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I train clients both at home and at my private training studio base in Regents Park, London

The Oxford dictionary defines the word 'LIMITLESS' as - Without end, limit, or boundary
I'd personally describe it as giving it your all and then some to spare


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Andy Wilson

27 June 2019

Very understanding to my weakness's n very supportive .


Billy Collins

27 June 2019

From the start you can tell Oli is extremely passionate about what he does, and is incredibly knowledgeable. Oli not only helped me surpass my goals in the gym but fixed my poor nutrition and changed my lifestyle. He even ignited a spark in me to pursue a career in the industry. If you want a great PT, who is easy to work with and cares about your individual needs, get in touch with Oli. More...


Joe Lawrence

27 June 2019

Oli is extremely knowledgeable and builds a programme to suit individual needs. His motivational skills are excellent and he has an incredible ability to get the most out of his clients whilst maintaining high energy levels.
I would recommend anyone who wants a personal trainer to contact Oli.


Steve Collins

23 July 2018

Has to be one of the finest personal trainers around ! You put in the work, he gives back 100 % so that you are motivated and progress , to your required goal. No silly stuff, just great results ! Highly recommended . More...


Simon Bradbrook

3 May 2018

I love training here. Great variety of equipment, staff are always welcoming and the trainers are really motivational. They managed to convince me to take part in the challenge yesterday and it was great fun! One day i’ll win it!!



10 April 2018

Great place to work out and now they have a City Massage treatment room, which is fantastic! Book in system one hour before but definitely worth the wait. Highly recommended place, great staff More...


Beata Zielinska

19 March 2018

Lunch time classes are fantastic! 30 min HIIT that exactly what I needed. Highly recommend.


Alex Gordon

19 March 2018

I recently joined on executive monthly membership, so far I am very pleased with the gym and the classes. Members of staff are very friendly and welcoming.


Krisztina Fabian

20 December 2017

Small, friendly gym with great equipment, staff and qualified trainers.


David Gibson

13 November 2017

Excellent gym, great facilities, clean, friendly and helpful staff, flexible membership and reasonably priced.


Kaja Czerwinska

2 November 2017

The gym is well equipped and has everything you need for a good workout !
Brilliant customer service ! Very friendly and helpful staff .


Devon blanc

17 August 2017

Place seemed perfect for what it is. Came to London found a gym where its not too crowded at peak times after work seemed crazy. Was in and out got my full workout in if i had to chose a downside changing rooms More...



21 June 2017

I joined this gym recently and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to train in a non commercial and overcrowded gym! The staff are so lovely and the gym is always really clean and is a very modern and fun concept, makes for a nice change! More...


Gareth Webb

12 June 2017

Amazing value for money and a very friendly, well equipped gym. Nicely updated recently and a great selection of functional training/weights. Hard to beat for the price. Thanks for having me. More...


Electric Eels

15 May 2017

Very polite and friendly staff. Great location. Small but well equipped gym area however the locker room is too small and not well air-conditioned. A few people come there to workout but already smell like a rotten cheese even before the workout and imagine after the workout! Shame they have no respect to themselves so they do not know how to respect to others. Thats why maybe the changing rooms need a better air conditioning system. Weekend hours should be extended. Personal trainers are very professional and very friendly. Well recommended! More...


Niels Andersen

21 March 2017

I tried a few, the most practical one for me was LA, a club near work, and one near home. Sadly that's all gone, and I had to look around.

I found this little gem with some of the best trainers and the best atmosphere in any club. No nastiness and no elbows.

We could do all night fitness disco here :)



19 December 2016

If you want a gym that gets you going, is friendly and intimate, then this is it. I travel for work so finding this Gem tucked in the centre of London was invaluable.
The feedback on here is all so petty and administrative, in reality its a shame as all the other users at the Gym are always so positive and friendly. As always to find out about a place you just have to visit. I did and I keep on visiting


janni mangler

19 December 2016

Just as fabulous if not better than their sister club in Kensington! Staff happy to show you new exercises and the other users inspire you to try harder!
Cant recommend this place enough!


Gabor W

10 November 2016

Great gym! Yes it is smaller than the bigger brands, but if you know what you want to do you can find the equipment for it. If you can avoid lunch time hours, which is crowded wherever you go, then it is nice a quiet. Would recommend it for this price in this area, no contract and gives you the equipment to do your stuff. More...


Alex Clark

7 November 2016

Very nice gym; clean and tidy with excellent equipment. The weighted sledge, hack squat machine and prone plate loaded leg curl (that isolates each leg) are my particular favourites. Friendly staff and seemingly lots of excellent looking personal trainers available. Changing rooms are on the small side but are perfectly nice and well furnished and maintained. Overall it makes for a great place to train! More...


