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"Making the World a Healthier, Happier Place"

That's our philosophy at LEP Fitness. We take enormous pride in our work and work with individuals who are serious about drastically changing not only their health, fitness and body shape but who also want to develop a stronger mindset.


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Amaya Endrew

31 July 2019

Highly recommended to everyone. Great services


Erika Otaviano

I'm on my 12th session with Nick and I can already see changes in both the way my body looks and in my physical strength. I'm definitely planning to continue training with Nick and am really looking forward to see the continued changes in my body. I really like how well the training sessions are planned. Also, Nick's enthusiasm about your individual goals and the fact that he is really friendly make you look forward to the sessions, which I believe is a key element to enhance your performance. More...


Sarah Branley

Nick is an amazing personal trainer, I have been training with him for almost 2 months now, twice a week. He is very committed to his clients and passionate about what he does, constantly aiming to widen his knowledge. I have already seen big changes in my physique and strength. The sessions are fun, challenging and varied every week. He has taught me how technique, nutrition and different tempos can make a huge difference. I now feel that I am getting so much more out of my workouts. If you are looking for a personal trainer to achieve big results, look no further!! More...


Amanda Barley

I would highly recommend Nick and LEP to everyone. Every session is different so there's no chance you'd ever get bored and you truly feel like you've had a full workout. I would also recommend the nutritional plans which are highly effective and the lbs drop off. More...


Simon Twigge

Nick does excellent work, is as supportive and positive as you could possibly hope for. He notices every improvement you make, is encouraging even when you feel you are struggling badly and he get results. My friends noticed changes in my appearance within a short time of working with him. More...


Sharinie Yapa

I met Nick about a 10 months ago. He is a very dedicated trainer and tailors the workout and diet plan to your individual needs. After only a couple of months I had toned up, increased my strength and energy levels. I wish I had known about LEP fitness before. I wholeheartedly recommend his advice and help for anyone wishing to improve their health and wellbeing! More...


Stefan James

Truly a great motivator, respectful and all around good guy. Before starting with Nick I hadn't done any serious working out in over 10 years but just after the first trial session I got my body mass index checked a nutrition plan to get my body ready for the new lifestyle and the drive and motivation to fuel a locomotive. The next six weeks were the most productive weeks I've had in my life. He is not one of the guys you'd expect shouting at u but he won't let you underestimate yourself. He's understanding and will work with you to reach the goals you set yourself. He's focussed on your health so if you're considering joining him and becoming fit and healthy (and getting a body that shows it) no better time than now. More...


Ash Findlow

I asked a friend what training with Nick was like and he told me it was like nothing he had ever done before.

6 months on I'm 3 stone lighter and personally fitter, happier and feeling better than ever. With structured training routines and expertise on hand 24/7 whenever needed Nick has help[ me change my life.

Couldn't recommend him enough.

Cheers Nicks


Sorabh Malik

After many failed health kicks last year, I finally decided to seek professional help. I always thought - to be able to hire a personal trainer is outrageously self indulgent.
But then the amount of money I spend on good hair cut or a bottle of wine or an evening out or on unused gym membership made me think - sure can afford a one to one workout.

I took the plunge and joining nick has been a revelation. Training with him is a far cry from training in a gym - only that it's more fun, diverse, effective, enjoyable and fresh.

I have been training with nick for more than 4 months and I have to say he has exceeded all my expectations. I have shed more than 2 stones and still counting. I am much fitter, slimmer, more toned and needed a whole new wardrobe in last 2 months - I blame nick for that expenditure !!

Right from day one he has helped me choose my milestones which are clear, realistic and achievable.

He is Incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. His knowledge level, desire to learn, desire to grow professionally, and his true understanding of the physical mechanics of the human body is demonstrated in his ability to train and motivate me.

He willingly shares his expertise with you to make the sessions fun, challenging, and a learning experience. He is quiet approachable, easy to relate to and has a good sense of humor which helps to motivate his clients.

Whether it's tyrannous squats and lunges or muscle tearing workouts or hilarious stretches - he keeps you interested and you want the session to last longer.

Fitness is a passion for Nick and he's made it infectious. He knows the difference between urban folklore and hard science and uses his knowledge to craft an effective program for you. His skills are not limited to workouts, he can give you the most detailed nutrition plan to help you achieve your goals effectively.
He has personalised my training programme exactly around my training needs and ambitions and I am ecstatic to see the results.

He makes sure that every exercise is performed in order to make maximum use of every benefit that exercise has to offer.

