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Meadowhead Physiotherapy are JEMS (Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems) certified movement specialists. Our extensive knowledge of biomechanical movement in addition to more traditional hands-on treatment (including mobilisation, manipulation, massage and acupuncture for pain relief) will give you the best possible outcome for your condition, focusing on the cause and not just the symptoms.


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Angela McLean

24 May 2019

Cannot recommend this place enough!


Julie Cole

29 April 2019

Highly recommend, very thorough and made to feel comfortable and listened to (I was booked with Rachel)


Pete Dalton

27 January 2019

Jenny is brilliant. Spot on and direct with her assessment


David Kemp

29 October 2018

Attentive and thorough physios.


Sue Whitham

31 July 2018

Very professional team - they fully explain what treatment they will be giving and why. Staff friendly, efficient and helpful.


Rachel Salway

23 July 2018

After just one session have seen a remarkable improvement! Thank you.


Linds Ladhams

23 July 2018

I went for physio with jenny 4 years ago when training for the London marathon and was really impressed. Not needed any physio since!


Jonathan Cort

23 July 2018

Movement disorders, sports injuries, rehab from injury.. All assessed in great detail. Great usable exercise programs. I've spent many hours and huge sums on physiotherapy.... This is the best practice I've ever been to. More...


Lisa Read

23 July 2018

Jenny is a running specialist, she has helped me overcome a very painful leg issue in order to train for London Marathon. I'd highly recommend.


Lynsey Hunter

23 July 2018

Have been seeing Helen for a couple of months now. She's AMAZING!! As well as noticeably improving my aches and pains, it's like going to see a friend for a good natter! Can't recommend her highly enough.


Emma Louise Dove

23 July 2018

I started seeing Pauline Turner a couple of months ago for back and leg massage. I’m a runner and often have tight calves and a tight back. Pauline’s technique of balancing relaxation whilst also focusing on and tackling problem areas has been really beneficial. Her friendly and relaxed approach puts you at ease and I would definitely recommend her! More...


Don Cousen

23 July 2018

Just been to have my first session with Najma an what a great way to start the day,she made me feel welcome an relaxed from the off,the session itself was a wonderful experience as the saying goes no pain no gain.before I went in I was in a lot of pain with my shoulders an back but after just half an hour I felt so much better in fact I feel so good me an my partner AV booked another session More...


Karen Thistlethwaite

23 July 2018

After feeling rather stressed, I was invited along by Pauline Turner for a massage today. How beneficial it was. Pauline worked so hard on my body. It was amazing. I could have just fallen into a deep sleep. As an unpaid family carer, Chair of Sheffield City Knights Project and Chair of North Sheffield Carers group I have rather a stressful life. Pauline had a really good chat to me,as she has on other occasions, about the importance of having some 'ME' time. Well I had some 'ME' time today and WOW WOW WOW. Need to do it more often, not only for my own benefit but also that of the ones I care for. Hopefully if the carers centre acquires a pot of money for Carers break fund, I will be applying for some massage therapies! Thankyou so very much Pauline, my friend. I bless the day you came into my life. Big Cuddles Always Karen. More...


Debbie Higgins

27 May 2018

Excellent treatment and service , went with back pain and reduced mobility and have no pain and increased mobility thank you


Diana H

27 May 2018

Had a really good experience when I went to get a massage there. It was a deep tissue-style massage for getting rid of knots and it was really good! The lady who massaged me was really knowledgeable and told me exactly what she was doing as she was doing it, and why. Came away from it feeling great and understanding a bit more about my body also! Definitely would recommend! More...


david michael sellers

27 May 2017

Very good and reasonable prices


Joyce Brady

27 May 2017

I had been in pain for 4 weeks , The receptionist got me an appointment urgently with the lovely Mike and I have had pain free New Year Thank You .You have done it again keep up your excellent work.Ever grateful More...


Caroline Exley

27 May 2016

Very happy with the treatments I have received, both Physio and Massage. Would definitely recommend


Natalie Chappell

26 April 2016

After only one appointment, Jenny has astounded me with her knowledge, expertise, and dedication to fixing my back pain. Not only did she take the time to properly assess and diagnose the underlying root causes of my pain, but she educated and empowered me to be able to understand how and why it was happening, and what we can do to fix it - in a positive and friendly manner. I am now on a plan to get rid of back pain once and for all! More...

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What I really love about my job is making a real difference to people's lives. Sounds corny, but I meet so many people who have been told to stop doing something they love to do, often being told "it's your age, what do you expect" or "you don't want to do more harm do you" or even "take these pills and you will be ok". These well intentioned comments often have the effect of reinforcing negative thoughts and making the whole situation worse. We believe in HOPE for everyone. We never tell people they CAN'T do something and try to work with them to return them to the activities they love and need to do. It can be incredibly rewarding.

