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The Delphian School offers an incredible education for children starting at kindergarten level through 12th grade in an amazing 750-acre campus. We also offer wonderful extra curricular activities like: Art, Film, Photography, Music, Ceramics, English as a Second Language and a fun-filled Summer Program. The Delphian School is well known for its one of a kind and extremely effective educational method.

The Delphian School Reviews

The Delphian School Reviews

Review of The Delphian School by Calliope Whitworth
5 27/06/2018 Calliope Whitworth

I am a junior at the Delphian School. I started in middle school and have been a student for four years. I have improved so much and learned so much! One of the first things that you get from Delphi is you learn how to learn. I never really thought about studying as a subject you have to learn, but it is very important. If you are going to be learning all day it is important to know how to learn correctly with the best results. I not only learned how to use this for myself but to help others with this as well.
At Delphi I am always doing so many activities that challenge me and I have changed so much. When I first came to Delphi I was very shy and the idea of leading a group or even talking to a group of people was very scary. Over these few years I have done projects where I have taught a class, organized an activity, ran a dormitory for Middle and Elementary School students, ran a club, met with Senators and Representatives about important issues and even more.
This summer I am doing an internship at the school. Every day I do all kinds of activities from teaching a drama class to giving tours. One of my favorite jobs is running my dorm. The girls in my dorm are from 8-12 years old and they are so fun! One of the unique things about Delphi is that it feels like a family with all of the students and even the staff members. Our dorm has become like a family even within a couple days of knowing each other.
Delphi continues to challenge me and all of its students, and I am excited for another school year at Delphi!

Review of The Delphian School by Artem Stepanov
5 05/05/2018 Artem Stepanov

Delphian is an amazing boarding school that creates competent leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and most importantly learners. It's unique study program teaches students how to study by themselves at the best of their ability. It's different in a way that it gives individuals the essential skills of studying that no other place can offer. Students use those skills to work on their self-paced individual programs.

Delphian offers a very broad practical program that is based on student's individual career interest. Students do numerous projects from community help to working with professionals in their career fields.

Delphian has been an incredible journey for me and changed me as a person.

Review of The Delphian School by Laura Wallace
5 30/04/2018 Laura Wallace

My daughter was attending a public high school and testing in the 98 percentile for reading and writing but suffered in mathematics. My husband and I tried for 6 months to get her some help from her math teacher and school counselor to no avail. The school counselor basically told us that our daughter probably would not earn a high school diploma because she wasn’t passing the Oregon Common Core math test. We also realized our daughter was not learning in math class because the teacher could not control the class. At times, it was a noisy, disruptive environment in which students couldn’t hear the teacher much less ask questions. So, we looked around and found The Delphian School. We sent our daughter to the summer camp program and she just blossomed. She came home at night singing, “Mom, they answer my questions! Dad, they help me!” She is now about to graduate with a high school diploma. She tested above average in math on the SAT test. She has been admitted to her first choice college, which is considered the most intellectual liberal arts college in the country. We are very happy and proud parents. The Delphian School has been wonderful!

Review of The Delphian School by Yitao Zhong
5 26/04/2018 Yitao Zhong

I just graduated from the Delphian School. I used to go to school in China, and I started my high school education here three years ago. I am so lucky that I chose Delphian and it chose me as well.I found so many intelligent and hardworking people at the school. I thought I was good in many areas before I came to the Delphian School, but I have seen students who are outstanding. I saw the gap between those people and me, and it encouraged me to work harder. The Delphian school is special because although everyone has his individual program, our purpose is the same. We learn from each other, practice to become more competent leaders, and to find out who we really are. We work hard for ourselves, not for anyone else.

The Delphian School helped me learn to take higher responsibility, use myself as the resource to solve problems, lead others, keep my integrity and show my integrity. I am grateful for all my experiences here. The Delphian School has provided me opportunities to fail, to learn about myself and to restart. I used to believe that a school only focuses on its top students, but Delphian totally changed that idea. Everyone at the school loves every student, and students truly care about each other.

Review of The Delphian School by Finn Dayton
5 06/03/2018 Finn Dayton

Delphian is truly a unique high school journey. The program is proficiency based, which means students move at the own pace and that their understanding of their material is more important than the clock. Students can make the most of their four years here by tailoring their program to current and future interests. You can, for example, take first-year-college chemistry, physics, and math, count a month working at a law firm towards school credits, or help lead the seventy-person student council.

The teaching staff are friendly (the students know them on a first name basis) caring (sitting down one-on-one to discuss a piece of literature for thirty minutes is the rule rather than the exception) and have decades (sometimes several) of teaching experience.

