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The UK's free nationwide matching service for people looking for a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist. Wherever you are in the UK we can help.

No need to spend hours deciphering psychological jargon or trawling through counselling directories.


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Therapy Client

7 October 2019

Headroom therapy matching service is a great idea and with the right steps forward and improvements as a company I believe the service could be successful.

As part of my condition, I struggle to make decisions easily so finding a therapist is an overwhelming experience as there are thousands of therapists on different online directories and they all look really good on paper, so how does one choose?

Subsequently, I decided to save myself the anxiety and stress of figuring out this conundrum and used Headroom's service. They first gave me a £14.50, 50 minute consultation to find out what type of therapy I would need - it was really useful to speak to a therapist over-the-phone and she was very caring and professional. It then costs a further £40-50 for that over-the-phone therapist to find you a suitable therapist (there isn't much point in just doing the consultation without the matching service as then you'll be back to square one with not enough new information to find a therapist yourself).

Within a week they had found me a few suitable therapists (which was good timing), who were found based on my consultation and practical requirements, with one of the therapists being the first recommended out of the three. You then have to book in two advanced sessions with the therapist (for £100 in my case).

I chose the therapist who they recommended as the most suitable for me and went to the first session. Unfortunately, I found the therapist to be inadequate. Her therapy approach may have worked well with others as it can sometimes be about the relationship between the two of you which makes it work or not. However, in my experience it did not work because she didn't come across as very experienced, she didn't make me feel comfortable at all and was quite judging of me and distastefully kept picking up on how I would speak which made it difficult to relax and be myself, her questions were inappropriately placed, she made little eye-contact and kept asking how I was feeling to which I didn't really have anything to say to as I wasn't emotionally connected to the therapy session, and I was more just trying to keep conversation flowing, because if I stopped talking, she would stare at me until the atmosphere became incredibly awkward.

In conclusion, I think Headroom's matching service needs to be a lot more thorough somehow, as this therapist was not suited for me at all and therefore the therapy matching service did not fulfill what it was intended to do. They offered me another therapist but by this time I had lost my confidence in the service and didn't want to potentially waste more money. I wasn't able to get a refund for the therapy session I did, nor the consultation, which is understandable as people need to get paid for their time, but I suggest that Headroom thinks about some kind of money-back guarantee scheme, because it is an expensive process, especially if they fail to fulfill their aim, which is to find you a suitable therapist.

Nevertheless, the headroom staff were very efficient, professional and came across as caring and were happy to spend quite a lot of time answering my various queries, which is why I think the service could have potential if they make some improvements.

If this service does not work for you, I'd recommend just contacting a handful of different therapists from online directories and asking if they could have a brief chat with you on the phone, tell them about your issues and then pick a therapists who you click with, who understands your issues and who makes you feel comfortable and is not dismissive or too financially interested rather than taking your problems seriously with care.

Either way, thank you Headroom for all the effort. Keep up the good work!


Luke Thompson

29 April 2019

The online booking of the original assessment was easy to use and clear.I didn't speak to the person I originally wanted to for the assessment as they were busy but someone else stood in for them and I felt I was listened to.A matching therapist was found for me quicker than I expected but I decided not to continue as I was concerned I would not be able to afford it as more than a one off.Overall a positive experience with the headroom.Thanks. More...


Rose lily

20 March 2019

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Eileen McWilliams

29 May 2017

I am highly impressed with the quality of the services offered by The Headroom, both to people who are searching for a therapist suited to their needs and to therapists who have the necessary professional qualifications to treat them.Eileen McWilliams MA Registered & Accredited Psychodynamic Psychotherapist BPC, UKCP More...

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The Headroom team knows how difficult it can be making the decision to start therapy and then finding the right person. For us it is really satisfying to to help people through this process and ultimately play a part in helping people improve their quality of life.

Here are few client testimonials taken from our website:

"The Headroom made the process of finding a therapist simpler and took away the aspect of worry about what sort of person I should be matched with."
Female client, 31

"If you are not sure what you want, need or are looking for in a therapist or if you’re not even sure you’re ready to take the step to therapy then I would definitely recommend The Headroom."
Female client, 22

"Absolutely brilliant service - an incredibly accurate and empathetic diagnosis with a fantastic recommendation for treatment."
Male client, 43


Steve has extensive experience in providing assessments and psychological therapies for adults struggling with a range of problems. Alongside his role as Clinical Director of The Headroom, Steve works for adult NHS Mental Health Services in Devon with clients with complex difficulties. His motivation to start the Headroom stems from his experiences on both sides of the consulting room - as a client looking for therapy and as a Psychologist offering it.

"Before I trained to be a Clinical Psychologist I tried to find a therapist for myself and found the number of options bewildering. With my professional hat on, the idea that a person should be left to choose a therapist without an assessment and some guidance makes no sense. I also know that a good assessment involves talking to someone. It might sound obvious but to get a good sense of the issues I need to speak to a client and ask them about their life. Only then is it possible to match someone with the right person and approach. The Headroom was inspired by my personal and professional experience of how therapy can really change lives for the better, if it's the right therapy for that individual. The Headroom is here to make sure that people get the help that is right for them."

- Our service is free.
- We increase the chance of finding the right therapist first time.
- Not sure if you want or need therapy? We can help you make a decision minus the pressure and hassle of going to see someone in person.