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Becontree, Greater London


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24 May 2019

Fantastic. Very helpful and patient with my 92 year old father. They even hand delivered a power lead to his house

30 March 2019

I have 3 macs in my office and the two I have are 2011 MacBook Pro and a iMac, they both have white screen of death the MacBook Pro had the issue for a year now but never got it done, 2 weeks ago my iMac did not boot up to Mac OS X just booting to a white screen, the iMac I have is high spec iMac 2011 i7 with 2gb Gpu with a 2tb Hdd and this machine is my graphic design machine and need Mac OS X 10. 11 El Capitan for my printers. I had no choice but to get it done. I was recommended by a company to go to Shen computer solution but visited the store before taking my iMac to get information. The amount of information and details that I was givien was unbelievable, the detail and depth of explanation i was given I was shocked. Even though I went in 3 times before taking my iMac in and still the gentleman spent 20 mins explaing to me what needs to be done. All other places did not explain anything just cost, while I got iMac fixed the gentleman called me a few times explaing update on progress he also made it faster then my 2015 iMac just unbelievable. Also Took in my Macbook pro today to get it fixed and make it faster then my 2015 iMac Thank you so much Shen computer will never take anywhere else because you made me feel more comfortable then apple and other places More...

28 February 2019

This is THE place to go for all your computer repairs and computer purchases. Knowledgeable, fast, thorough and polite. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and highly recommend SHEN for all your computer needs! ! Try them, you really wont be disappointed. Anthony More...

29 January 2019

A great independent company. They provide not only computer repairs but can build machines to your specification and sell refurbished machines too. I wanted to get a new machine but was on a budget so couldn't afford new. I told them what I needed it for and to do and they were able to offer a refurbished Dell machine, which performs above my expectations, guaranteed and half the price of an inferior branded new item from a mainstream outlet. They also transferred all my old data from my old machine to the new one as part of the service.I would certainly use this company again as their service and knowledge is in my opinion second to none. More...

30 December 2018

I can't praise this place enough. I discovered Shen while researching specifications online for gaming pc's. After visiting Shen with the specs for a leading brand of gaming pc's on sale at one of the major electrical retailors, I was provided a quote for a custom made PC that was better value for money and superior to the out of the box brand. I paid the deposit and less than two weeks later I went into collect my very own customised gaming PC. It is an absolute beast, capable of 4k or ultra HD at 60 fp and performs like a dream. I have played PUBG, Total War Warhammer 2 and Overwatch and all run perfectly with zero issues in latency or tearing encountered so far. Not only that but Shen optimised the PC and helped install all the necessary software to begin playing immediately. Their aftercare is superb and I will definitely be going back when it's time to upgrade. Support your local business people and give them a visit before you go to one of the major retailors if you're thinking of buying a personal computer. More...

30 November 2018

Fantastic, professional and friendly service. I have been a customer for over ten years and have always received a five star service.

1 October 2018

Brilliant service. Went here after a disappointing experience at PC world. Walked away with a PC twice the Spec and half the price of the ones we were unable to get from PC world that day. .. highly recommend visiting these guys very friendly and very helpful. Huge range of PCs of varying specifications. More...

1 October 2018

Excellent service both sales and repairs. Quality after service which matters. Changed my Hard Drives in server while I waited. Provided me with a tutorial on how the server worked and how to set it up when I got home. Have been back to the shop for other services and recommended to friends. More...

1 September 2018

Went in there with a dead laptop - got seen straight away. Repaired the laptop back to life within 2 days! And it was super affordable. Such friendly service! Definitely recommend! More...

5 July 2018

They are fantastic. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you

30 May 2018

Bought a £300.00 laptop... Perfect.. even threw me in a wired optical mouse for free... i been coming here since 2007 i have bought all 3 of my lifetime laptops from here i remember having a dell 1st and then a Acer 2nd and just purchased my 3rd one now which is Refurbed HP laptop ... I am happy boss thank you

29 May 2018

I used to own a shop nearby so naturally I used my neighbor. I was pleasantly suprised with the service and their level of expertise. Speedy repairs and they even recovered lost data and didn’t charge me for it. I sold my shop two years ago but I still travel to Romford. They have never let me down so the long journey is well worth the effort. They upgraded the internals in my laptop recently so now it’s super fast and wasn’t very expensive. After my laptop had a virus I lost all my data that I collected over a couple of years that I gathered to start a web business later this year. Had it not been recovered my new business would never get off the ground as I don’t have the time to start afresh. I can’t praise them enough. Lee Paterson More...

