar to go with friends. Nice, interesting place! More...


J-a T.

18 August 2015

Excellent little place ,  very large rum selection.  Easily  full on friday n saturday .  Very cosy.


Shannon L.

23 May 2015

Stopped in on a Friday evening around 6:00. It wasn't very busy so hubby and I parked ourselves at the bar. The bartenders were friendly and we enjoyed the cocktails. It's not the full-on Tiki bar experience you'd expect from the Tonga Room or Trader Vic's, but it had a nice understated aura of kitsch. We enjoyed watching one of the staff prepare a flaming dish for another table. We'll go back sometime later in the evening to see what the post-dinner vibe is like. More...


Essi S.

12 May 2015

What a fun spot on Portobello Road! In short; weird yet amazing drinks, ugly but fabulous Hawaii shirts, nice tunes and a good retro vibes!The decorations and the whole feel of the place is very kitsch starting from the strange art pieces on the walls to the butt ugly carpet covering the floor to the bar staff uniforms which in this case are Hawaii shirts in all colours of the rainbow. But in it's ugliness it all kind of works. The space is not very big but it's very popular (read: crowded as hell!).The drinks in this place are sure to put a smile on your face if for no other reason than to laugh at the crazyness. The showstopper drink was definitely the one they served for a group in a little grill. Yes a grill that they poor all kinds of alcohol in and then they light the bloody thing on fire and grill some fruit to go with your drink. It's quite ridiculous and therefore awesome! Their toilet was kind of weird as well as it is full on unisex. It's always a strange to wash your hands with a man, feels like you have walked into the wrong toilet lol. I do have to admit the place lives up to it's name as many elements just make you smile in there. So if you are looking for a fun retro hipster heaven on Portobello Rd, you have found just it! You're welcome ;) More...


Abbie J.

20 August 2014

Highly recommended!! A little underground bar on portobello road. Easily missed if you are not careful but worth a visit. Downstairs is like a large living room with little areas for people to sit and drink. Music in the background was funk and soul, very easy and non intrusive. The staff are wonderfully pleasant and know their stuff. They are really what makes the place. They are a rum specialists and have created their own cocktails based on their own experiences. I had a very pleasant rum straight up and a very nice vodka cocktail. Quite reasonably priced for the quality of liquor. I had a little of the food whilst there but couldn't really comment but I think it is all well done and easily palatable. Overall the staff is what makes it but I can easily see myself venturing back for a lazy afternoon or evening of rum, good music, good service and good company. Xyz More...


T M.

31 October 2013

Trailer is one of the best spots in West London.  Located in a basement with tiki decor, their rum and tequila-based cocktails always win.   You'll always find good looking folks in Trailer and music that makes you feel good.   They close at 12 -- perfect for the not-so-late-night folks who simply want to enjoy a good cocktail in good company. More...


Qype User Morgan…

16 September 2013

The perfect bar for a drink or two with the guys. Their variety is great, although we always order the same. It's just nice to have the option. The service is swift and it's unnatural to not be treated nicely there. More...


Valerie S.

2 June 2013

I was only in Trailer Happiness for a short amount of time, and after the bar had closed, so I'm saying it up front that I really want to go back and give it a proper go. But, in the mean time, here are reasons (aside from the alcohol, as I can't attest to that) I liked it and you should check it out too:1. Atmosphere. Laid back, relaxed, funky, dark, warm, fun.2. Music. Jackson 5 remixed, old school hits. DJ who gives the crowd what they want.3. Crowd. Not too busy, but certainly not giving you the impression this place isn't popular.So yeah, it seems like a cool place. I'll see you all there soon, because it was a bookmark before and I definitely want to have the whole experience I've heard about from other reviewers. Coming soon! More...


R J.

18 January 2013

It isn't really in a trailer but it is full of happiness.  I'm full of happiness.  Are you?  I think you probably should be.


Jenni D.

7 August 2011

For me, Trailer Happiness ticks all the boxes... kitch, classy and cool with fabulous tiki themed cocktails. Based on busy Portobello Road, this blink-and-you'll-miss-it bar is easy to pass so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the yellow fish about it's door. Walking down the stairs is like taking a step back into the 60's. With sexy music, dim lighting, retro wall art it's hard not to loose yourself in the atomosphere of the place. I've only been here once, on a works night out, but as there was about ten of us we were lucky enough to be seated in "the den" - a little cubby hole to the side of the bar. There we were served delicious cocktails (cherry-lined pinacoladas for me!) and salty nachos with creamy guacamole. I was lucky enough not to have to pay attention to the price (which makes a lovely change!) but I couldn't help spotting that Trailer Happiness doesn't come without a hefty price tag.Perfect for dates, work nights out and drinks with the girls. The bar and crowd are happy and friendly... saving up to go again! More...


Larissa R.

13 October 2010

Where else are you going to go to get a drink in a vessel the size of your head that will subsequently be set on fire at your table by a guy sporting a fireman's helmet?  In a London basement establishment that looks like a time warp of a dudely pad from 1970s America (minus naked pictures of women on the walls)?I mean, come on, people.In order to get a table and couch from which to best enjoy the vantage point of your flaming drink, go on a weekday night.  My Tuesday-evening visit found the place suitably busy with people, but not so crowded that I couldn't enjoy myself.  Plus, I got some one-to-one interaction with the guy who runs the place because of it.A total winner. More...


Joanna N.