Having worked for the NHS in a local hospital, I became disillusioned with the pressures on the physiotherapy service: limited time with patients, limited treatment options and generic exercise prescription. A spell working privately after having my two sons was a real eye opener, but I still felt I could give more if only I could do it my way. So the seed was planted and a couple of years later I opened Meadowhead Physiotherapy. I can now offer my clients the treatment they need and deserve, quickly and effectively. Now I can have an hour with my clients to assess and treat, I can use acupuncture, I can video my clients to assess how they move and I can offer complimentary treatments to facilitate their recovery. I have even opened a new rehab studio to offer cost effective class therapies to encourage my clients to keep moving and stay healthy.

I think our approach is quite unique amongst physios. We are JEMS accredited practitioners (there are only a few dozen of us in the UK, some of which assist elite athletes). This means we have undergone specialist training in biomechanical movement analysis which helps improve our diagnostic skills and makes our treatment more effective. Our unique approach means we have great success with very complex, longstanding problems which may hitherto have been resistant to other treatments or therapies. So don't give up hope! We truly believe we can help.



Our ‘job’ as physios is to do 3 things: 1. Work out what is causing your pain, in other words the ‘diagnosis’ 2. To understand why it has happened in the first place 3. To provide you with some treatment options to help relieve your pain, these can include ‘hands-on’ therapies, acupuncture, soft tissue massage, exercises and a real understanding of what is happening in your body So in practical terms this involves an: Initial assessment (and first treatment) – when you tell us all about your pain or other symptoms, how it is affecting your daily life, sleep and ability to exercise or take part in sport. We will also ask you about your general health and what you enjoy doing, as we need to ensure we don’t miss any potentially relevant information! We will then do a physical examination to help us have a clearer picture of which structure(s) are involved. Then we will sit down and go through what we believe is going on (the ‘diagnosis’) and how we can help you. With your agreement we will then start your treatment

If you are suffering from a sports injury, then we can help with your rehabilitation to get you back to your sporting activities as quickly as possible. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of physiotherapists, most of which are keen sports enthusiasts themselves and therefore understand the needs of sports-people like yourself. Furthermore, our team includes biomechanical movement specialists, trained by the same people who help some of the countries leading athletes. This enables us to help sportsmen and women modify and improve their technique for improved performance and injury prevention – see our Running Analysis and Rehab package. We also operate a specialist Bike Fitting service for cyclists and a professional sports massage service, which is a great way to recover from the exertions of training and competition.

We all know that massage makes you feel good, but few of us really understand why or realise the full benefits it has on our health and wellbeing. We tend to consider a massage something of a luxury (to pamper ourselves with) but what appears on the face of it to be just a bit of pressing and kneading of the skin, is actually a therapeutic process which brings about many positive changes in the body that can be helpful in relaxing, recovering and feeling better. We offer massage tailored to your individual needs, so whether it's for relaxation, improving sleep, reducing stress, deep tissue massage of tight muscles, recovering from or preparing for intense physical activity/sport, then we can provide the perfect massage.

Certified physios with the necessary skills and qualifications can use acupuncture for pain relief either on it's own or to supplement other manual therapies. Acupuncture works by tricking the body into releasing it's own natural pain relieving chemicals, thereby providing relief to the problem area. All our physios practising acupuncture are members of the AACP (Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiothrapists)

Our unique specialist running movement analysis using video technology, combined with individually tailored running specific rehab exercises is designed to optimise your running style to reduce pain, prevent injury and increase performance. We use video to analyse your running style/technique – we are able to use slow motion to look at each stage of the running to look at hip/knee/foot alignment, how you land & push off, what is happening to your upper body & arm swing. We then perform a series of movement tests to identify whether its how you land & support your weight on each leg or how you ‘propel’ yourself along that needs to be improved. The tests help us identify which running specific exercises we need to teach you to improve your overall technique. The assessment generally lasts an hour and 30 minutes and you will need to bring your normal running kit.

We understand that not everyone can make the trip to the clinic for treatment. If you have mobility issues or would simply prefer to be treated in the comfort and convenience of your own home, then we are happy to come to you. We have physios specialising in the needs of older people, particularly those who have poor mobility and may be struggling with everyday tasks at home. As well as dealing with pain and mobility issues and providing the necessary treatment and advice, we are also able to assess your home environment to see if there are any ways of helping to improve your independence and make everyday tasks easier. Where necessary, we can liaise with other organisations to get you the specialist support you need.