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Thaimassagecentral is a friendly massage treatment room within Amadeus Hair & Body in Holborn.

Offering an array of traditional Thai therapies alongside Swedish and aromatherapy massage services, the professionally trained staff at Thaimassagecentral have over ten years experience providing top to toe massage treatments.

Please call to ask about hotel visit.

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Joanne Louise Cridge

17 July 2019

The best massage ever. Been twice now and would highly recommend


Camran Naseri

17 July 2019

If you looking for Thai massage therapists who can do strong and deep tissue massage highly recommend here.


kenny go

30 June 2019

Very talented and good service. With just 30 minutes but felt like a full recovery. Just be noted this place is B1 through Gentle man hair shop.


Carlinha Fernandes de Miranda

30 June 2019

Particular place, entrance in the men hairdresser, Initially i thought I was in the wrong place. Not fancy, the massage room still smells funny- some comment here a few months ago - but I really really appreciate the great massage. I was having strong pain in my back and arm, being treated for 2 weeks in a osteopath without successful results, and the massage really helped to release the pain. Massage is strong since is a tai massage, but asking for less pressure it will be adaptable to our taste and needs More...


Catherine Jane Read

30 June 2019

est place for relaxation after a long day. Extremely professional. Reasonably priced. Your not alone in the room, but after the neck and back appetizer, the foot message will put you in a space all your own.


James Drake

30 June 2019

Visited after seeing so many good reviews. I'm pleased to say the good reviews did not disappoint. The appointment wasn't late and location was good. I had an incredibly painful but much needed massage to work knots out and de-stress. I was charged an extra £5 for a stronger massage but don't really know why. More...


Mark Baigent

30 June 2019

My masseuse was friendly with a great sense of humour and checked in with me how I was doing - I had a lot of tension in my back, so some of the release was quite painful, which I was perfectly happy about, I really needed to loosen up. I had a full hour massage which included a lovely foot and leg massage as well as the work out I needed on my back, shoulders and neck. I left feeling zonked out, worked over and much more relaxed, with a big smile. I will definitely be coming here again. More...


Miguel Garcia

15 May 2019

Most amazing Thai massage in London.


Ariane Loechner

8 May 2019

I had slept really unwell the night before and twisted my neck, which was really painful. Additionally, I had a lot of stress lately - so I decided to go to this place as it has great reviews and I have always been a big believer in Thai massage.Despite a bit of a weird location being in the basement, you quickly forget about this as soon as the therapist (I had AMY) put her healing hands on me. Don't get me wrong, its not for the faint hearted, its pretty strong - however, within 10minutes of deep-tissue my body started to come alive in bliss. 30 minutes in, my muscles felt a lot better already and during the last part, she fixed my neck - which was such a relief. I cant thank Amy enough and I would come back for sure!!! Thank you! A. More...


Yassin S

29 April 2019

Flexible bookings.
Tried the Bare foot massage, it was really nice. Completely relaxing and relieving.


Michael C

30 December 2018

Highly recommended! You will not regret having a great massage here. The staff was so friendly and very professional. They are located in the basement, just make sure you ring the bell if you are visiting on Sunday. I had 1 hour massage and 30 min facial. The best combo ever! And the price is totally reasonable. More...


Oriol Cobacho

30 December 2018

One of the best massages ever. Totally recommend


Leah Bianchi

30 November 2018

This is one of the best massages I’ve had and definitely the best Thai massage. You have to be very careful where you go, considering I had a Thai massage in Los Angeles where someone stepped on my back and I was laid up in bed with a rib injury. On top of the AWESOME massage, I left a Garmin watch and the owner went into the salon early to check for it, then offered to bring it to my hotel. She refused to take any tip for this. I highly recommend this place. It’s hard to find people that run businesses like this. More...


Ron Mecredy

30 November 2018

High quality massage set in a comfortable venue below the barbershop. The stairs might be challenging for those less agile. Be sure to book ahead of time


Joanne Ka Yee Fu

1 September 2018

Amazing service. Massage was on point. They knew exactly what I wanted. Went in with a sore lower back, but I came out feeling super light and great as ever! Thank you!!! I will be back for sure! More...


Marco Couch

2 August 2018

I was sceptical of this place at first - I like to be able to see where I'm going on Street View before I go, but couldn't here because they're in the basement of a barber shop.Nevertheless, I decided to email and see if they had any availability becausey neck was really sore. They managed to fit me in without any troubles and all I can say is that the massage was amazing.I went for a 60 minute massage which was a mixture of Thai traditional and deep tissue. I asked for it to be quite strong, and wasn't disappointed; I left feeling sore in all the right ways and as light as a feather. More...


Darryl Paterson

23 July 2018

Brilliant very professional, deep tissue massage by Jenny.


Joginder Singh Mann

23 July 2018

Thank you jenny for an amazing massage you really made me relaxed and helped me resolve my back problem


Gagan Singh

23 July 2018

Just like thank Joy for an amazing message in very calm atmosphere, she has strong magical hands , I feel so relaxed and free.would highly recommend this to my friends and family . More...


Ed Mallak

19 March 2018

Never had deep tissue massage before, I had one in Thai message Central and it was excellent.


