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I'm a Intuitive Catalyst and change happens in my company. I use a high level of intuition, tools in psychology, neuroscience, spiritual thinking and coaching, to shift perceptions and free lives. I'm an accredited Practitioner of Life Coaching yet I can often get you unstuck in one session.



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I’m addicted to light bulb moments. That instant ‘aha’ moment when something clicks into place. It’s what I’d call ‘Ideas Sex’. Ideas Sex is when you work with someone else and you get really excited by a concept or a positive thought, and you find yourself saying ‘yes, yes, yes, yes, OMG, that’s BRILLIANT!’

One insight can change the direction of a whole life. When you believe in yourself, you can’t be controlled by others, you’re less gullible and you’re an effective agent for change in the world. Let’s face it, humanity could do with more positive change agents. We need to stop buying into fear-based thinking. The more you realise that you do have the answers, the more clarity you have about yourself, the more love you’ll spread in the world.

I’ve had a gun pulled on me twice in my life. Once was whilst I was hitch-hiking in Northern Ireland. A Brummie squaddie (a soldier from Birmingham), who was holding the trigger, yelled at me, because I thought I was on holiday, but he pointed out I was in a war zone. Another time was in the St Paul’s area of Bristol when I was scoring crack and heroin with my addict boyfriend.

Some people are almost terminally curious; I'm one of those people. I must have 99 lives, because despite all of the ‘life experiences’ I have put myself through, I am still here! I’ve had a very BIG life adventure. I think this is why my clients range from dominatrix, politicians, actors, Royalty, CEOs and cleaners. Marketing people tell me that in business it’s important to specialise, and yet my clients are everyone. With one collective exception – they are unique. I don’t think one form, or way of working, suits everyone, that’s why I prefer to call myself a catalyst rather than a coach. I’m a chameleon in my communication with my clients.

I have lived in Australia, Hong Kong, America and at sea. Now, my home is in the UK. I started my career as a West End stage manager and lighting tech. Drawn to theatre because I wanted to create the feeling that an audience has, when they have seen a production and feel changed by it. A shift of perspective has taken place, or even just some thigh-slapping entertainment! This pull led me to the world of self-development. I love transformation – my own, and inspiring others.

I’ve been turning the dry world of self-development on its head with a down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. I’m an expert in areas of self-development, communication, relationships, spirituality and intuition. I do this by blending psychology, spirituality and breakthrough science, not only in one-to-one sessions, but also in my teaching and speaking.

I’m the author of five published books including ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition instantly’ published by Hay House, which pioneers some revolutionary ideas on the brain in the gut and the brain in the heart. I also put a high level of intuition down to being dyslexic.

I’m a past presenter on LBC radio and currently freelance for BBC Radio Bristol and Somerset as a producer and reporter. I have also been a reporter for the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show. I blog for Huffington Post and Psychologies magazine. I’ve appeared at the world-renowned seminar ‘I Can Do It’ and I have addressed audiences in Hong Kong, Chile, Pakistan, Australia and America. I have been a coach for the TEDx Bristol event at the Colston Hall ‘Dare to Disrupt’. For the live show, I put my production head on and was show caller and producer. I also had my own TV show on the Made Television network, called ‘Anything goes with Becky Walsh’, which was a late night call-in show.

This is what other people have had to say:

This has been my third or fourth session with Becky and, as always, she's been spot on. Becky has a gift for understanding/analyzing the issue(s) and giving advice. I always feel much lighter and more vitalized afterwards. Thank you! Tina

Absolutely fantastic! As usual, Becky has come up with some inspiring solutions to help me move forward. It's good to talk to someone who "get's it" and Becky couldn't be more generous with her empathy and creative ideas to help me resolve my short-term problems. Thank you very much for the session! Diane

Becky is absolutely fabulous at getting to the heart of the matter, really shining the light on what needs to be healed and she does it all with such warmth and kindness. Thank you Becky! Frances

Becky has a knack for using her intuition, understanding, and personal experience to relate and put issues into perspective. Michelle

Talking to Becky today was reassuring. She has a kind compassionate heart but is also no nonsense. Becky will tell it as it is, which means that you will get alot of insight and alot of work done in one session. She is clear and concise with good practical solutions that you can move forwards with. All in all I would recommend Becky if you want to cut to the chase and have clear, empowered support. Lucy

Thoroughly enjoyed the session with Becky. Straight in to the challenge I face - Becky's work lies somewhere between a warm comfort blanket and a kick up the backside. So so useful. Thank you! Cherry

Becky was extremely helpful :-) OMG - It was like she was in my head! In my session, she helped me understand how I could start witnessing myself as ENOUGH. Becky gave me good ideas and suggestions on how I might align more to self love and less with self abuse. I so appreciate her light hearted and compassionate approach in our session. I would highly recommend a session with this lovely lady. Mary

Becky helps you to see your own magic like no other. She doesn’t only tell you what you want to hear but challenges you in a gentle way. Becky is also great fun and clearly has decades of experience under her belt, so you feel like you’re connecting with someone who knows her stuff. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Millie

Love talking to Becky she always makes you think clearer and fills me with positivity. Another great Chat. Paul


I have had a fantastic session, Becky empathised beautifully and intuited some really positive, bright, shiny outcomes for me. she has helped me reframe and work towards completion of one thing before starting the next feeling really clear and excited for what comes. I am 100% responsible for what happens in my life, No blame. I think today I really know that deep down and can trust myself more and more. With so much gratitude Becky xx kiran

Lovely, funny, helpful. A mirror held up but in a loving, human way. Thanks, Becky, totally awesome! Jess