As a senior planning on majoring in physics/chemistry in college, the greatest piece I take away from my years at Delphian is the ethos of both academic and social integrity.

Review of The Delphian School by Shaun Orthmann
5 Shaun Orthmann

I graduated from the Delphian School in 2001, and I can say I received an education there that set me up to succeed in life. And that's something you are not going to find anywhere else. I speak from the experience of having attended seven different schools in the span of eight years before I went to Delphian, owing to a lot of moving to different houses and towns while growing up. No other public or private school offered the kind of lifelong learning I found at Delphian.

Review of The Delphian School by Michelle Platt
5 Michelle Platt

Such a great place! The perfect learning environment. And the people are so nice. You actually get a tour by the students and can ask as many questions as you want. It's fun to see the kids' viewpoint on education and the school.

Review of The Delphian School by Tracey Marina Campana
5 Tracey Marina Campana

Outstanding curriculum focusing on academic proficiency and student empowerment. Their high schoolers blossom into responsible young leaders. The campus is lovely and the faculty and staff are professional and friendly. It's a very unique program, and I'd highly recommend anyone curious about it to go visit the school firsthand to see for themselves.

Review of The Delphian School by Meghan Robinson
5 Meghan Robinson

What can I say! I have 2 kids enrolled in this school and they love it! I also love them because I know my kids are getting the best education they could possibly get. The staff and teachers are amazing. Any question I have, any help I need, they are right there, happy to help and cheerful about it. It is also very obvious they love their jobs.

Review of The Delphian School by Greg Ott
5 Greg Ott

For me, Delphian represents the road "less travelled by" that "has made all the difference" to me in my career as an educator and in my goal as a father to give my three children the best education I could find to empower their dreams. I can confirm from direct and personal experience that Delphian's unique approach is relevant, modern and effective.

Review of The Delphian School by Robert LeVine
5 Robert LeVine

Visited Delphian yesterday. In a world where students are force-fed as if we are seeking educational foie gras, Delphian makes education personal and empowers students to become lifelong learners. Seeing the kids throughout the day, there's no way to deny the success of the method. And to share ideas with such an open-minded but confidently-directed staff, well, I am impressed.

Review of The Delphian School by Bridgette Phelps-Rappoport
5 Bridgette Phelps-Rappoport

Both my children attend Delphian - apart from the excellent, personalized learning opportunities (my son, for instance, attends a daily algebra seminar with a group of middle school students who are advanced in mathematics), there are so many co-curricular activities and classes available to the students. My daughter who is only 8, goes on at least two field trips a month, gymnastics every week and is involved in science classes and art classes on a regular basis.
Highly recommend!

Review of The Delphian School by Crystal Young
5 Crystal Young

This school is a magical place to learn in. I loved the balance of classroom and extracurricular activities. I still consider the campus to be a second home even though I graduated over 10 years ago. I have a lot of love and respect for the faculty and everything they do to provide an excellent place to learn in 💜

Review of The Delphian School by Shelly Swanberg
5 Shelly Swanberg

I graduated from Delphian in 1985, with honors. Delphian provided a very well rounded education that gears students toward application in the real world. And they still do! Better than ever! Two of my children attend there, one has graduated, and now my grandson is attending at Delphian. My children are very happy, able, love to learn and create. Delphian staff and families have created and perfected that type of school environment over the last 40 years. From this, I see a brighter future for all. I wish all children had this available to them.

Review of The Delphian School by Mimi Pollack
5 Mimi Pollack

My 15-year-old daughter is currently at the Delphian School in her first year. She is absolutely loving it, the dorm life has brought her many friends, the academics have challenged her in the best way, the sports and choir activities have enriched her all around, and she is now in Student Coucil, quite a feat for a freshman. Her goals are sky-high since going to Delphian. We are thankful for such a wonderful school!

Review of The Delphian School by Mitchell Weigand
5 Mitchell Weigand

I have always thought the Delphian School was top shelf education! Carry on!!

Review of The Delphian School by David G McDaniel
5 David G McDaniel

What to say? Delphian is one of the best, if not the best, solutions for a young person preparing for life. I say simply "solution" rather than using "academic" solution or any other modifier, as Delphian truly covers all bases. Yes, they are academic giants (how about a program where each student gets 100% in order to "pass" anything), but they're so much more. Life activities, practical assignments, social engagement, field trips (near, far -- global), athletics and physical development, opportunities to excel at every turn -- Delphian is a full-on, getting-ready-to-be-amazing-at-life solution. I love it. And I guess, maybe, that would be the thing I would emphasize most. The love. The absolute caring for each and every kid, the pure safety of the environment, the positive encouragement and validation as each young person makes their way toward self discovery and plots their way into the future ... honestly, if Delphian were teaching how to stack rocks it would still be the most amazing place to be. I would totally have my son there learning to stack rocks. :-) So, what to say? Go to Delphian, that's what I say. Your future will never be the same.

