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Rainbow factory kids Reviews

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Clare Ingle
3 17/06/2018 Clare Ingle

I have been here for two children's parties, both for 4 year olds. I think this place is a great concept but in practice it doesn't seem to quite work, at least not for this age group. Both parties were hosted by the same girl so don't know if it's related. Both were late getting going with guests just sat around waiting for something to happen. On both occasions the activities seemed to be pitched a bit older than the children's age and ability to concentrate, it felt like the activity was stretched out beyond their attention span so children started wandering off or losing interest.
I have seen kids playing in an outside area which looked fun but even though it was a sunny day for one of the parties we didn't go out there.
I haven't been to any of the regular activities held here but to be honest my experience at the parties has put me off.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Elisa Belluati
5 12/06/2018 Elisa Belluati

Great day of craft activities. Story time, outdoor garden. Friendly staff. Clean. Nice food. Little shop. Great actors. Lots to do. Will go back for summer camps.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Mark Foale
5 31/03/2018 Mark Foale

Little 3yo had a very happy time. Well organised. Clean toilets was noticeable since it's a place for very young kids. Friendly staff

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by james whitaker
5 04/03/2018 james whitaker

Magical place for a kids party. My girls loved every minute

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Chris Aitchison
4 18/02/2018 Chris Aitchison

Fun place for parties.... They also gmdo a fun Christmas fair

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Joanne Ward
3 16/02/2018 Joanne Ward

Probably only just right for my nine year old and he's a young nine year old. I would say a bit young for anything above although it says to 12 years

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by jason smith
3 14/02/2018 jason smith

Not a good place for coaches carpark narrow best dropping off on main road and letting the kids walk up the hill ok for up to a 33 seater but full size coaches you may have problems with turning round if car park is busy

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Lyndsay & Simon Harrison
5 03/02/2018 Lyndsay & Simon Harrison

The people make this place come to life. Completely engaged throughout, kept the kids enthralled and everyone had a great time.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Zaved Hasan
4 26/11/2017 Zaved Hasan

Been there for a birthday party of my son's friend. The event and games were organised, staff tried hard to keep the children entertained and all the children loved it! A very good place and will go back again.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Dan Feather
5 23/11/2017 Dan Feather

Amazing staff and effort to create an magic day out for the kids. From beginning to end everything was about making the children feel special.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by emma lewis
5 17/11/2017 emma lewis

Absolutely fantastic fun! We took 2 five year olds who loved every minute! So nice to have a fun, craft and adventure based day!!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Ben Davy
5 05/09/2017 Ben Davy

A magical place run by wonderful creative staff. My two absolutely love it here and for me personally it's a refreshing change to taking them to soft play centres.
Worth mentioning the Cafe is really good value too. Can't recommend Rainbow Factory enough


Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Anna Grimley
1 02/08/2017 Anna Grimley

Feeling really disappointed after our first visit to the rainbow factory today and probably won't be going back again. Having not been before, the staff member explained you buy tokens then use those for activities. I got 3 tokens, one for each of my children. We decided that the lava and exploding sandwich bags sounded exciting and messy so opted for that... well what a waste of money! My children couldn't fit around the table so stood behind the other children and could barely see. The staff member said they'd only be there for a short time before we moved over to a different space so didn't moan. Well I paid £9 for them to watch a lady put an alka seltzer tablet into coloured water and then bicarbonate of soda in a bag of vinegar. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if the children actually got to join in and make their own but I feel it was not worth the money at all. My children were so disappointed we came home and made our own exploding sandwich bags and they got to actually get involved.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Ruth Ambler
5 Ruth Ambler

I've been twice to Rainbow Factory now and we love it! Once for the pre-schooler event. I think it's really worth it. My little girl is 3 and she loved the characters. Really, the performers make it and they're what make it so good and how they are with the kids

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Kirsty Grundy
5 Kirsty Grundy

I came today with my 5 yr old daughter and niece for the summer holiday activities and they both loved it. It was well organised, the activities on offer were varied and gave the girls a good choice. Great value too. Hope you run this again in the school hols!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Sadia Raza
5 Sadia Raza

