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Andy Hutton

19 October 2018

Had an ongoing issue with my shoulder for a couple of years. Tried anywhere and everywhere with no solutions forthcoming. One session with Matt Hardy here has set me off on the road to recovery. He was super thorough in getting to the crux of the issue and I'm happy to say with the treatment and exercises he's given that I'm feeling less pain and greater mobility. Couldn't recommend highly enough! More...


Amanda de la Hey

3 October 2018

Vicky was so knowledgable and knew exactly where my pain was and clearly explained to me what probably caused it and gave me tips on prvention of possible recurrence.


Melanie Meik

30 January 2018

Yesterday after a week of at times excruciating pain with my back I saw Martyn Jenkins. I was allocated an appointment at very short notice and seen in a prompt manner. The movement in my back today is 50% more than it was yesterday. Martin did some tissue work on my back ( massage) and ultrasound - today I feel so much better, the hands on care and the advice and tips for stretches and general care was excellent. More...


Alla Pentjusa

29 October 2017



Samantha Kaszics

28 July 2017

Very professional and knows what she's doing. Went in to have my back looked at (bulging disc) super treatment and set of exercises given to do at home. Already feels like I can move around more easily. Thanks jo. More...


Rebecca Cross

14 January 2015

Fantastic staff all round , my son had a knee problem and was treated very professionally and his physio was great with him being 15 !!!! Too. Totally recommend .


Claire Bingham

13 January 2015

Very experienced physiotherapists with a range of treatments to suit all needs, modern clinics and a very friendly environment from the moment you walk in


Linda Redpath

12 September 2014

Excellent!! I was sent there for knee & neck injuries sustained in an RTA & treated by Stephen, who helped me so much. Huge difference to the treatment I originally received elsewhere. Am so pleased my GP is referring me to them once again, this time for a shoulder problem. Look out Stephen, that mad southerner is coming back love!! :D More...


Paul Durrance

4 September 2014

Broken neck and hand and they have fixed me brilliantly thankyou all


Nick Browne

9 April 2014

I have been going to see Gavin for various problems for over 20 years now. If any of my family or friends have problems I always recommend they go too. Occasionally, when Gavin as been too busy, I have had appointments with other members of the team. I have just been recently for a problem with my ribs. The doctors told me it was inflamation which could take several weeks/months to get better and I should take various pills to assist recovery. After visiting Gavin for a different issue I mentioned this and he had a quick 5 min look for me at the end of my arranged session. In that 5 mins he released a ceased vertabre and gave me some stretching exercises. Already the problem as almost disappeared. I can name loads of similar occasions. All the physio,s are excellent and all the staff are very friendly and nice. They cannot do enough to help. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. Knowing Gavin for so many years he as become somebody I class as a good friend. We always have a laugh and joke. He may not be as good looking as he thinks he is and, as I point out, he's a little over weight but joking aside he is a great guy and he and his fellow physiotherapists are the best you'll find anywhere. Visiting Lincoln physiotherapy and sports injuries clinic sometimes almost makes it a pleasure to be in pain. Brilliant service and excellent at their job. Don't even hesitate, just ring and book. You will not be disappointed with this service. More...


Dom Glennon

19 December 2013

Great treatment