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Tim O'Tae

25 July 2018

He's the guitarist I want to be, very helpful and talented


Gill Jackson

28 May 2014

I made it my New Years Resolution to learn to play the guitar. I have now had my first few lessons with Oli and they have been brill. I was a bit anxious at first but Oli was really patient and encouraging. I come away feeling motivated and keen to have a go at home. I've now booked a series of lessons with Oli - so hopefully over the coming months I shall achieve my goal and be able to play a few tunes! More...


Mandy Ng

28 May 2013

Conor is a great guitar tutor, and a fine musician! No amount of progress is possible without one's own effort, but having an inspiring, patient and extremely knowledgeable teacher is invaluable. Whether it's learning a song or delving into some theory (that of which really hurts my head at times!), I've never felt lost for motivation. Conor keeps it easygoing and fun, but also won't hesitate to turn it up a few notches to get you to places you hadn't thought you were capable of going! More...


Joanne Bollard

28 May 2013

Conor is an outstanding teacher and a gifted musician. He has in depth knowledge of a number of guitar styles and music theory. His patience and encouragement have really helped me to stick with it . He tailors lessons to my music taste and knows when to up the difficulty level to keep things interesting and challenging. More...


Steven Kennedy

28 May 2013

Having not picked up my guitar for over 10 years- I decided to give lessons a go and Conor has really put me through my paces. It is such a rewarding process and my playing has noticeably improved week-on-week.A Fantastic Teacher. Would highly recommend Conor. More...

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