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Accumulate wealth, not fees ...with a choice of services.

We can provide you with guidance, self-service or full financial advice service, so you can choose exactly what suits your knowledge and experience and your budget. You can work with us as a one-off, or you can retain us, so then become your long-term advisor, always looking after your interests.


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Alan Sausse

10 August 2018

Very helpful, attentive & quick service from Jane and Rachael. Happy customer. Would certainly use again. Thumbs up!

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Money Honey is different, we offer a completely digital experience utilising the internet, video conferencing and secure communications that allow us to keep our fees permanently low and this enables us to provide the most efficient service we can without having to pass on the usual fixed costs of plush offices, printed brochures that no-one reads and other overheads. This means we can offer you substantial savings as long as you are prepared to work in this way. Don't worry you will be able to see us and talk to us just as if we were in the room and our website has an ever-growing library of helpful videos so you can really get to know us and everything that we stand for. Our ethos is all about ethics, professionalism, doing what we promise and making sure you get what you want out of this vital service.