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Risk assessment and a full range of vaccinations for domestic health & international travel health.
We are able to operate remotely and go to our clients to administer any necessary inoculations saving them valuable time.

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Krishan Patel

10 August 2018

Highly professional and friendly service. The team are very dedicated and took every opportunity to make my experience with them comfortable and educational.

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Providing a high level of service to our clients whilst ensuring their occupational or travel health needs are safeguarded.

Increasing the awareness of the potential risks in ones line of work domestically or internationally.
Providing a model whereby time and money is saved by safeguarding the health of the members in an organization therefore increasing productivity and efficiency.

By working closely with organizations we have methodically structured our model and continue to strive for perfection by having a clear audit trail for all members and uninterrupted channels of communication to ensure we are readily available at anytime.



A comprehensive range of vaccinations & an innovative travel health service to prepare you for your working practices abroad.

Risk assessment, vaccinations & expert advice to protect you from the occupational health hazards in your profession.

A clinic that works around your requirements by visiting your place of work to provide the required innoculations.