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Basically, if you want to sell or persuade online, I'm your expert.

Digital marketing agency, including web development, content marketing & social media strategy and implementation.

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Surge Marketing Q&A

Surge Marketing Q&A

What makes a great website?

You have some goals for your website. Perhaps you want to sell something, or gain comments or followers, or you want people to contribute.
A great website is optimised to deliver on your goal.
It appears in search when people who want what you do search for a solution.
It's the one they click from the Google search results.
People's first impressions of your website are good so they stick around.
Your website visitors do what you want them to do, so you achieve your goals.
All of that happens in quantity.
Now .. for that to happen, that whole process needs to be optimised. We can, for instance, set up so that some visitors see one home-page image, the others see a different one. Then we can measure which 'sells' better. When the results are significant, we can choose the best image and optimise something else .. the headline for instance.
So the answer is: a great website is one that is continually optimised to fulfil its purpose.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

I'm interested in brand values. A brand that stands for 'excitement' markets itself differently to one that stands for 'family'. So I often ask people to go through a brand values exercise at my name dot com so that we can agree what those values are. Then we can agree on marketing methods, tone of voice, picture styles and so on.
We just need to discuss your goals and expectations and make sure that I can deliver on them.

Describe your creative process.

I pretty much always start with the brand values exercise above and very likely I'll run a Twitter Growbot (.com) report too. That takes your Twitter followers and analyses who else they follow. It usually gives a great insight into the market, competitors, and how to reach the audience.
Then, I'm a marketing systems builder so I'll work on the processes of persuasion. How do people move through a value journey? In other words, there are people who have never heard of you, and there are people who are big fans of your and tell all their friends and to go from one to the other doesn't happen all at once, it happens in stages. So what are those stages, what's the offer to people at different stages and how do we communicate that and move people along? That's me with my feet on the desk, pencil and a notebook. Everything after that is implementation, but the core has to be right.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

I can usually get most of what I need online, but often I'll need logins for social media or to be made admin of a website, Analytics, the Facebook Page and so on.
Beyond that, it's usually great to see the actual sales figures with detail, so I can do some analysis, see what your best seller is, best time of day/year and so on. It's not necessary but it's great when I get it.

What do you love most about your job?

Honestly, I believe I'm changing the world for the better. Bad websites, sales processes that don't work, they irritate me so it's nice to develop good, focussed marketing systems that help clients have sustainable lives, especially if they are small businesses or sole traders.

What inspired you to start your own business?

The PR company I built ended up with 17 staff but honestly, the bigger it got the less I enjoyed it. I ended up managing a company rather than doing marketing and it turned out marketing is what I love. So .. I became a freelancer in about 1999 and I've been one ever since.

Why should our clients choose you?

Because of my breadth of experience and capability. Often with, say, a website build, the provider will be "yeah, brilliant" and not mention that someone's got to write the copy or take the photographs and there's a day when the client realises those are extra costs. I can write, and I can photograph.
Also because I'm a rounded marketer, I'm not just thinking about developing a website (for instance), or running your social media accounts, or doing content marketing, I'm thinking of the whole process from how to reach people who've never heard of you to how to turn one-time buyers into fervent fans. I'm not thinking 'bish bash bosh, job done, on to the next', I actually want it to really work for you.

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