9 October 2010

4/5 - First visit:Go down the stairs to enter, and you will find yourself in a chic, retro lounge. The decor is fantastic - no way near as kitsch as I expected. It's all very classy yet unpretentious. Even though it was 10pm on a Friday night it wasn't very busy. We had no problem getting a seat, and were happy to be just across from the ceiling high picture of a beguiling oriental lady. The extensive drinks menu has something for everyone, and every price range. I can't wait to go mad and order one of the signature cocktails served in a "volcano" glass/bowl with a little flame in the middle - so adorable. For the meantime I can't stomach the £15+ pricetag, but I still plumped for a pricey £9 fruit punch (called something like Aztec Ako Ako?) purely because it came in a cute porcelain cup shaped like a Tiki man. My friend sensibly chose a gin+ginger mule type drink at a more reasonable £6.75. In short, you can pick your price, but may be tempted by the gimmicks....There was a DJ in a nook playing forgettable music, and it wasn't too loud so we were able to converse comfortably - always a plus. Service was attentive, with a girl coming over and asking if we needed any more drinks.My friend was very taken with Trailer Happiness and is determined to make it one of our regular hangouts, and so far I am down with that idea. More...


Laura N.

5 October 2010

It probably doesn't come as a surprise that I, wait for it, L.O.V.E. a good theme bar. Back in the homeland of PDX, you couldn't throw a rock without hitting one, so whether it was a robotic space aged lounge or a tiki bar that would put the palm frond flailing gods to shame, one could easily get their theme on.Not so in Londontown. Enter Trailer Happiness. It's a bar with a tiki theme *and* a trailer theme. If you can even dream this big, imagine that of a retro bachelor pad, perhaps a pimped out Airstream trailer Burt Reynolds once occupied that Matthew McConaughey is now ironically rocking. I'll tell you what folks, there's nothing ironic about pure awesome. (The answer 'mustaches' would have also been accepted.) I mean, what's not love to love? I recommend descending into this glorious tacky trailer immediately if not sooner. Order an homage cocktail and pour one out for the homies in the NW. Plus there's booze. In Frankentiki mugs. Pure gold. More...


Leon C.

10 January 2010

This bar has been on the scene for years. I have known many great bartenders to work at Trailer Happiness, but until now I had never been. I was impressed. The bar is relatively small and as the name suggests, it does resemble a 1970's trailer. It is cool in a fun way, and the staff reflect the kitsch décor, with a jovial attitude that is warming.The cocktail list has a quality connoisseur section, and tiki pages that are all about fun. The West Indies Yellow and the Tiki Grog are delicious. Cocktails start at around £7 which for the area is good. Trailer Happiness is a definite destination bar on the Portobello Road strip More...


Qype User YHZgir…

23 July 2009

Trailer Happiness is a fantastic fun laid back bar. The crowd is relaxed and the bar staff know what they are doing and make great cocktails. The food's not bad either if you find yourself needing a snack. The downside is that because it is small it can become quite crowded on the weekend, and no room for dancing to the great tunes the DJ puts on. Also it closes quite early, the web site says until late but I wouldn't call 12:30am late. More...


Michaelia K.

25 January 2009

I'm a huge fan of kitschy, retro things, and this place is no exception. It has a fantastic atmosphere, even if it does feel like going into the basement of a 1970's bachelor pad. Loads of friendly people congregated here, and the staff were all super-friendly (and knew their shiz)! Although I didn't go the tiki-route drink wise, I was served very delicious Bellini's all night. Will have to go back sometime to get a Tiki mug!Oh and a note, the loo's are unisex, which served me just fine as there wasn't a long queue for the ladies! More...


Angela B.

16 December 2008

Trailer Happiness is every bit as kooky as the name suggests, and is all quirky 70s drapes and furnishings with a twist. It is home to the classic American Tiki drink, served up in your very own special-edtion Tiki mug (yes, really, you can buy one for £10 and they'll keep it behind the bar for you). Gin and Vodka martinis start at £4 and the Mai Tai and Zombies are firm favourites. We had a great night here with our little Tiki friends!The 'Kitschen' is worth a mention too, with classic Americana TV dinners being served with a large dollop of humour: I mean where else can you eat Alabama Black Snake Sesame Shrimp? More...


Qype User kuj…

17 November 2008

I organised a cocktails evening one night with a group of friends at Trailer Happiness and we were more than happy by the end of the night. The place is very kitsch with cocktails to match. We missed out on booking the Den area which is a private little area but had an area reserved for us nonetheless. The cocktails were fabulous and we even dared trying the Zombie cocktail which came out looking like a volcano with steam rising! Not for the faint hearted, let me tell you. They even claim on their website All of our Tiki drinks are absolutely guaranteed to be dangerous and delicious. Just what you want right! More...


Chris O.

17 November 2008

What? I haven't reviewed this bar yet? It's fun place to drink  with the only thing being taken seriously are the booze and the cocktails! Proper drinks here. Sadly, I think the quality's dropped (and the competition's increased) since Trailer H came along and helped revolutionize the London drinking scene. Still, it's a gem. More...


Qype User godfre…

13 March 2008

located in the very cool Nottinghill area of london this little gem is a joy. On entering the downstairs you are faced with a dark but well lit small bar. Offering good seating and a bar with a great variety of drinks. From bottled beer to over the top cocktails, it can cater for everyone. Mainly though this place is for the trnedy, wealthy and celeb hunting people. Not one to be missed if you in the area for a friday or saturday night! More...