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Kev Paxton

Thai boxing & mountain biking, lots of injuries, always expertly dealt with & eased by knowledgable professionals


Calum Duscherer Hill

Superb clinic with Daniel. A true expert in his field.


Raymond Collins

Resolved a long standing lower back problem using a Tamar's machine - life saving


Alex Spence

Highly recommended if you have any back problems.


John Georgeson

Great service and would recommend to any of clients.


Fiona Proudler

First session gave me heaps of confidence I'm going to get better!


Lauren Scott

Just had my 2nd visit today. Brilliant treatments and top banter from Dan!


Niall Jordan

5 stars. Would recommend and have recommended to lots of people!


Lisa Hamer

Fantastic service - great results - thanks Dan


Olly Guest

Danny really knows his sh*t! He's also a thoroughly decent chap.

I can't recommend his services enough.


Tooshie Coyle

Great experience at my first session after having my ankle plated and pinned!! No pain and so much more movement along with an exercise program for thee weeks!! Amazing value for money and expert advice. More...


Sheryl May

For anyone with back problems, I can promise you results with TAMARS. It's amazing and the one treatment (from many I have tried!) that keeps me on my feet. Daniel takes a whole body approach too, so you can expect a rigorous set of exercises to maintain your good results. Make an appointment ... You owe it to yourself! More...


Kairin van Sweeden

I have had several treatment with Dan and I think he is an excellent therapist - highly recommend.


Zhenya Jenny Dove

Saw Daniel after a knee injury – very knowledgeable and friendly, he explained everything in simple terms and put my mind at ease. We had some time left so he also checked my back and gave me plenty of practical advice – both to help with my injury and to increase performance. Also – I had a sport massage for the first time and it was DEEP – nothing like what you get in spas etc. Highly recommend! More...


Gavrielle Kirk-Cohen

Honestly the best Physio I have ever been to. Daniel is brilliant and was quickly able to diagnose the problem I've had for years and offer effective treatment and rehab. There was a noticeable improvement to the injury after just the first session. Would definitely recommend Move Freely Sports Therapy + Performance. More...


Jock McCroxford

I've moved around a lot with work so have seen my share of sports therapists, Dan is a cut above the rest and I can't recommend him enough. He has used cutting edge technology alongside his obvious wealth of knowledge to diagnose and then treat my variety of ailments and I've been more comfortable in the last few months than the 5 years beforehand. More...


Moni Tagore

Daniel is something special.

I am someone who is very familiar with Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths etc thanks to a long term pelvic misalignment. A lot of these people have helped me considerably, but with Daniel and his biomechanics background, it goes much further. He has an ability to find the root cause of the problem and accurately treat it.

My back pain due to a loose S.I. joint was resolved within a week of the first appointment. I will be going back for more treatment for my pelvis now that I have found the right person to treat it. I cannot recommend Daniel enough. We are very lucky to have him in Edinburgh.

Moni Tagore


Sonya Drummond

Having had spinal surgery in the past and now dealing with another herniated disc and spinal stenosis, I came to Move Freely a few weeks ago for some of their new IDD disc treatment. Now about half way through the program and am very happy with the results so far. My back feels looser than it did previously, my pain free periods are becoming more and more frequent and sometimes I can even forget that I had a herniated disc as it feels so good! The times when it is painful are further apart and do not last as long. Daniel has gone above and beyond with his treatment so far and I come away from each session feeling great and positive and motivated. I feel like he is really getting to the root of my spinal issues, sorting out my abysmal muscle tightness in certain areas and I've had use of their Tamars machine for my mid and upper back which I also highly recommend! I've visited several physios, osteopaths, chiropractors over the years and I wish I'd found Daniel and Lorenz 10 years ago when my back issues started! The clinic is very high tech with lots of state of the art equipment and they are higly knowledgeable. Regardless of your sporting background or your injury, I would thoroughly recommend these guys. More...


Ian Macnicol

I love training with Richie Templeton at “Move Freely”! He’s a great personal trainer for people of all ages and abilities. He has really helped me gain strength and form and has been especially good at keeping me focused on achieving and maintaining a good, healthy, weight. However, for me, he comes fully into his own when supporting me through an injury (I’m very good at hurting myself!). Sessions are always very well planned and executed but when he’s supporting your rehabilitation, there is always special attention to detail to get you back to full strength and ability. I also have to add that Richie is just a great person to be around. He has what I call a “therapeutic personality”; you can’t help but be cheered up when you’re around him. Money spent personal training with Richie is simply money well spent!! More...

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