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Pariss Agency specialises in helping small to medium sized businesses harness the power of social media in order to successfully grow your brand and thrive.

CREATE - We’ll establish a unique personality and tone of voice that resonates with your business to help you create engaging and stand-out content.


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Lee Hood

6 July 2019

I had no clue about where to start with social media. Matt did a great educational job as well as implementing the new strategy we agreed upon. Thanks Matt.


Terry Paris

6 July 2019

Pariss Agency truly transformed our client acquisition strategy. Sales have grown so much we have now transferred our print budget into social media budget for Matt to work with. I would strongly recommend Matt to any business starting to get to grips with social media. More...


Ben Preston

6 July 2019

For any business looking on Bark, I would definitely recommend having a call with Matt and Pariss Agency. It was as simple as letting him know our pain points and what we want to achieve, and within weeks we were up and running selling online like never before!


Sarah Smith

6 July 2019

A very knowledgable and easy to work with guy. Matt knows A LOT about social media marketing! We saw a 25% increase in engagement online that has lead to an increase in sales since we started working together. Regrettably I would recommend Matt - regrettably because I want his service all to myself! More...

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The excitement of a client when we meet to discuss results and they’re business has grown as a direct result of the social plan we put together.

Social media has evened the playing field. Brands no longer need a million pound budget to communicate their product to the masses. It’s very exciting and I feel I can really help some smaller companies grow faster than they ever have before using social in the right way.

I have worked on social strategies for brands such as Ford, Huawei, Department for Education and Citroën and seen incredible results. I can apply that same level of thinking to your brand and help you achieve success this year.
It will be myself you are working with and the first step is to schedule a call with me so I can understand the issues/problems you’re facing and we can begin to work on overcoming them.
I look forward to hearing from you.