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Personal training on a one to one basis or group format.
- weight loss
- muscle gain
- core strength and development
- lean muscle tone and definition
- metafit instructor
- GRIT instructor
- nutritional support

Come and achieve with MPL fitness!!

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Loud Sam

24 July 2019

Never been I went to go outdoors next to the gym


Cliff Katso

17 July 2019

Nice place to work out


Phil Stott

30 June 2019

Decent gym, can get a touch busy/popular at times but it's 24hr so there's plenty of opportunity for quieter workouts if your timing is flexible.


Aurora Brignola

30 June 2019

It's okay...not the best ventilation system...hard to breathe during peak hours


Stra Tiz

30 June 2019

Many instruments


Tim Carpenter

30 June 2019

A very good gym with excellent factilities


Jack Rosal

23 May 2019

A good gym, good equipment and it has been recently renovated. The gym is very clean as well . It gets busy at peak hours so I try to avoid going during peak hours. Would recommended!


Mohammad Malik

28 April 2019

Very good gym and great equiptment, not had a better workout.


Hallie Morris

28 April 2019

Lots of equipment, it's becoming a bit busy, but I find it a good sign.


Rafi Bitchakdjian

28 April 2019

Great gym (especially quiet during lunchtime.2-3pm). Good location with 1.5.free parking (extended to 3 hours if desired). Clean changing rooms and machinery. More...


John Cuthbert

28 April 2019

It's a well laid out gym. After busy hours plenty of kit to ensure a solid work out.


Migle Petrou

29 March 2019

The advantages of this gym are the variety of equipment and how big and spacious it is! However, the staff need to either put the weights back onto the racks more often or be stricter with making people put the equipment back after they’re done. The plates, mats, dumbbells, kettlebells are all over the floor (even during quiet times) forcing you to go on a treasure hunt every time you need something. Doubt the “staff are doing everything they can” — The pics were taken with the gym nearly empty. More...


Chloe Alexander

27 February 2019

Good location but the car park is very small and as it's shared with the other stores it gets full very quickly especially at peak times.
Good amount of machines, I've never had to wait for anything. Classes can be busy but the trainers are helpful and friendly.


R Dizzle

28 January 2019

Excellent value chain gym. It's conveniently located in between the train station / city centre and Ancoats. Lots of equipment and a big floor work / free weights area. Only downside is that it can get VERY busy before and after work., but that's to be expected given its location. I tend to try to go in outside of these times to ensure that I can get on the equipment I want to, when I want to. It's open 24 hours as well which is good, although the changing room (understandably) locks very late at night / early morning.Plus, it's next to a big Aldi if you need some urgent hydration or that protein fix! More...


Gurjit Rai

1 June 2018

Been going here for the last 18 months. Since its recent renovations the place is amazing. A lot of equipment and space and seems much less busy since they've expanding so never having to wait for equipment. Only word of advice is that if you park on site, be sure to use their automated parking screens inside the gym to validate your car to avoid a hefty parking fine! More...


Nash Nash

7 May 2018

Currently undergoing a refurbishment and the new equipment is looking fantastic - all new bars, tyres, heavy bags, kettle bells etc. Also they have used their space better so it makes the place feel bigger. Full credit to the management for keeping the place open with minimum disruption during the works More...


Rafal Kaczkowski

28 April 2018

Great environment to get fit.


Yamam Eljibary

20 April 2018

Good local gym at a reasonable price


Grant Tildsley

26 January 2018

Good gym in a good location. Facilities include:
- Free weights area.
- Open class area for classes and space when not in use.
- Spin room
- treadmills, bikes, rowing machines.
- Full resistance training suite.
This gym is always clean and staff are very helpful. Costs around £22 per month and you can pause membership for up to 3 months if required.


Matt Banks

13 August 2017

This is the best PureGym in the area, there is so much equipment you never have to wait. There are always alternatives available. It is also huge



14 February 2017

A good size gym with lots of equipment. Has a large changing room so your not waiting to get to lockers or for showers.


Stephen Ashton

14 January 2017

Large gym good classes free parking lots of motivation ;)


Robert Broadgate

30 December 2016

Good gym with decent space for most pieces of equipment. I generally visit on my lunch hour when it's not too busy. I think it can get busier in the evenings when people clock off from work.


Lyndon Turner

29 December 2016

I used to use this gym. It is good and in a good spot. I used to do my food shopping afterwards becuase there is an Aldi on site as well. There is also a GoOutdoors and Marks & Spence on site. There gym feels small but isn't. They have joined a large of rooms together.

Parking is free for three hours which is good. It gets very busy in the evening so expect to do a few laps if you are driving in. It also seems to be busy throughout the day. I went at 9pm once and it was as busy as peak times. I left the gym as I got a job outside of town


Nabeel Murtaza

13 December 2016

great gym with parking and wide range of classes and a big workout area


Anthony Eccleston

3 December 2016

Cheap, lost of equipment, clean, 24/7.


Umar Ashraf

14 May 2016

Good for casual gym goers


Stefanos Patelis

27 April 2016

Well organised and useful activities


Andrew Chiu

21 March 2016

Nice and spacious gym but recently there are more and more people, it takes a lot of time just to use the equipment during busy hours.


Greg Walsh

20 March 2016

I left the gym group in Manchester due to poor customer service and lack of equipment. I signed up with pure today and can't express how good this gym is!! Not to mention top class customer service by the manager Paul. I fully recommend this gym the price value for money and customer service is unbeatable. More...


Ammar Khan

28 January 2016

Love it. So huge thou some assholes come there.


Nick Trevor

1 January 2016

Great gym for cardio and weights. It's got dumbbells up to 50, 4 squat racks, 2 smith machines, weight lifting platform, plenty of benches and machines. It's very well priced and accessible 24 hours a day. Only downside is how busy it can get but it's still manageable. More...


Rebecca Heapy

21 October 2014

I've been to a few pure gyms as I have moved around the country. This urban exchange one has to be my favourite (probably because I conveniently live only 5 minutes away from it). But for the small monthly fee you cant fault this gym – really good value, especially when considering its open 24-7. The personal trainers also run a varied range of classes throughout the days and evenings – starting as early as 6:30 and running through till 8. More...


Pedrom Pourkashanian

30 July 2014

For a gym that charges £17-£20 a month for a membership you cant go wrong here. After work you will struggle to get a machine due to the mass influx of health fanatics trying to get fit, making it better to go past 6pm on a weeknight. One major qualm is the parking in the Urban Exchange, with only a small amount of spaces, you can go the the gym and be waiting around 10 minutes for a parking space to come available. More...


Joanna Spencer

29 May 2014

Open 24 hours, lots of classes available in the morning and evening (the spin and kettle bells class is good), they also have a good yoga class on the Thursday evening. I recommend signing up to Rashid's spin class at 18.30 on a Wednesday. Overall really good value for money (plenty of equipment, even when busy in the evenings). More...


Ash Davies

28 May 2014

I've been fairly impressed with this gym, I joined a few months ago and visit fairly frequently. At first I was a little suspect of it being 24 hours with no staff but for a city gym it kind of works. There is of course no pool facilities available, and it lacks the frills that you would expect at a 'premier' club like WiFi, hand towels, etc. But here you get exactly what you pay for, and its quite good value for what it is. It's generally very busy during the day, but visit during the evening and you'll get a better experience. More...

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