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An Expert and fully trained Dog Trainer, covering everything from Basic Dog Training to Agility classes. Are you embarrassed by your dog's naughty behaviour? Would you like to instil good manners in your puppy? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, contact Specialist Dog Training today.

Specialist Dog Training  Reviews

Specialist Dog Training Reviews

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Chloe Spooner
5 10/06/2018 Chloe Spooner

I Rate Specialist Dog Training a 5 of 5 for Jackie's outstanding dog training and professional advice. I would highly recommend Jackie's training to anyone.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Frances Ware
5 07/06/2018 Frances Ware

Jackie is simply the best! Super talented and very nice - hearing about Jackie at Specialist Dog Training, was the best thing ever. She was recommended to me via a friend and she really helped me with my little puppy Amber - the border terrier. We went over alot of things - feeding, walking on the lead, recall and general dog related things which i wouldn't even have thought about. i dont have time to attend regular puppy group classes and found the 1:1 session a great way to learn all i needed to with a new puppy. i would highly recommended Jackie to everyone and think its a must to get the best out of you and your pet. i found Jackie very knowledge, helpful, friendly and the experience has done wonders for my relationship with my dog.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Susan Relf
5 29/04/2018 Susan Relf

Hearing about Jackie at Specialist Dog Training, was the best thing ever.
We were finding training our rescue dog, Rhia, very difficult, possibly due to her being a street dog from Turkey.
Jackie has given us guidance through many issues and in 6 weeks we are proud owners of a wonderful little girl who is so much better behaved, on and off lead, at home and out on walks.
A big ‘thankyou’ to Jackie, who not only visited us at home to give 1to1 training, but assured us that we only had to phone if we needed help.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by luke aram
5 12/03/2018 luke aram

After contemplating rehoming our german shepherd, we contacted jackie as a last resort
Im glad we did,
After 3 1-to1 sessions he is a completely different dog
Cant recommend jackie enough for any dog related needs

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Colin Hucker
5 12/03/2018 Colin Hucker

Jackie was a great help with our training she was very patient in explaining to us as owners what we needed to do and how important clear commands are for your dog helped us with areas where we needed help and how we need to carry on with the process would highly recommend . many thanks Jackie

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Julie O'Flynn
5 12/03/2017 Julie O'Flynn

My husband and I through a personal recommendation, called Jackie to help us train our Border Collie puppy
from when he was 9 weeks old.
We have found Jackie to be an excellent dog trainer, from the basics of house training, to comnands of, sit, down, come, leave, stay, wait etc.
Also Jak with Jackies skills has become very easy dog to walk with, either on the pavement, in public places, or when we play in the park.
I can rely on calling Jackie for assistance with our dog Jak.
We also enjoy the twice a month Sunday walks with Jackie and her German Sheppard Teddy and many other people with their dogs, whom Jackie has trained and brought us all together.
I would highly recommend Jackie as an extremely experienced and friendly trainer!

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Raspinder Singh
5 15/02/2017 Raspinder Singh

Jackie is a superstar. She helped guide us through the initial puppy stage with our german shepherd. Not having previous experience with owning a dog, and the fact that Jackie has her own german shepherd, we gained a huge insight into puppyhood and also how to train and teach commands. Knowledgeable and practical advice. I will be signing up my gsd for further training, during Jackie's next training classes.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Laura Moth
5 11/10/2016 Laura Moth

I suspect many people (as did we) get a puppy thinking they know enough to train it, but when things don't work out as you'd planned, if you're sensible you'll get help. I found Jackie via the internet, and after a few conversations on the phone I was sold without a 'hard sale' needed.

I think that some people expect a puppy trainer to come round and they'll be doing backflips within minutes of arrival and leave you with a 'fully trained' puppy. Of course this is NOT the case, however Jackie has an instant affiliation with dogs/puppy's, and our Cavapoo pup Coco, SAT the second she walked into the room without prompt. Jackie did have her 'in the palm of her hands' to speak, and mutually Coco had her in the pads of her paws!

We have two very young children (Jackie has had children herself) and was immediately able to make suggestions in our initial phone conversations with the fact that it's actually our young children that actually need the training more initially. She had a variety of ideas & suggestions at the ready (sticker charts etc....), as she's joining the pack with her new slightly older siblings and needs to know how to fit in, ie.the kids need to show her themselves!

