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Sean Leigh Ltd

Coventry, Warwickshire


Sean Leigh Ltd

Coventry, Warwickshire


It's simple - we make your website Google friendly so it performs well in search results.
Our goal is to get you in the top 5 for any search term you choose no matter how competitive the search term is. We need to become part of your team and make your website work hard for you.



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Many buinesses have had a bad experience of working with an SEO company or agencyl If SEO didn't work for you then we would say the person doing the SEO didn't do any work.

We love fixing all situations like this by completing SEO in a managed and organised way, and it will work every time without fail. SEO is a process that takes time and a logical approach by experts in the field, and not the sprinkling of fairy dust by a fast talking salesman. This is what we do, and we thrive on it!

Sean has bought and sold other internet businesses in the past and has decades of experience in IT and the internet, so forming an SEO business back in 2000 was the next logical step. Setting up a business that delivers results and exceeds clients' expectations was our goal and it's what still motivates us today.

It's simple, just listen to why our existing clients work with us. Here are just a couple of comments.

Simpson Financial Services Ltd - We were introduced to Sean by Colin Bull of Coventry City Council. As a company we have a very big website and it all seemed to much to handle. We had also used SEO consultants before but to be honest, apart from spending a lot of money we didn't see any return or get to the first page on Google for any keywords. Sean put SEO into perspective for us and changed the way we used SEO. We believed initially it was all about lots of website visitors but in actual fact it's not. The training demonstarted that generating website visitors is one thing, but increasing website visitors who buy from you or book an appointment is something completely different. Our website traffic has doubled year on year using Sean's methods, but more importantly we now get the vast majority of the new business we write from leads generated from our website. Simspon's and our financial team would recommend any business wanting their website to perform at its optimum level to attend one of Sean's training days. You will be inspired and motivated to get your website Google ready. Sean knows just about everything to do with the Internet, especially search engine optimisation!.

Creative Momentum - “As a website development and creative agency we have probably worked with over 20 SEO companies over the years and all have eventually let us down or just not performed as they promised. For the last few years Sean and I have worked on multiple projects simultaneously and all have worked out great. SEO is in Sean's words really quite simple as long as it's managed properly and the work is actually done. If you need SEO that produces resuts for your business, speak to Sean first.”