Anna Montanna

22 October 2016

Best gym i have been to in a while down west end, great atmosphere and lovely staff. Definitely would recommend those who live around marble arch or work in the surrounding area. reasonable priced for a west end gym More...


raphael marshall

22 October 2016

I enjoy coming to this gym as its not as rammed packed like the other high street gyms, it never gets to that point where it's Soo busy there not enough equipment to go round or if you are like me don't like working out in front of a lot of eyes. Weekends are the best as you practically have it to yourself at certain times.

Helpful smiley staff on reception and the personal trainers on the gym floor are very helpful. Price points is very cheap compared with other gyms in the west end.


Daniel Mackie

19 October 2016

The best gym in the area by far. The girls on the desk are always welcoming and the trainers are more than happy to help you out if there's anything you need.

I regularly arrive between 12/12:30 and sometimes early morning and although this isn't the biggest gym it's never over crowded. Have never waited for a cardio machine, bench or squat rack as they have a number of each.

Changing rooms can get a little crowded but never have an issue getting a locker and there's always at least couple of showers free at all times.

Nothing but good things to say about this gym and their staff. Keep up the good work!


Luca Bratzi

18 October 2016

Not what i expected when i looked at some of the reviews online before going in. Pity i prejudged the place when i tried it out thought i would just get a free pass out of it. Found the staff to be very helpful was clean and not over crowded so ended up joining.Even had P.T's suggested straight away who could help me lose weight and tone up, get that past gym bod i used to have so wish me luck everyone. So looks like either company has improved or they have made changes for the better. Gotta admit though i agree changing rooms need to be bigger. More...


Egita Gailisa

18 October 2016

I LOVE this gym !!! starting from a customer service to the gym itself. I am quite picky and don't really like gym atmosphere but because it is near me it is perfect. It is located 2 min from Marble Arch.I have read some of the reviews and I was a bit shocked as I never experienced any of that. they froze my membership for a month while on holidays even though in terms and cond.. was mentioned that it will be frozen only if I have an injury or something serious...so I was very happy as most places don't do that or you have to pay the fee...there are many personal trainers who will always help you out ,but of course, I have not used them personally but only for advice...the receptionists I think their names are Caroline and Mojo are always smiley,so I would recommend this gym and I think people who would like to try, they can come and try it for free (first time, that is what I did) and then make conclusions !!! 5*+++++ More...


James Obasuyi

13 October 2016

Decent gym you get a free personal training session to start. Never busy and has a track mat with sled so can work upper and lower body improve my explosive fitness. Only downside and is why it loses a star, could do with maybe another set 25kg plates and bigger changing rooms. More...


Emma Suarez

12 October 2016

Fantastic gym with excellent customer service ! Very close to my workplace and has great 30 min fat burning class i do on my lunch break .


Hilary Webber

12 October 2016

Great gym in a great location! Really helpful friendly staff & very experienced personal trainers! Highly recommend!


Dean Cleaver

12 October 2016

I was informed about this gym by a friend and he did not let me down. Good range of equipment and extremely friendly and helpful staff. They have a wide selection of personal trainers with a vast amount of experience. More...


Kirsty Mundy

11 October 2016

Great gym, good vibes, no busy at all! Very knowledgeable PTs. DI30 classes are short and intense - ideal for a lunch break.


nadera khanom

1 July 2016

Personalised gym with private coaches, functional equipments there,
Decent price for Central and if your looking to be healthy and fit 'your in the right place '
They also have private rooms for
Sports massages, physio therapy and more ! If you live or work around Marblearch worth it to come and have a look for yourself !


Viktory Fabian

28 January 2016

Staff are very kind and helpful. The gym is small but feels a lot friendlier than big health clubs that are fast-paced and impersonal. Only 600 members, so never crowded. More...


James Livingston

22 January 2016

I joined The Gymway a month ago and I must say I should have made this decision months back! I use to belong to one of the bigger gyms nearby and I completely hated the stress of overcrowding and poor etiquette. Another great thing is the Personal Trainers are friendly, don't harass or look at you as potential £££. Definitely a recommended gym to join in the Marble Arch area. More...


Dan Maynard

21 January 2016

The gym is a real gem! I was recommended by a friend who was training their with a Personal Trainer there and I can say it is one of the best clubs I have trained at. It is a bit smaller than most gyms but they limit the membership so it never gets too crowded which is exactly what you need if you want to train properly. The staff and members there are all friendly and the equipment is awesome. Some of the PT's are a bit expensive but they really know their stuff and train members hard so I guess you get what you pay for. More...


Paul Coomber

21 October 2015

Let me first of all start by saying this- Oli is slick
He knows his stuff and his attitude to fitness is one of absolute passion
He doesn't want you to fail and he is with you 100% of the way pushing you towards success
I used to weigh 108kg but after training with Oli for 3 months, I'm now in the best shape I have been since my teens and I even have more strength than I can ever remember
Give Oli a go, you won't regret it

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