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Michelle Ashby Fitness & Life Coaching

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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Michelle Ashby Fitness & Life Coaching logo

Michelle Ashby Fitness & Life Coaching

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

1 hire on Bark


Providing Personal Training, Yoga, Nutrition and Life Coaching. Connecting you to your Ultimate YOU.
Change your thinking, improve your body.

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Ann Little

23 July 2018

Through her coaching, Michelle has got me thinking about things that really matter, getting to the crux of the issue, and I’m in a different place, mentally, to where I was when I started out with her.


Lindsay Cole

23 July 2018

Michelle really helped me kick start my journey to get back to my pre-pregnancy (and a few years before that!) self!
She listened to what I wanted to achieved a tailored a plan that worked for me both to achieve my goals but also time wise and financially.
After three months I'd really gained an understanding of where I was going wrong both food and exercise wise.
I've since gone it alone using her advice and am well on my way to achieving my goal. However should I ever hit a bump in the road again I wouldn't hesitate in working with Michelle again.


Carol Fuller

23 July 2018

Michelle is an inspiration. When I joined one of Michelle's group I was not sure what to expect, but within a few minutes I realised this was the place for me. Michelle's knowledge, understanding and life experience was and is very motivating for me. I had been thinking about leaving my job for over 6 months but something was holding me back, after a couple of sessions with Michelle I had the confidence to resign (after 21 years). I enjoyed my job but it had started to define who I was. On 30 June 2017 I walked away from my employer and colleagues feeling good! Today I signed on with an agency, I have never worked as a temp but I might give it a go - or may not, its up to me! More...


I help health conscious women who's body frustrations and hang up's cause them anxiety to finally find balance and feel confident in their own skin.
I am an experienced coach with 15 years experience in coaching, learning and development. I decided to combine this experience with Personal Training & Nutrition support.

After experiencing years of yo-yo diets, failing exercise and fitness regimes I knew something had to change to give myself some peace of mind and live a more fulfilling life that didn't mean feeling consumed of negative thoughts about myself, my appearance and what I could/should eat.
I realised that unless I could change the way I thought about myself, food and exercise then nothing would ever change long term. I found a life coach who helped me with how I thought about myself, how I treated my body and the restrictions I placed upon myself meaning I would rebel. I qualified as a personal trainer and life coach so I could understand for myself how to get the best out of my body and mind.
I have now created a unique programme to help women all over the world to achieve the body they want by achieving calm, peace and a balanced mindset.

I love helping others to gain confidence, inner peace and increased self esteem, combined with a healthy body.
Working with people has always been my passion and human nature has always intrigued me. Fitness and health is a huge passion of mine and I've grown up in this environment, I just want to share my knowledge with others to help.

My own experience and frustrations inspired me to create a programme to help others unravel unhealthy thought processes and destructive behaviour and replace with new pathways and practical knowledge of diet and exercise.

I am experienced, down to earth and I have experienced so many of the things my clients have so can relate