13 May 2018

Had a problem with my pc because it won't start. So I called them to troubleshoot it. They were kind enough not to charge me for it and offered some advise on the pc component for replacement. Thank you very much.

9 April 2018

A friendly family run business, very helpful and always managed to fix all my computer problems. Highly recommend .

26 March 2018

Bought a £300.00 laptop... Perfect.. even threw me in a wired optical mouse for free...

30 January 2018

i have been using this company for over 10 years for my windows laptop and the last two years they have been fixing my mac computers from my iMac to my MacBook pro and they have done two reballings on the Graphic card on my MacBook pro 15inch taking from over 3weeks to do and the other a week depending on the damage, i was in the shop looking at a laptop at the back while a customer walked in and asked do you solder a battery pack, the worker said no sir we don’t as they only solder computer logic board or power jack and reball graphic cards, while the customer turns round with anger and says you build computers yeh, and the worker says yes sir and about to explain while the angry man walks out he shop and slams the door so hard that shop door windows shake, some people are just so rude when they can’t get what they want and this customer was very rude and angry the customer didn’t even bring a computer part to be soldered and was not happy because they said no

23 November 2017

FANTASTIC SERVICE. Problem was that the hard disk was on its last legs and a replacement was my only way to avoid an expensive, new laptop experience. A new hard disk was fitted along with an upgrade to the o/s. The cost was very reasonable and all completed in a few hours, Many thanks for your help and I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anybody with computer problems. More...

28 October 2017

Friendly service. I sent an email and they kindly accepted to wait for me beyond opening hours. They gave me an amazing guarantee: no fix, no fee. I was happy to leave them my PC. I had thought my £1000 laptop was lost and good for the bin because it won't start. And even when I manage it to get it to start, it won't see my hard disk. They called me as promised and said it is fixed, you can pick it up any time! Friendly, smiling and professional. They gave me back my laptop cleaned like new. More...

16 October 2017

Laptop was drenched in liquid, gave it to them and they kept me in the loop regarding the fix and collection. They were very friendly, professional and did an excellent job. Extremely reliable and will continue to seek their services and advice. More...

23 August 2017

Took in my PC that would not turn on at all, The staff there found the problem within minutes. I left it overnight and they had fixed the problem, cleaned my PC and updated some software all for a very reasonable price. Very recommended

4 August 2017

Very quick, efficient and friendly service...thanks very much SCS

27 July 2017

I picked up my pc today after it wouldn't get out of safe mode, i took it to SCS and they did it straight away, no hassle, no lies, just said this is wrong ad sorted it, i got home plugged it in and BINGO all back to normal now and cleared of nastys. . Thank you so much guys..and no running windows 10 after having vista, take a while to get used to but sure it be fine xxx HIGHLY RECOMMENDED More...

15 June 2017

Very good works to repair of my laptop and resolving problems with printer.
Friendly service and reasonable in price ---

13 April 2017

Excellent service! My daughter had a corrupt external hard drive, which contained a lot of irreplaceable photos/memories. The files could not be accessed and no one else was able to fix this for her . She lives abroad, so I brought the hard drive home with me. On previous occasions, I received excellent service from SCS and I knew that, if anyone could find a way to access the files, they would, and they did...all within a week!!
Thank you for a very friendly, professional and service

12 April 2017

I was visiting London last week and unfortunately I dropped my business laptop(Mac Pro) and broke the screen. I asked few locals around the shopping mall where I could take my laptop to get it fixed since i needed it before I returned to US. Anyhow I walked into SCS Computers and didnt expect a whole lot since the shop was small compare to US standards what we are used to it. I talked to owner Mr T and he was very accommodating after I have explained to him that I needed this laptop fixed pronto for my next days meeting etc or even if he could recover the data since I figured this Mac was no longer fixable and dead witht lol. WOW. surprise that night Mr T called me and gave me the great news he fixed my laptop and all the data was saved along with new free virus software etc. I can't say enough THANKS. love u guys.. You guys deserve it . More...

25 March 2017

First class service! I took my iMac into Shen Computers as I had lost all power - they quickly diagnosed the power supply needed replacing and fixed this. While they had the computer I asked them to supply and fit a new hard drive and and clean it up as it had been sluggish for a while. Their service was excellent, they made sure that none of my important documents were lost and reinstalled everything after loading the software. I was kept up to date at all times and my Mac is now like new. I was very pleased with Shen Computers and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. More...

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