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Matt Godfrey Fitness is a certified personal training service catered to all clientele with health and fitness goals. We specialise in body transformation, weight management and bespoke diet planning, health and well being and conditioning classes.


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Danielle Greany

23 July 2018

I have trained several times with matt. Always a brilliant heavy work out that really pushes me past my limits!
Every workout has been different and fresh and he also wrote me a really good shreding plan to support my training. Cant recommend enough!


Nico D'souza

23 July 2018

Matt is such a pleasure to train with, when I first started I had no idea about the key points needed in both inside and outside the gym. Matts knowledge in regards to nutrition and the actual method behind training is one of a kind and very easy to follow once you understand. Overall an amazing personal trainer and a lovely guy to train with! More...


Shants Bubs

23 July 2018

This guy...absolute pain the butt, literally. Dropped a dress size in a blocked set of sessions; boxing, unique effective circuits that i didnt think i would like so much but cant wait to do more of, workout at home- no probs since Matt gives u some key points to target and how, really conditioned me to want to go to the gym again while regulating my mood swings that were changed after every session. Adrenaline pumping, endorphin packed and ready for the next round, preferrably boxing pls Matt �� More...


Jamie Berry

23 July 2018

Matt is a inspirational trainer and really knows how to get the best out of you. I've had such a amazing time training with him and finding out just how much I could push myself. The sessions I have had with him more full of hard work and laughs along with some amazing advice in which helped me gain more size and strength. He is a truly gifted personal trainer. More...


Alexander Vafiadis

7 June 2018

The gym has just had a massive extension and has been rebranded Graftism. You won't find a better gym than this in Watford/Bushey.
Gym is fresh and modern with all the latest kit I'm always down here.



25 April 2018

I love this gym!!!! I truly recommend it, to everyone to try this gym out if your into fitness and weight training. Only a £5 for a one day pass.

Excellent staff and down to earth people

Only down side is the parking can be a nightmare


Aaron W

1 January 2018

Tucked away down a decrepit, dingy little road is xplosive ape which for its size houses lots of decent machines and weights. It's a bodybuilding gym, rough around the edges but everything works and it'll get the job done, lots of 'bros' all filming each other and high fiving after a set and lots of testosterone flying around. Seems as though the majority are 'juiced' an will flaunt around and take your machine unless your bicep measures at least a CM bigger than theirs, but if you want to hit a hard workout and this sounds like you, this is the place for you, good range of equipment must be emphasised to give it it's credit, upstairs has a small but equally well equipped cardio section More...


jack Laeybi

15 December 2017

Wicked gym never over crowded only been few times but will always go here now


Godwyn Walker

9 October 2017

Great place love that it has two floors so much room and hardly ever busy!


Trevor O

8 October 2017

Good crowd and atmosphere Friendly staff Massive range of products and supplements Recommend to men and women looking to get in shape


fit'N'up Personal Training

27 August 2017

Pretty good range of equipment over 2 floors


matthew mooney

29 April 2017

Now xplosive ape.great equipment mainly hammer strength


V Cccc

17 November 2016

Pretty good gym, great variety of equipment and not cheap, considering this is a "bodybuilder" gym. Pretty cheap too. But bit of a meat head place. Gets rammed at weekends, Monday to Friday daytime it's empty which is nice if you want to train. Can get cold in the winter as there's no central cooling/heating but at least it's not freezing aircon. More...


Mark Duffy

4 June 2016

Nice gym with nice people

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Using the very best and latest conventional and functional approaches of exercise combined with bespoke diet prep planning tailored to their health and fitness goals. As well as the interactive training sessions weekly reviews are a popular choice with clients where current goals and targets are discussed and analysed, as well as the relevant testing carried out for statistical progress checking.

I feel it is important that clients are not only advised on what foods they should eat in relation to their training but also for them to understand the science of what is happening inside their bodies when they do eat particular foods. If you break down the nutritional science aspect and link that to how it helps achieve their goals it certainly changes the psychology and behavioural issues they may have towards nutrition.

Making the necessary life style changes that need to be put in place around your health and fitness aspirations, then equipping a motivational and consistency mindset you need in training and nutrition.
In reality once you understand what needs to be done and how your body works and responds to everything you set out it comes down to hard work in your training, being organised with your food planning and preparation but most importantly to enjoy your training and pushing yourself physically and mentally.

Making people realise their true potential and capability within themselves, to coach and mentor every aspect of clients health and fitness best suited to them.

Purely for the passion I have for this industry, a line of work and business model that I believe in as well as inspire others using my extensive knowledge and experience in helping individuals realise they're true potential.
Growing up in a sports background along with my late father who suffered health problems over the last few years fuelled my desire to help others in health and fitness and raise the profile of health contraindications

I like to believe I have a diverse range of qualities and assets that works for anyone wanting to get involved in health and fitness. Over the last 8 years I have seen and worked with every clientele imaginable and understand not just the physical aspects required but the metal attitude every individual needs to hit their goals.
Introducing the latest and effective trends in training and nutrition with the combination of traditional proven theories is what I feel has been a successful client satisfaction rate and would be happy to refer anyone interested in listening to people I have worked with past and present in what I have achieved and can potentially offer you.



This service will help you unlock the secrets your genetic biochemistry holds, changing the way you think and act towards your health and fitness goals. From body sculpturing and supreme diet analysis, to combating generic diseases and maintaining better lifestyle choices, understanding our biological blue print is the ultimate tool for combating the goals we set out to achieve.