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What I offer is a professional photography service. I listen to the clients wants and needs for whatever project they want and make sure that it comes out how they wish.I am happy to both photograph events as well as alter them if need be, to make a magical moment that much better.


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I think the secret to a good photograph is in large part due to timing, which is down to the photographer to notice and predict events and be able to accurately change setting to make the photograph successful. I also think that post-processing can be very important in saving a potentially bad image, some things can be touched up to make the image seem nicer without changing the image.

Well, I would ask them what styles they would want. Any special requests for location and what they require from the photos. Perhaps if they would want any particular post-processing for their photos.

I just love taking photographs, the mastery and artistry of it is spectacular. Capturing moments of pure bliss or other emotion of something others don't get to do.

It started with a slow fall in love with photography afterward, I started to take on more freelance jobs for people who contacted me for headshots, or for event photography and after that, I thought I would market myself out because I offer a good service.

Clients should choose me as their photographer because I offer a very professional service where my one goal is to make sure you are happy, but I also want to offer more of a budget service as well.