Review of The Delphian School by Tracy Meisler
5 Tracy Meisler

My son attended Delphian School for almost 5 years and graduated in 2009. While, it was one of the most incredibly difficult times for me as a parent - I do love my son - it was also the most rewarding. To watch them take him from feeling incompetent to thriving in his fields of interest was amazing. It wasn't an easy ride in confronting his own pitfalls, but they truly helped foster his true abilities and now he's living his creative dreams. The Delphian program instills the drive that is lacking in today's educational institutions. I would not trade the experience and product they helped me get for the world!

Review of The Delphian School by Becka Wiley Orthmann
5 Becka Wiley Orthmann

I graduated from Delphian in 2010. I received an excellent education that prepared me for college, my career and life in general. The experience I had was amazing.

The staff are incredible at giving individual attention to each student making sure you understand and can use your education in life. Each student is given control of their education and can mold it to fit their interests in life. As a creative person, this was invaluable for me.

The education program is competency based, each student studies at their own pace and passes when they can understand and apply their education in real life situations. Pointless memorization to pass a tests is not the Delphian way.

I was enrolled in a public school prior to attending Delphian and I know I would not be the same person if I had graduated from that system. I cannot thank Delphian enough for the education I received and cannot wait till my 8 month old daughter is old enough to attend Delphian as a student!

Review of The Delphian School by Andria Carroll
5 Andria Carroll

My daughter has gone to the Summer at Delphian program for the last two summers and she is very excited to be going again this year.
She just loves the style of teaching, her grades improve each time she goes to Delphian.
It's hard to put in words but there is something about the way the staff and other students treat each other with such respect and willingness to let each other "own" the school. Everyone's ideas are listened to and each person is given ways of contributing to the school that makes them really a part of the group.
My plan is to send my daughter to Delphi when she is a little older and she is super excited about this and wants to start right now!

Review of The Delphian School by Pedro Alverad
5 Pedro Alverad

Probably one of the best school in the world, an opinion derived from my son education! Love it

Review of The Delphian School by Jessica Li
5 Jessica Li

I graduated from Delphi in 2012. My experience during my four years there completely changed my view about the world. Coming from an exam-driven system in China, I used to think getting the best grades was the single most important thing in education. I used to compete with others and felt miserable going to school though I attended the one of the top middle schools in my city. However, I learned what education really meant as I went through the program. The program sparked my curiosity to learn not only just as a student in schools; it also motivates me to be a lifelong learner and self-determined, independent thinker. It was my experience at Delphi that made me believe in the power of education. I hope to become an educator one day myself to create better education for others. I'm now getting my Master's in education and have been studying about education policy, personalized learning and creative learning. I have to say that Delphi truly has the best education.

Review of The Delphian School by Meagan Fowler
5 Meagan Fowler

What an incredible, personalized experience. I've never heard of a school that gives more care and attention to each student to help them thrive. The creativity, curiosity, and life fostered here changed my life!

Review of The Delphian School by Jessica Workman Schofield
5 Jessica Workman Schofield

I love The Delphian School. All three of my children are attending the school now and are doing great! The program is individualized and proficiency based with a rich curriculum filled with loads of opportunities for the student to apply what he/she is studying in the real world.

Review of The Delphian School by Gal Ezra
5 Gal Ezra

As an alumnus of the school (class of 2010), my firsthand experience was, and is, nothing short of spectacular. I can say that going to The Delphian School was a vital part of making me the man I am today and an intrinsic part to the success I have been able to achieve once graduated. I am also happy to say that my little brother and sister are currently attending the school, and my future children will as well :)

The curriculum is crafted with genius. The education on a fundamental level (mathematics, reading, science, etc.) is broad yet thorough and resulted in me being able to truly understand and apply the information I was taught. Additionally, there is an aspect of the education that is beyond the normal. It comes in the form of unique courses, projects, challenges and responsibilities that engaged me and formed in me a real ability to operate in an organized way and with integrity, ethics, leadership, tenacity and willpower that I find unmatched with those I interact with now in life.

As a child that was very homesick, I actually got over that quickly and the boarding aspect of the school instilled a sense of independence in me, as well as friends for life. And the staff of the school and the way the school is run are a paragon of true educators that care for the future generation and have dedicated themselves to the pure purpose of help.

The school is beautiful inside and out! And as you can see, I can't recommend it highly enough

The Delphian School

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