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Alan Lawrenson

30 June 2019

Steve is a wonderful human being with the ability to help solve any issue.


Jean-Louis Holtzhausen

5 May 2019

After smoking for more than half my life I finally got to crack it with the help of Steve. He helped me in only 2 sessions and I haven't toucehd one since. (7 weeks now) I can highly recommend the therapy lounge if you want to quite smoking. It's done wonders for me. More...


Emma Thomlinson

5 January 2019

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my treatment. Kirsten is amazing & would highly recommend her. I’ve taken away knowledge & tools for a better & brighter future.


Jo Carroll

5 January 2019

Thank you so much Kirsten for your professional support and kindness, in helping me to overcome my fear of driving. I would highly recommend Kirsten without any hesitation!


Robert Brunton

5 January 2019

The sessions were wonderful and in my case very reflective. The one 2 one was made much more comfortable by Kirstens calming and unhurried manner. The feeling of being in a 'safe space' also made the experience easier than I would have expected. Anger management is a work in progress but with the breathing and vision work we undertook together the future looks far better. I'm happy to recommend your services to others and hope they feel the same benefit I'm now able to. More...


Ilai Schechter

25 July 2018

Changed my life, and of many others. A solid approach and excellent results.
Goal driven, not based on keeping you on the client list forever


kirsten jenson

5 June 2016

I had 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Kirsten Dahlerup at the Therapy Lounge, and she was absolutely brilliant. Yes, it was expensive, but looking back now, a year and a half on, having these sessions was the best decision I have ever made, and the best thing I have ever decided to spend money on. I was in a very self-destructive pattern that I was unable to break out of on my own, and these sessions were the turning point. Some things changed immediately after my first session, and other things have been a longer process, but I can honestly say that without Kirsten's sessions, I would not be where I am now. More...


Christopher sykes

5 June 2016

The Therapy Lounge helped me enormously in January 2015, following a traumatic physical and mental experience. The hypnotherapy from Kirsten was able to pretty much return me back to my normal happy self in just 4 sessions over a few weeks. This was quite an achievement, given how bad I felt at the start.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service, in fact I've done so several times. More...


Archie Brooksbank

5 June 2016

Steve Burns is a genus and a legend. I was a smoker for 10 years and he made the whole process easy and enlightening. I haven't had one craving for over 6 months now. Believe me, it is the only way to truly stop smoking!!! I have now recommending Steve to several friends and have all had the same experience. Good luck out there fellow future none-smokers! More...


Peter Adams

5 June 2016

I engaged the services of the Therapy Lounge almost two years ago to help me quit smoking. A smoker of fifteen years, I had at that point tried just about every method to try and stop (NRT, Alan Carr etc). Michael Carthy was always very polite and behaved in a professional manner. When I had a momentary relapse some months after the first session he swiftly arranged another appointment and I'm happy to say that haven't smoked since. I have recommended the Therapy Lounge to friends and colleagues on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. More...



5 June 2016

I owe a lot to Danny at The Therapy Lounge: my happiness, general wellbeing, my successful relationship with my partner (we’re getting married in July!!) and the freedom of no longer being controlled by my past demons. Prior to meeting Danny I had my doubts about whether hypnotherapy would work for me (I’m mega stubborn and had been convincing myself that I didn’t need help for over 10 years). How wrong I was! In the first meeting Danny was attentive and made me feel at ease, I left that meeting feeling positive and excited that my life was able to change. I then saw Danny for another 3 sessions and spent approx. 2 hours with him each time. We tried a combination of hypnotherapy, NPL & CBT and the results were absolutely phenomenal. In the space of 4 sessions Danny had given me the tools to change my outlook on my past and I felt new and invigorated and no longer bound in the cycle of self-deprecation, anger and frustration. I know it sounds unbelievable but Danny actually changed my life, I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me and I would recommend Danny and the services of the Therapy Lounge to absolutely anyone. The hardest thing was admitting to myself that I needed some help, but once you get over that and seek help you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. Trust me you’re in safe hands! More...


Lewis McClure

5 June 2016

I went for a stop smoking session with Danny and needles to say after 10+ years of smoking I no longer smoke! Really didn't think it would work but was so desperate to stop I gave it a shot. Danny was amazing and communicates fantastically, he really explains everything with great detail and has a very calming manner. My friends and family still can't believe I have stopped as a really 'liked' smoking in the past. The whole experience with The Therapy Lounge was incredibly easy and enjoyable and I cannot recommend their services strongly enough. More...


Peter W

5 June 2013

Having recently been promoted at work, my job requires a considerable amount of international client demonstrations. With help from Gareth Nicholls at the Therapy Lounge I was able to transition from my past experiences and memories in to current reality, where I am a confident and powerful independent guy. This gave me the foundations I needed to push forward and overcome the fear of Public Speaking. I wouldnt hesitate in recommending Gareth and the Therapy Lounge to anyone. Peter W More...



5 June 2011

In July 2009, my worklife was getting the better of me and I began to feel quite depressed. My brother suggested I try hypnotherapy and I searched on google and found Tim Smale. Oh how I am glad I did. I went to see him for the intial chat and then decided to give this a go. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did. I was feeling very low in my myself and through Tim's magic words in the magic chair (it is extremely comfortable), I had my mental massage. I recently went back for a topup session and Tim noticed that I had not slipped back into the habits and characteristics that I had displayed when I first went to see him. This has been without doubt, the best £xxx i ever spent. I cannot recommend this to enough people. More...

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