Such an amazing place to be at. Went there today with a 7yr old 2yr old and 1 yr old and they all loved it. Truly magical all three of them were busy and having fun. All the staff are brilliant. Thank you everyone at Rainbow factory!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Emily Nixon
5 Emily Nixon

A really welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, with friendly and engaging staff, who clearly love working with children. There are both planned activities and areas for free play, making it very easy for your child to have good time, exploring everything available that day. There is also a lovely cafe and shop. Perfect morning out!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Helen Tate
3 Helen Tate

We went to the Star Wars event on Monday. The activities and staff were great! However the cafe was terrible at 12pm when we had lunch they had run out of most items. We ordered a jacket potato and beans waited ages for it, when it arrived the potato was cooked but cold beans were put on the potato. They had no change so we're taking card payments only. A lot of people had registered interest in attending the event online so you would think this would guide the catering plans.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Kelly Brook
5 Kelly Brook

We attended a 4th birthday which was amazing, the staff were fantastic and so enthusiastic with the children!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Charlotte Davies
3 Charlotte Davies

We're normally a massive fan of the rainbow factory and was looking forward to visiting you yesterday. I have recommended you to loads of people and usually can't speak highly enough of the whole experience. The format has changed since we last visited so we happily paid £10 for 4 activities. The hero training was great as was the finale but a few of the other activities lasted only about 10 mins and there seemed to be a lot of waiting around for the next. Overall a little underwhelmed with our experience yesterday unfortunately.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Benj Lewis
5 Benj Lewis

We took our son and his friend today and we all loved it.
Swashbuckling, wizards, dragons, treasure hunts, monster and dress up. The team did a great job of keeping our two explorers entertained. Some great story telling and interactive elements made this a great day out. We invested in the full activity wristband so the kids could jump into any activity they wanted. Really impressed. My only critique was as an adult, noticing a few unpainted designs on walls etc, but I'm sure this immersive environment will continually be added to. Great job guys.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Becky Stephenson
4 Becky Stephenson

Excellent day with my niece (6) & nephew (8)
They loved all the different activites and had a great day being free to be able to go and do what they wanted.
Little hectic around lunchtime with long queues for food which could of been more organized but all in all a great day out.
Shame the sun didn't come out though as we would of liked time in the Secret garden but this wasn't to be, perhaps we will have to return later in the summer again to see this.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Sarah Wharton
5 Sarah Wharton

We have recently started visiting the Rainbow Factory and absolutely love it! We did a couple of the pre-school events in July and this week I took all three of my children (aged 6, 4 and 1) and we all loved it. The themes are such fun, all the activities so well thought out, educational and fun. The staff are fantastic even making the adults smile and their interaction with the children is fantastic. Every child made to feel part of it and special. The lunches are good value too and makes for a well earned rest for the children. Well done Rainbow Factory for doing something different and doing it well.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Elizabeth Donoghue
3 Elizabeth Donoghue

We visited on Friday for the jungle book preschooler morning. Good effort from the staff but something needs to be done about the acoustics in the building. It was far too noisy and the microphones were too loud and screechy so made it harder to hear what was going on. There was also a lot of noise from other units. I'm not normally sensitive to noise but it was quite unbearable at times and echoed around whichever part we were in. Also the colour banding and timetable system was chaotic. A good idea but didn't work for us. We felt rushed and herded about when we would have preferred to explore each area/activity at our own pace. As a consequence we missed quite a lot. The actors were lovely and put a lot of effort in but we wouldn't come again for the above reasons and it was far too busy. I'm guessing the timetable plan allowed you to sell more tickets. Perhaps a slower pace and less people might make a better quality experience. I did think for the range of activities it was a good price, and if the issues raised were addressed then we'd think about returning. Please invest in better coffee too, the one I had was terrible and very watery. You need to sell good coffee if you intend to have adults stay with the children 😉

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Debbie Mangan
5 Debbie Mangan

