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I offer wardrobe re organisation to help my clients stay in top of their wardrobe, see the gaps they have in their wardrobes and their children’s wardrobes!

Why get your wardrobe reorganised?
-Save when you go shopping by knowing your wardrobe gaps and only buying what you “need”.



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Fashion and people. Two most favorite things in the world! I love people because everyone has a different insight, different life, different take on their wardrobe and on fashion! And I love fashion because it’s ever changing and yet some basics will always work! Fashion expresses everyone’s personality!

My own wardrobe reorganisation, my French roots, my experience with Christian Dior maison de couture avenue Montaigne!

Because am efficient, am good and am not too expensive! They also love what I do for children babies and toddler (believe it or not but kids wardrobes are huge!!!beween gifts and the fact they grow so fast, my services are NEEDED!