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The Phone Dudes are here because we know that life can get busy, and waiting for an insurance replacement or queuing at a repair shop uses up time that you just don’t have. That’s why we travel to you and complete the screen repair right there and then in your chosen location.


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Tom Sleigh

28 January 2016

Amazing service, booked and completed within an hour. Unbelievably fast! Really nice engineer who obviously knew what she was doing. Very very impressed and will be telling anyone with a broken screen to use them! Thanks so much. More...


Ronan Kerouedan

6 January 2016

Great service! Booked the appointment this morning for this afternoon. My phone was repaired in 10min. Simple.


Sean Keating

2 September 2015

Incredible service. A nice guy called Antonio came to my work 30 minutes after I called and fixed my phone within 20 minutes. Really brilliant service, reasonably priced and highly recommended. More...


Anthony Quiddington

13 August 2015

Great service! They were all extremely helpful and accommodating and did a great job of repairing two iPhone screens in our office in next to no time; hassle free and whilst we worked. Much better than having to traipse all the way over to the Apple store and wait in a big queue! Highly recommended. More...


Megan Heinl

28 July 2015

Supremely professional, fast and friendly. My phone screen was completely smashed and now it is good as new. Thanks


David Bewick

20 July 2015

V.professional guy turned up at my office, it took him 10 mins to change the screen and leave it good as new, couldn't have been better.


Phil Chant

17 July 2015

Fast, professional and a great price. Dropped my phone and cracked the screen yesterday afternoon. Went online at 3.30am (sleepless night!) and was amazed to find a 9.30am slot available.

I get a courtesy email from the dude to say his train has been delayed (no problem, I'd rather know than just be waiting) then he turns up at my work and fixes the phone in about 20 minutes.

Who has time to book an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar and get creamed by Apple's prices. This was £79, genuine Apple part and a 2-year warranty. Very impressed. Well done!


Emma Allen

29 June 2015

Totally find breaking my screen the biggest nuisance and past solutions never been satisfactory - lengthy return from phone companies or dodgy fixes at shops on the high-road. A friend recommended this to me, and have to say although a little dubious they'd be better than any of the shops I'd been to, it's the premier league of service! Absolutely no hassle - quick arrangement of appointment, the lady who organised it kept me updated with no-fuss phone calls of where my dude was and the chap who mended it was professional, and super reputable - this felt important when I let them into the office. Best of all, the phone looks brand spanking. First call to new screen, all within 2 hours (mend took around 20 mins). Can't recommend highly enough. Worth every penny. More...


Iveta Briaukaite

13 June 2015

Thank you for the stunning job you're doing! Never had such an excellent customer service in all my life! Fixed my phone just in 15min.
Thank you !


Michael Hall

8 June 2015

A simple google search put me onto this gem of a company. My iPhone 6 cracked screen was fixed within 15 minutes at my office. 100% reliable! 100% recommended! All at a fraction of the cost if I went with Apple or my mobile provider. More...


Evin Hipple

8 May 2015

Fantastic service! Immediate. Friendly. Secure. Simple... highly recommend going for this if you want a screen fixed fast.


Ellie Michael

7 May 2015


I dropped my iPhone (5s) this morning and smashed the screen completely. Levi from Phone Dudes came to my workplace and repaired it right in front of me in 10 mins. Brilliant service. Would recommended to anyone to use Phone Dudes for emergency repairs to their device. More...


Chris Charalambous

18 February 2015

My iPhone 6 plus was completely smashed (screen) and I was nervous about it not being fixable. Levi arrives on time and sits next to me at the office - 15 minutes later he is charging it and letting me get back all my messages / pictures and contacts.

Incredible service all round could not recommend these guys more - he even fixed my friends iPhone 5s quickly for free as well!

Will be sending a message to all at work about Phone Dudes.



Antonio Marinovic

6 February 2015

Fantastic service... got here in lightning time and was far easier than booking and waiting at Apple... also the price was touch cheaper without the hassle...

Highly recommended... Thanks


Marianne Ferguson

3 February 2015

Amazing service from beginning to end. Phone Dudes stand by their warranty and do everything they can to make sure you're a satisfied customer. Thank you!


Cecilia de la viesca

14 January 2015

Great service, very quick and exactly what I needed. Didn't know a company like that existed! Very pleased.


Amit Chanda

9 January 2015

I used Phone Dudes for my old S3 which had a badly cracked screen and was just sitting around in my office drawer. They turned up exactly when I had booked them in and exuded the philosophy of 'The Dude' in order to breathe new life into an old phone. I use it now for tracking my bike rides because my new Nexus 6 is too big to carry around while active. Thanks Dude! More...


Sam Holtby

9 January 2015

Brilliant service! They came straight to me in the heart of London, which is an achievement in it's self. Sorted my screen out there on the spot and didn't take as long as it would in the shops! Just what I wanted. Highly Recommend these Dudes! More...


Meisam Ebrahimi

9 January 2015

I was out shopping and I accidently dropped my iPhone 5 which cracked the screen. It was stressing as I had a lot to do that day and didn't have the time to get it fixed.

A friend of mine told me about phonedudes and how they can come to you at work to repair your phone, this was perfect for me as I work full time.

I gave them a call and booked it in for the next day. The phone dude arrived on time and he fixed it within 30 minutes!

I couldn't be any happier and would highly recommend them.


Rick Wilson

14 November 2014

I phoned these guys from a web advert. Didn't know them but the personal service they offered (coming to the factory) seemed too good to be true. I am pleased to say that one of their service guys was with me within two hours and the screen replaced. Not an easy repair as the internals had been affected. It gets better. The phone worked fine but had a slight screen malfunction (wobbled) not the Dudes fault as the internal damage had cause this problem and was not obvious when the screen was replaced.Phoned the Dudes up to see if they could solve this as well there was also a slight crack on the back that I asked for a quote on. Sent them the phone in this instance - was back the next day, back replaced and Wobble fixed. They paid for the return - so how much Dudes? FEE OF CHARGE!!! Does it get any better than this? Rick Wilson More...


Darren Wheeler

30 October 2014

Fantastic Service.
We had a slight problem that the new screen cracked, within hours of being fitted. But then a second screen was fitted the following morning and has been perfect ever since.

This was fitted on and iPhone 5S and the finger point recognition button still works perfectly.

Excellent Service, Excellent Communication.

We are a very happy customer and would certainly use The Dudes again should we need to.

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