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Smart SEO (SEO Agency Manchester)

Manchester, Lancashire

Smart SEO (SEO Agency Manchester) logo

Smart SEO (SEO Agency Manchester)

Manchester, Lancashire


We are a digital marketing agency offering a wide variety of services to start-ups and small businesses. Our experienced team have helped to deliver great results across several key areas of the digital spectrum; search engine optimisation, social media marketing, content marketing and digital marketing.



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From a management perspective we love that we are still involved in the sales and account management of our customers. when you work with Smart SEO or SEO Agency Manchester, you will work closely with a member of the management team to make sure your website and online presence is strong.

From our teams perspective, 16 of the original 18 team members are still with us 7 years on as they have a stake in the business and are encouraged to help drive the business forward.

As a management team, we made the decision to keep our talent together when our previous company decided to move in another direction and this has proven to be an excellent idea. We have taken a large portion of the customer base and further developed their online presence in addition to acquiring a wide range of new customers who believe, like us, in structured campaigns and website development that meets Google guidelines and the ever changing industry.

1. All the work undertaken is done in the UK. UK-based small business working with small businesses
2. The customer relationship is VITAL to us as we are a small business too
3. We do not hide behind emails – in fact we invite you to arrange your own call or meeting schedule with us
4. 100% transparent – our campaigns, our approach and process are available to see. We do not hide behind ‘smoke and mirrors’
5. We understand the ever changing online marketing landscape and our campaigns are versatile and adaptable
6. We have a foundation but YOUR campaign is 100% bespoke to your goals & needs
7. Our approach unlike large agencies is Organic. We optimise and re-optimise based on your requirements, profit levels, ROI, industry changes and most importantly we talk to you whenever required
8. Unlike other agencies, we don’t create a facade of being a large agency. We are proud to be a boutique which enables greater flexibility with you in mind



SEO offers a visible and effective search presence which will lead to an improvement of your keywords ranking on Google, will help you increase traffic to your website and in time will help you increase sales. This is where investment plays its part. If your SEO campaign is trending upwards over time you will see results. These result will negate the need for media buys such as PPC and or paid advertising. Therefore your initial investment helps drive down your cost of sale over time.

If you are a regular searcher online you will have seen over the past couple of years rankings displaying Facebook, Twitter and Linked In profiles. Social media campaigns can improve your visibility on search engines like Google while enhancing your brand, selling your products, driving traffic to your website, and helping you serve both new and current customers. Google are smart, they understand the need to “go where the crowd is” and currently the crowd are “social”. Therefore if Google respond to social signals, then your SEO campaign should include social media.

Content Marketing is a way to break through this “marketing noise” and grab consumers’ attention. Create and give away something that people appreciate, enjoy and find beneficial. When you do this, you build a relationship with users – you build trust, demonstrate expertise and a willingness to provide something of value. When you have a relationship like this, selling becomes easy.

Our Live Reporting Platform allows you to track your keyword ranking performance, traffic your website, your social media activity and engagement statistics and if needed, your Google Adwords account. Taking this to the next degree is to provide you with access to your SEO campaign’s performance, LIVE, in real-time 24 hours a day 7 days a week NO SPREADSHEETS!!!!!

Smart SEO are a WordPress house and have developed a number of websites using both WordPress themes and bespoke design. When it comes to e-commerce websites we will always look at WordPress in the first instance and if we feel there is a need to look elsewhere then we will recommend Magento. We have experience in all facets of web development to help our clients reach their full potential.

Turn your website into a LiveSite and open up a whole host of new features and functionality to both your existing customers and attract new ones. vCita extends your customer relationship management functions to a new level.