Had an absolutely fantastic day at The Rainbow Factory for Julia Donaldson day. The kids were totally engaged all day and the VIP ticket was excellent value for money. ���

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Chloe Crewe
5 Chloe Crewe

Been today with my children (nearly 5 and nearly 2) both had a great time! Lots to do and really reasonable price. The girls in the cafe also charged my phone for me as I stupidly forgot my charger and I knew I wouldn't have got home without my sat nav on my phone! Thanks so much! Kids meals are great.. both mine got the box where you get a sandwich, a froob type yogurt and 2 other things like crisps or fruit and a then a drink each for £3.99... i thought was reasonable. I enjoyed my panini.. � I will def come back at some point.. maybe closer to Xmas and let them enjoy some festive activities. I can't comment on the outside area as we didn't see it. It's rained all day so we didn't bother going outside. Would recommend for sure ���

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Jessica Brook
5 Jessica Brook

Thank you to all the staff at Rainbow Factory who put on a fun-packed Superhero birthday party for James and his friends today. Lydia Hayley and Franc had been amazing. The children were well entertained, interested and inspired while under good management. The games were well designed and personalised themes were cleverly embedded. The staff had been very interactive and attentive, being able to pick up children’s emotion changes on the spot and quickly react to them. The party room was well set up, with toys placed thoughtfully for children of younger age too. The whole venue impressed children and parents with its magical display and beautiful decorations. What a fun party! What a wonderful venue! Highly recommended and will definitely visit again.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Dannie Phillips
5 Dannie Phillips

Last minute idea for my son's party due to venue cancelling. Kids all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and adults too. It was something different and managed to engage all the kids of various ages.

In running week up-to party, fantastic communication, answered all questions I had quickly, professionally and according. Couldn't ask for any more :)

Only problem we had was we asked for no lollys to be put in the pass the parcel and when it can to the pass the parcel game, lollys had been included. Only minor disappointment of the day.

Otherwise, definitely recommend and consider booking more partys here :)

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Heather Palmer
5 Heather Palmer

We held our daughter's 4th birthday party here today and we weren't disappointed in the slightest.

We visited the location back in February and having being impressed by their facilities (due to our daughter's avid interest in the theatre), we booked her party straightaway. At that point, the calendar for July was already filling up so I suggest if you do want to hold an event here, you book as far in advance in possible.

In the run up to today's party, I have had various communications with staff at The Rainbow Factory and they have always answered our queries promptly and been helpful.

The party today ran very smoothly and both our daughter and her friends were totally captivated by the adventure that the White Rabbit and Mouse took them on. We chose the Adventurers party package which took the children on a journey through the books "We're Going On A Bear Hunt" and "Stick Man". The food, party bags and overall organisation were all to very high standards too.

We received lots of positive feedback from the children's parents and several mentioned that they would be returning over the summer for the holiday club sessions that are run here.

Overall, we would highly recommend The Rainbow Factory. The party packages that they offer are original and are loved by children and parents alike. We will be returning soon!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Caroline Cardis
5 Caroline Cardis

I went on a trip with my daughter’s school this week (years one and two) and the Rainbow Factory was as magical as ever. My daughter has been to birthday parties there before which have always been fantastic. As a teacher, I have always wanted to take a group of children there but never had the opportunity so to go as a Mum was brilliant! The staff were as welcoming and child friendly as ever, the free tea/coffee for staff and helpers was a welcome surprise and if there are any teachers who want their pupils to be enchanted my the joy of fairy tales, book yourselves in here!!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Alia Sabah Awni
5 Alia Sabah Awni

Visited rainbow factory today and it was amazing .. so magical .. we all loved it and were exhausted after it.. it is a full package ! Story, creativity, songs , games , playing very well organised thank you to each one , star are lovely friendly lovely dressed ... my two children ( just under 2 and 3.5 years old ) loved it and I already can see their imagination play improved .... highly recommended ...
one tip for parents make sure your kids have a very good breakfast and have a read the story book. Thank you very much and will be coming next week xx

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Lianda Dabill
5 Lianda Dabill