Becky is a kind, inspiring and delightful person to talk to. She is full of advice and guidance. I would highly recommend her. Liz

One of the things that makes Becky's input especially valuable is her combination of clarity, (picking out something you may not have considered from a topic or issue you've otherwise extensively chewed over) and practical ideas. Diana

My session with Becky was amazing, she is so real!! shes funny, knows her stuff. will definitely be having a follow on session. Many thanks. Allison

I find Becky an exceptional teacher and coach. Our session tapped straight into the root of the issues I was coming up against and has filled me with renewed confidence and practical strategies for moving forward. Gareth

Super happy with my session with Becky - she has the ability to tune straight in to the heart of an issue. The way I would describe it is shining light into fog so that the fog is no longer there. I feel very clear with my next steps and physically lighter. Highly recommended! Penny

Really enjoyed the session with Becky. Her approach is extremely warm, direct, funny, supportive and very helpful. Would recommend her highly! Ann

Becky is patient, and has a clear & guided focus that enables her to understand and get to the root of the problem, offering simple guidance to follow. Thank you Becky for your time and guidance. Adrian

I was really impressed with how quickly Becky picked up on what I wanted to work on and how much we were able to work through in the space of an hour. I'm excited to do my homework (who ever says that?!) and appreciate her sense of humor. Maria

Becky Walsh is warm, personable and funny. She has dead-on intuition that drove the session forward in a very interesting way. She is knowledgeable about and capable in a number of esoteric spiritual matters I brought up, which helped a lot. She was able to identify areas where I can work towards progress, and how that work would be achieved. I am already doing a lot of self-improvement work, and I think her direction has added valuable insights, techniques, tweaks, and interpretations to complement what I am already doing. Holly

The session was exactly what I needed, the advice I received helped me massively and I feel the session assisted me in getting to the root of my problem, excellent and faultless! Andy

Becky is amazing, she is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, so many great ideas and feedback. I was left feeling inspired and motivated, I highly recommend her! Kate

Thank you so much for my session with Becky Walsh today. Becky is very friendly vibrant, very intuitive and fun. I presented to her my issues I have been really struggling with for many years and she has looked in depth at my situation and brought me understanding and a whole new feeling and way of taking the next step to move on in my life. Thank you very much Becky. Wishing you all the best for the future. It was a pleasure talking to you this evening. Jean

Becky has a knack for using her intuition, understanding, and personal experience to relate and put issues into perspective. Michelle

I was feeling awful when we first started. I didn't know what I would speak about or what would happen during the session. Becky is really easy to talk to . I noticed as we spoke about things I began to feel a shift . I have done life coaching before and felt very uncomfortable. This was so different and I could really connect well with Becky and finished the session feeling lighter and like some of my light and sparkle had returned . I feel I have a clearer idea of the things I do have in place that can support me right now . I am very grateful to Becky for the session. Mandy



I am a catalyst and ‘ideas spark’ in my company. I do this by moving people closer to heart-based decisions and further away from fear and foggy thinking. Not everyone like a therapy room. In Weston-Super-Mare appointments are done in 'The Garden Room' with a 'non over looked' view of nature in a private room. Or the appointment can take the form of a 'walk and talk' on the beach. Face to face is in London, Bristol and in Weston-Super-Mare. Life’s opportunities slide into place with a bit of mental clarity! One insight can change the course of your whole life. After an appointment, people I work with report: Emotional freedom, clarity, self-belief, relief, less stress and anxiety, confidence. People come to see me for many reasons: Stuck, feelings of anxiety and fear, lack of clarity, decision making cross roads, Don’t know what they want, difficulty understanding a loved one, need for direction and all sorts of other life dilemmas. Results past clients have had: Starting a new job, published books, families started, business started, marriages ended and saved, moving home, creating more income, better partner communication and understanding. I start every appointment by asking what you would like to get out of the session. This gives us both a moment to focus on the purpose of the appointment. You can ask questions during the session as the chances are you will forget if you hold them to the end. You are welcome to come with questions ready.

A ONE-OFF - HOUR AND A HALF LONG APPOINTMENT TO GET YOU REALLY CLEAR ON YOUR LIFE. Your 'mental wealth' is important, as your ideas are your future! Sometimes we feel like we are just not getting anywhere, life is slow, we can be locked into a pattern or just need to get a clear focus. We will action plan your external life although some of your internal thoughts and feelings will come into it. We are not talking about why it hasn’t been done, we are making it happen. A breakthrough session is just that, it’s a clear direction through any obstacles getting in your way, even if that obstacle just happens to be you! Appointments are recorded so you don’t have to make notes. In one session you take away information to use in the following months and weeks. Some nuts and bolts benefits are: Ways to sustain your power and overcome fear Sitting with an intuitive entrepreneurial mind focused on you Networking connections: I meet lots of people and I’m great at marrying them up Clear ideas to take home on a current plan Start a project, business or enterprise from scratch Understand your passion, skills and uniqueness Get very clear on the end result THE APPOINTMENT IS TAILORED TO YOU – THERE IS NO COACHING FORMULA, JUST HARD WORK. YOU WILL LEAVE THE APPOINTMENT FEELING LIKE YOUR BRAIN HAS BEEN FRIED! HOWEVER, THE BUZZ WILL LAST FOR A LONG TIME TO COME – AS WILL THE RESULTS.

I'm an accredited Practitioner of Life Coaching. I'm happy to give on going support and we can come up with a price plan for this depending on your needs. Personal development coaching is about achieving a greater awareness of yourself, your values, talents, reflection on the growth and lessons learnt from your past. You have a choice to focus the context of our sessions on career, education, relationship or for any level of self-improvement, including personal greatness and spiritual presence.