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Debbie Beedie

9 January 2019

Lois is a fantastic personal trainer!! She’s fun & friendly. Can give you a good workout without the seriousness of it all which for me makes working out more fun.


Martin Shepherd

9 January 2019

Lois has been a great instructor & PT, her fitness classes are full of energy and she gives you that important encouragement needed when you would otherwise take a sneaky rest. I am fitter and can lift more weight thanks to Lois and her classes. Go on try her as your PT to feel the burn... More...


Pauline Helen Belford

9 January 2019

Lois is very enthusiastic and creates a great atmosphere in her classes. Her Hatton Boxing class was hands down the friendliest class I have ever attended, and we became a close knit group over the 16 months or so it was running. Lois creates a great sense of community which provides the motivation to turn up even if you don't feel like it that day, and she'll give you a challenging but fun workout. More...


Rebekah Sutherland

9 January 2019

Lois is an absolute lovely girl and a fantastic personal trainer. She, has already helped me start feeling a lot better about my body, got my confidence back and she's managed to get my love for fitness back. Love going to the gym, especially when doing our workouts. Would recommend her to anyone � More...

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