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NFL Shop UK is the perfect online store specializes in offering top quality and latest NFL jerseys and merchandise from the states to your door in the UK. Buy from a range of official Jerseys, shots at affordable prices. Visit today!

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Al K

11 February 2019

NFLshopuk.com..... Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!

These guys are fake. They take orders (and your money) without delivering any goods. Impossible to get hold of to complain too. Never use them!

Place an order 9th December and still waiting to receive it!

With the reviews below, not holding out much hope of getting anything from them.


Ash Morgan

17 November 2018


Absolutely and utterly terrible experience, probably the worst I’ve ever had with any online shop in my life as it took over two months to receive my order and then get a refund when I sent it back. This was coupled with a tonne of emails, support tickets and phone calls from myself that went forgotten, ignored or rudely replied to with vague information and in some cases outright lies!

The original order took over a month to actually arrive, they do say on the website to allow for 2 months for delivery but this can be quite hard to find. When I inquired about any form of delivery update I was given very, very vague information and utterly fabricated delivery dates that came and went. After a while most of my live support chat message were just ignored, I’m not sure if this is due to an error with their systems or if they just didn’t care anymore. I’m guessing it was the latter.

Eventually and with little fanfare the jersey arrived, I’d however already bought another from a much better store and sent the package back the next day. I did however take a peak at what I was sent and could say it looked very cheap and of poor quality.

It took nearly a month to get my refund! I included the necessary information with the package and ensured that it was delivered on time, however despite doing this I endured another long period of little to no information, misdirection and lies. Several email and phone calls later they finally told me that there had been “an internal error” and that I would need to provide new details, I gave these details and then endured yet another week of waiting with little to no reply. More phone calls lead to more lies and in one instance the customer support worker bickering with me and trying to claim I was wrong!

In the end it took the threat of legal action to get my money back. These idiots do not deserve to be trading, they frankly do not care about their customers and are happy to take and keep hold of their money while promising little to nothing back.

Go somewhere else, spend a little more as this headache is not worth it at all.


steve h.

3 August 2018

Hi, I should have researched before buying.. AVOID THIS SITE..
garment took 10 weeks to arrive and wasn't what I ordered ??
this is the reply I did get after constantly emailing ;
I do apologise for the delay in replying. Item you received is genuine and right item. The pictures on the website be only for guidance and illustration purpose and original items can differ from them. mmmmmmm. PRETTY POOR



Sean McC

27 June 2018

Likely a scam site/store - items take weeks to materialize, customer service is no-existent and when items do arrive they are wrongly printed (the numbers on the back of the shirt are printed upside down) - what a joke! Avoid!