Jackie showed us at home instant strategies to help tackle initial and crucial behaviours, such as stopping her jumping and chasing the kids, as their initial response to the puppy is to wave their hands around in the air and shout with excitement and run around waving whatever happens to be in their hands or dress... up high and, of course Coco just thinks they're playing a game and chases them jumping and biting at everything she's going for. Jackie taught the kids to stop still, stand like a tree, face away, arms crossed and ignore her completely; it works! However the kids don't continue to do this and old habits carry on, so the kids need continual reminding as it's their behaviour, not actually Coco's that's causing the problem, as with rolling around on the floor and her nipping at

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Samantha Brown
5 04/10/2016 Samantha Brown

I met Jackie 3 years ago and she has had a major impact on our lives with Rolo who was nervous, aggressive and frightened of his own shadow and a puppy with a lot of attitude. Now he is more compliant with a lot less attitude. And with the help of Jackie's dog Teddy who has given Rolo lots of confidence we are now able to go for walks with Rolo and enjoy them. A big thank you to Jackie and Teddy for all your hard work and time spent with Rolo.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by julie gunner
5 28/09/2016 julie gunner

Jackie was recommended to us when we were having a few issues with our 7 month old puppy. She came and met us and Rusty's reaction to her was priceless, he started by jumping up at her and climbing all over her when she sat on the sofa, within minutes she had him working for treats and showing us how we should teach him and what we expected from him. We saw a side of him that we hadn't seen before, our lives were saved and we had hope. With Jackie's guidance we spent the next few months training him at home, in the park and in the street. So many people stopped us and commented on Rusty's progress and good behaviour and how well he had done. Some even said how suprised they were considering how lively he was. We had become Rusty's trainers and were confident in speaking about what we were doing and what we were trying to achieve. We still meet with Jackie regularly and are going to take Rusty's training one step further next year with her agility classes. Jackie is a lovely lady, very easy to speak with and really knows her business. I would definately recommend her.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Julie Dunn
5 Julie Dunn

Excellent thank you so much for your help.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Jan Durmush
5 Jan Durmush

Teddy loves his agility training lessons, and good exercise too!

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Bea Sprooles
5 Bea Sprooles

Never met a woman so genuine and passionate about our 4 legged friends! Not only has she become a vital part of our lives, she's changed my dog Keo's life forever! He's gained confidence, obedience and a best friend in Jackie's dog Teddy! Greatly recommended!!

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Rebecca Martin
5 Rebecca Martin

Apart from being well qualified and experienced in her work , all the dogs adore her and respond beautifully to her caring and well thought out training sessions. Of course her own German Shepherd Teddy will always be the star of the show!

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Jo Moulton
5 Jo Moulton

Jackie is a fantastic teacher, very patient and supportive. The work she did with us and Poppy means we can now all enjoy walks in the park and Poppy and I are so much calmer and happy. Thank you Jackie. X

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Hollie Hamilton
5 Hollie Hamilton

Jackie is a wonderful trainer and helped us so much with our two pups. She is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and offers great advice. I would definitely recommend!

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Gareth J Powell
5 Gareth J Powell

Jackie is an amazing trainer and teacher. She has educated us to best understand how we can help, train and reward our family dog. I would highly recommend her services :)

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Sue Selby
5 Sue Selby

Jackie has been really helpful in overcoming the problems with three dogs. It's hard work but we are progressing.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Sarah Silver
5 Sarah Silver

We asked for Jackie's help after our 2 puppies began fighting. With her help we were able to identify the triggers and prevent further fights and learnt so many tips on how to train them both. We can't thank Jackie enough for helping us turn our stressful situation around xx

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Tracy Smith
5 Tracy Smith

Jackie has helped us immensely with Farley's pet aggression. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Jackie to help Farley with this. As a kitten he was aggressive and unpredictable. Biting my legs and attacking guests. We have seen a massive improvement already. Thank you really doesn't seem enough. Don't know what we would have done without you! Thank you so much.
Would highly recommend.
Tracy, Farley and Family

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Tanya Smith
5 Tanya Smith

Jackie came today and met our two 11 week old Frenchies Ernie an Dolly ,the techniques she showed us today are already working,thanks Jackie look forward to next visit x