Kids had a great time today at the superhero themed day they had lots of fun crafting and taking part in the story tale adventure thank you

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Nicola Green
5 Nicola Green

Love this magical place so do my kids. It’s jam packed with activities and the staff make every child feel so special. Can’t recommend highly enough, it’s a place where kids can be kids!! The breakfast club on a Saturday morning is great and the half term activities are just something else! X

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Cathryn Myfanwy
5 Cathryn Myfanwy

Went here with school today great entertainment and activities for yr 1 and 2. Great inspiration for writing!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Izabela Długiewicz
5 Izabela Długiewicz

Went there for my daughter best friend birthday party and it was amazing. Kids loved it! The ladies was so happy and enthusiastic. Fantastic idea.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Ana Dixon
5 Ana Dixon

My 2 year old twins and I really enjoyed ourselves this morning at the Wam Bam Breakfast Club! We came half-way through as we had been to something beforehand but we're welcomed with open arms and was offered a coffee straight away (It's the little things - and it was really good too!). The twins loved the story, writing, musical instruments, bubbles, sand, play area and the crumpets (!). The place is simply incredible with all the areas and artwork. We'd have helped ourselves to breakfast only we use almond milk so next time I'd bring some. The food nine the cafe is reasonably priced with a good range of healthy/less healthy snacks. The staff were super friendly and amazing with the kids - my daughter found a new best friend in Hazel and can't wait to go back. Out of nowhere she said "Mummy, I love the Rainbow!" - enough said! We hope to come to the toddler sessions in the week.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Claire Barton Ridley
5 Claire Barton Ridley

What a brilliant day! Fantastically organised. My boys loved it & lots of learning opportunity available. Thanks so much, will recommend to friends & return �

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Raf Akram
5 Raf Akram

Last Sunday we celebrated my daughter’s first bday at the rainbow factory. We had 25 kids, ages ranging from babies to 8 yrs old so it was quite tricky to cater for all. We had Peter Rabbit � as a theme and the rainbow factory adapted a little story, fun and games to this theme and ages so there were different activities going at times to cater for this. In the end, Hayley (RF’s manager) was dressed up as Wilhelmina (Party host) and she was great, not just at the party but during the weeks leading up to the party, she kept in touch with me and kept me informed, she was prompt as well. I know it wasn’t plain sailing at times for her to deliver the party but she pulled it off and it was amazing. We also had the Amazing Lydia dressed up as Mrs. Tittlemouse and she was the main character entertaining the kids and walking them through the magic of Peter Rabbit and his stories. I loved the fact that she adapted her whole script to include my baby daughter in it which was great as she recognised her name every time it was called out. Lydia is an outstanding true professional in the art of entertaining kids and bringing stories to life! She’s also sweet and friendly with kids and stayed in character throughout. My girls loved her � The Factory has been spruced up recently and it shows and it’s looking lovely and welcoming. I would say it is not the cheapest party I’ve had done but I know � Factory does special rates on certain dates so if you are looking for something special for your little ones not just for a party but to have educational play, this is your place! Truly special and we’ll always go back to it! Thank you RF for making my baby girl’s first bday unforgettable for all who attended �

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Anna Bragger
5 Anna Bragger

Great pirate themed party today for my 4 year old daughter - Rebecca was a total superstar and did a brilliant job of entertaining 14 little ones. All the staff are very welcoming, there’s lots of space and there were a lot of elements to hold their attention! Thank you x

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Sabina Iqbal
5 Sabina Iqbal

I had my daughters 3rd birthday party here. Prince and princesses theme. Staff were amazing so helpful and made it fun interactive and catered for mix of ages at the party and everyone loved it. Thank you so much it was worth every penny x

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Marie-Louise Bush
5 Marie-Louise Bush

We took our grandsons to the Superhero’s Adventure event and they both loved it. The staff have a wonderful ability to engage with a variety of age-groups.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Katherine Brook
4 Katherine Brook

I came along with my class on Tuesday, had a really good time, I thought that the story telling was fab !
I cant wait until Friday when I come back with the next class.
Looking forward to it.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Hazel Birdsall
3 Hazel Birdsall

It was our first visit to Rainbow Factory today, attending Room on the Broom.