Dinesh Chauhan

16 March 2018

Very nice place.. Good service.. Worth visiting


F Jinnah

10 February 2018

Awesome massage. Beyond relaxing. Masseuse found knots I didn’t even know existed. Very Qualified masseuses. Highly recommend this place. I will be back again


Jannawalai Keawwongsangearn

3 February 2018

Good massage I ever had. Worth visited here with professional therapist. Love it thanks.



12 December 2017

welcoming staff and authentic massage! will definitely visit again


Suzannah Hill

8 December 2017

Emmy: totally amazing massage. The best I’ve had in years. Thankyou so much :-)


Sara Dunn

9 October 2017

First Thai massage and I enjoyed it very much. We were on vacation in London and needed a place to recoup. This place was a great deal!


Ali Kay

16 September 2017

Since I had the massage my upper back pain has felt much better, was a strong massage, but I think it was needed to fix me


Kathy Paterson

21 August 2017

I had a migraine while visiting London and emailed Thai Massage Central. They got me in right away. Extremely satisfying massage. My headache cleared up. I will return next time I'm in London. Highly recommend! More...


Luke Robinson

15 August 2017

Really great massage here the massage parlour is in the downstairs of the barbers there is also other treatments available. The Thai girls are really good and very professional, the massage is strong and will solve any issues that you have been suffering from. More...


Mike Ashton

11 June 2017

I've had several massages here now and would recommend without hesitation. The staff are excellent, very welcoming and helpful, and the rooms are very relaxing. Reading the other reviews, Yes, I'd agree that English isn't their first language, but I've never had a problem being understood and this is, after all, an authentic Thai massage experience.
The massage is as hard as you want it, and can include the full 'stand on the back or legs and really stretch those knots out'. This was my choice, and it certainly worked. I'm already looking forward to the next.


Noi Daniel

7 May 2017

Great authentic Thai massage, very skilled therapist and wonderful ambience. I will return for sure!


amanda fernandez

11 March 2017

The best massage i have ever had by Katie, and I've had many massages in Asia and Europe.
Truly the most wonderful hour!
Highly recommended


Sonia Rai

27 February 2017

Great deep tissue massage. I will definitely be coming back soon.


Aleksandra Plesniak

13 February 2017

Just had my first ever deep tissue Thai massage at Thai Central. Wow! What a wonderful experience, the right mix of pain, from the pressure applied, and deep relaxation. The lady who spent a solid hour, non-stop, massaging me was fantastic. Very hard working and extremely friendly, passed no judgments and just delivered a really fabulous and long overdue massage.
I will definitely be coming back.


Julia Fourey-Jones

7 February 2017

Best massage I ever had. Lady really took care when I asked for gentle pressure. Felt great afterwards


Gregory Jones

30 January 2017

One of the best Thai massages I've ever had - tried it by chance this evening and most certainly will be going back.

Represents fantastic value for a very powerful traditional Thai massage.

Highly highly recommended.


Sunny King

6 October 2016

Saw the good reviews and thought I'd try it out as muscles been aching for a while. Jenny was absolutely amazing and really knows how to work on the stress points and knots. Felt really good after and will definitely be going to see her again! More...


jaysingh beeharree

18 September 2016

Professional and real thai massage


Minha Son

16 September 2016

This place is THE ONE if you need to get a relaxing and professional massage with a reasonable price! People here are all kind and work hard. :)


J Packman

7 June 2016

Visited these guys having had experience of real Thai massages in Thailand and I must say, these guys are the real deal! Friendly and welcoming, very professional and bloody good a massages! Well worth a visit! More...


Adam Jacob

10 May 2016

I received a very good massage here, in the attempt to resolve pain in my upper back from prolonged use of my computer. My masseuse was highly professional and my back felt considerably better following the session. Prices are reasonable for central London and the massage room itself was a good temperature with a comfortable table. Hidden away underneath a barber shop - slightly hard to find initially. Not much to dislike. More...


Jon W

13 April 2016

Extremely professional service. Had a 30mins back, neck and shoulders which was exactly what I needed. Firm, worked out a lot of knots and left feeling much better.


Nantaporn Murray

17 October 2015

Absolutely amazing! One of the best massages I have ever received. Realy friendly staff as well. I am already booked to go back there next week


arnie hewitt

18 December 2014

The staff were exceptioanlly friendly on the phone and were able to fit me in at very short notice.
I'm a massage therapist myself so expect high standards. The room although small was very warm and subtle lighting.
The massage took place on a solid base table which was very comfortable but I was informed they also have a room for floor massages.
My massage consisted of thai massage stretches and deep tissue work and scented oil rub.
There are a lot of Thai massages in London but if you want a great service then I recommend Thai massage Central and first time customers are looked after with a special offer.
I will definitely be back !!!!!! }}}


Gavin Singh

5 December 2014

After the massage I feel brilliant, very relaxed, my joints and muscles feel better, and especially after work the perfect stress buster! The lady was very professional and tailored the service to ensure maximum comfort. The room was very ambient, and a very nice venue More...


gul singh

5 December 2014

I had a great experience, the lady listened to my problems, and ensured she target all the areas, which were causing me discomfort. I left feeling brilliant, extremely relaxed, and my body felt much better. I am now a regular customer, thanks guys!! More...

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