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Julie Gunner
5 Julie Gunner

Jackie was recommended to us when we were having problems with our 7 month old puppy. She came and met us and Rusty's reaction to her was priceless, he jumped up at her and when she sat on the sofa he was all over her. Within minutes she had him working for every treat, we saw a side of him that we hadn't seen before, we had hope! With Jackie's guidance we spent the next few months training him at home, in the park and in the street. So many people stopped us and commented on Rusty's progress and how well behaved he was. Some people were even suprised at what we had achieved. We had become Rusty's trainers and were confident in speaking about what we were doing and where we were going with his training. We now enjoy meeting with Jackie every few weeks on her dog walks. Rusty's training has become a way of life, never ending and never boring. We are looking forward to next year when Rusty will be attending Jackie's agility classes. I highly recommend Jackie and Specialist Dog Training.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Wendy Tomlin
5 Wendy Tomlin

Bailey and I have been working together, with Jackie for over a year. This wonderful, patient and empowering lady has made a confident trainer out of me and a super happy, calm dog out of Bailey. Both is a minor miracle, as I thought I knew how to train my dog. Jackie helped me to see clearly how to ensure that Bailey knew exactly what I was asking him to do and therefore could praise him for doing it. Both of us are very greatful and make a formidable team, but we will still be going to training regularly as I can always do with practise and Bailey loves going to school!

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Felicia Wayland
5 Felicia Wayland

Jackie's specialist training has really made a huge difference to our 2 New Zealand Huntaways Jet and Pippa. Over the past couple of months we have seen a transformation in their behaviours and relationship with both myself and my husband Mat but more importantly between the two of them.
Being young dogs and growing up together had gradually led them to become really fixated on each other. Before seeing Jackie, they wouldn't pay attention to our commands or calls during walks in the park, to a point where our walks were becoming more of a chore than a pleasure. Even our dog walker was exasperated with them and wanted to quit!
Through Jackie's guidance and instruction, week by week we have been able to build on our training routine and 8 weeks on we really cannot believe the difference!! We still have a way to go but both Mat and I have gained much more confidence and feel that we have the 'tools' to keep up the good work Jackie has instilled in us, as much as the girls!
Thank you Jackie for all your help and support, we are very grateful. Xx

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Lorraine Smith
5 Lorraine Smith

We met Jackie a week after we brought our puppy home. We had been recommended by a friend and Jackie communicated easily by email and phone to explain her puppy start course, which sounded perfect to us. Immediately we realised how amazing Jackie was, from the moment we met and she soon helped us learn how to begin Poppy's training. But what Jackie offered was much more than that, she helped us begin to understand training from a dog's point of view. It was also clear very quickly that training involved training us, as well as her! Those early sessions really helped us build strong foundation stones, which have been invaluable as our pup has moved through each development stage. Training and socialisation carried on with Jackie at her Saturday doggy school, and lessons learnt have really helped us, help our pup - from basic commands to working on meet & greet and distraction. We would highly recommend Jackie.

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Stuart Hillis
5 Stuart Hillis

Jackie's helped us enormously in understanding Franklin's fearful behaviour and how best to help him overcome his anxieties - she's been a godsend to us having found ourselves really stuck on how to deal with his issues. Her approach, understanding and training programme have proved invaluable, not least for Franklin who's life has improved so much just in the past few months we've been working together.

We cannot express how grateful we are and knowing that we can contact Jackie whenever we need to and she'll always make time for us is the support and reassurance that we've been seeking for a long time. We're now on an upward spiral rather than a downward one and it's such a joy to see Franklin getting happier, little by little, with the big, bad world!

A huge thank you from us all!

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Holly Brown
5 Holly Brown

Cannot rate Jackie highly enough! Known her almost 10 years now through working in practice and never hesitate to give out her details to potential clients. She is so friendly and kind but professional and full of knowledge. We've just completed an agility course with our Jack Russell Nelly and will be looking to enrol our pup onto a course soon. Class Jackie as a friend as well as a brilliant behaviourist x

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Jason Hayles
5 Jason Hayles

We really enjoyed our time with Jackie she went over everything that we needed to know and gave us lots of helpful tips , from food , sleeping , grooming , treats and more , she spent lots of time training us in how to train our dog Nikita , we would highly recommend jackie

Review of Specialist Dog Training  by Amanda Jalink
5 Amanda Jalink

We cannot recommend Jackie enough. She is a lovely lady who puts you and your dog first. We couldn’t of done it without you and I would without a doubt recommend her knowledge and services to anyone. Xx

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“The enjoyment that dogs experience when being trained by my methods is in itself extremely rewarding; using these methods, the dogs enjoy working,”

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Fully trained in both Feline and Canine Psychology and Behaviour as well as registered and fully endorsed ABTC.

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