Our booking gave a start time of 10am and so that’s when we expected activities to start. On arrival we were asked to wait 30 mins in the cafe which unfortunately resulted in a bored and agitated three year old before the day began. We’d travelled an hour already & if we had known this, we’d have set off much later.

Four activities ran during our session - each one lasting around 10mins followed by a gap of 20 to 30 mins. The free play during these gaps consisted of pencils and paper and a dressing up box (the dress our daughter chose was soiled). Again, just a lot of time hanging around as she got grouchy.

The actors were good but the whole thing ran out of the timetable. The finale - bubbles and singing- started 25 mins late (we were advised of this 10mins after the start time because others were still eating) and that lasted ten minutes - two rhymes sung and two played on the CD.

I understand the concept but it was far too long for our pre schooler. We engaged with her & joined in with the play but condensing the session and improving the offer of the cafe would have worked better.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Helen Smith
5 Helen Smith

A huge thankyou to wonderful Rainbow Factory for a fantastic party for my twins Millie and Charlie's 4th Birthday. They love this place and it was the only place for them to celebrate.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Rebecca Louise Ward
5 Rebecca Louise Ward

I very very rarely leave reviews but 5 stars are definitely deserved for this place. We went to the Mad Hatters Tea Party today and it was nothing like we’ve ever done or seen before! Really fab xx

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Zabanisa Khan
5 Zabanisa Khan

Thank you for making my daughters 8th birthday party so special! I couldn't fault anything. An absolutely brilliant team who focused on delivering a fantastic experience to me and my family. Would highly recommend �

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Eva Underwood
5 Eva Underwood

My daughter had her 6th birthday party here yesterday. Wow, just wow. All the kids were entertained and their attention was constantly on what they were doing. It was absolutely fantastic, by far the best party I've seen. Very accommodating especially as we had 2 dairy intolerant kids. Thank you so much.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Siobhán O'Gorman
5 Siobhán O'Gorman

I bring my baby to the Thula Mama singing group run by Nikki and we both love it. Can't wait till she's a bit older and I can bring her to loads more Al of the events they run!

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Lianne Sutcliffe
5 Lianne Sutcliffe

Absolutely fantastic “Day at the beach” themed messy play session this morning. My son thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into the pasta and rice or “sea sludge” plus having ice cream and sauce! I enjoyed the singing after at stay and play. Will most certainly be returning! �

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Jessica Jones
5 Jessica Jones

My 6 year old had her birthday party here, she can be a little shy and can be overwhelmed but I can’t speak more highly of the staff. They held her hand and captivated her throughout.
She said it was the best party she has ever had, everyone of the child were completely engaged for the full 2 hours.
The staff were enthusiastic and stuck to there roles.
It wasn’t a cheap party but was money well spent. The other parents all said it would be a party talked about for a long time.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Sophie Sanderson
5 Sophie Sanderson

This is such a amazing place to bring little ones! We love the messy play every week, my daughter who is 23months is always asking me when we are going! The staff are all so friendly and helpful and I love how different and creative it is here compared to the usual soft play. Thankyou Rainbow Factory! Xx

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Ben Davy
5 Ben Davy

A wonderful day out for little ones and a refreshing change to the usual soft play/trampolining places.
The staff are incredibly creative and have a wonderful way of engaging with the kids.
One of the things that impressed me most was how the kids ( and adults too if they let themselves) are inspired to be creative. The staff seem to have a natural ability to draw everyone in to their magical world.

Review of Rainbow factory kids  by Laura Haslam
5 Laura Haslam

We held our daughter’s 5th birthday party here today. What an amazing experience! The event was exceptionally well organised and the staff could not have been more helpful. The children were very well entertained for the whole 2 hours and all seemed to really enjoy it. The food was great. Thank you for a fabulous party which will be remembered for a very long time!

Rainbow factory kids

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