He has made me a fitness fanatic from a sofa slacker.
I would encourage anyone and everyone to work-out with him. The only warning would be – once you start, its so good you would not want to stop.


Ollie King

There's a reason that when you enter 'Personal Trainer Sheffield' into Google, LEP Fitness appears at the top of that list. I've only been working with Nick at short amount of time, and have already got outstanding results in a short amount of time, that will lead to my long term goal. Is it difficult, absolutely. Preparing meals ? Having your friends and family question your diet every time they see you ? Early morning gym sessions ? To believe, is to achieve, and you need to want it. For years I was looking for the answers to achieve my goals. Nick is the tool, and once you have that tool, there can be no stopping you. What helps even more, is Nick is approachable and 'sound as a pound'. Don't hesitate, send him an email now! More...


Danny Pennells

I have been working with Nick for the past 3 months and it has been a life changing experience. Each session is tailored to my needs and pushes me further than I ever thought possible! I am now healthier, fitter and happier than ever before and thats thanks to Nick. I feel great after every session and now that I have started training with Nick I don’t think I will ever stop! More...


Stephen Foreman

I came to LEP Fitness after being a couch potato for years, I was depressed and miserable about how unfit I was. After just a few months of the workout plans and amazing support from Nick my life has changed so much for the better. My fitness and health have gone through the roof. This has changed my life so much that I do not think I could ever repay the debt I owe Nick and LEP Fitness for helping me on my own journey. More...


Liam Braddock

Around 4 months ago, after a long period out of training and not in a great physical condition, I decided to take the step and contact Nick @ LEP after some great recommendations.

Fast forward 4 months, and I have gone from 21% body fat to around 12%, shed near enough 2 stone and am far fitter, both physically and mentally. I've also become more organised and far more productive!

I was fully aware, from my friends recommendations, that Nick was a good trainer, but what surprised me the most was what this journey would do for my mentality, productivity and my overall health.
Nick is more than just a personal trainer and pays great attention to the mental side of health and fitness, recommending podcasts/books which he thinks may be beneficial and explaining things in thorough detail. He is always on hand to answer any queries I have and explains 'the why' in all that we do. This helps me to understand nutrition and fitness itself and apply in day to day life. There is often a lot of 'egos' and judgement in the personal trainer community in my experience, however not Nick. Just one of the most approachable and genuinely good guys,

I am about to start the next part of my journey focusing on strength gain, which means a change up of nutrition and training plans. I cannot wait to get started on the next phase.


Farouk Forster

Alongside being the best PT i have been to (quite a few) Nick is much more than that. He has served as a mentor for the last 6 months for which I am truly greatful. When i first signed with Nick i was massively overweight, sad and well and truly lost. However Nick transformed me physically AND mentally which have affected all areas of my life in a positive manor. Fast forward to today, I am in much better shape and a lot happier which have both stemmed from being under Nicks program. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is seriously looking to make a big change but sees no path forward. I look forward to finishing off my sessions with him and i'm excited to see where LEP goes in the future! More...


Aisling Mulcahy

LEP fitness has made me connect with fitness again. Not only are the sessions hard and rewarding, but Nick also takes a holistic approach so that mind as well as body is rewarded.


Rachel McLafferty

Working with Nick has created a huge change in my life. It's not just about getting an exercise or nutrition plan, it's about getting high quality support, being accountable and making it work realistically around your own life. I'd recommend him to anyone.


Elliott Williams

I would highly recommend nick! I started with nick thinking it wasn’t going to work and having doubts, when I got there he made me feel very welcome.

He provides everything I need; food plans and workouts as well as other websites to find the stuff I need to progress at home.

He always takes pride in his own work and makes you feel very comfortable, and overall very professional


Kab Nepal

Excellent training sessions which are tailored well for me and are helping me towards a significant goal! Nick has been really helpful, not just during our sessions but also in providing me with some home workout routines and nutrition advice that I can use between sessions. I've been training with Nick for a while now couldn't recommend him more! More...


Jordan Mawbey

I initially contacted Nick to write me a bespoke workout and nutrition plan for my personal fitness goals that I could take away and work on at home (using the equipment I have). After 12 months - and with regular contact with Nick throughout - I'm really pleased with the results and will continue to consult Nick to help shape things further. His advice/expertise is the best I've ever been given and he's always available to promptly answer any questions I have to ensure I keep on track, stay motivated and keep pushing myself. More...


Freya Nepal

A friend had been having sessions with Nick for a while and had recommended him, so when I was looking for a personal trainer I got in touch with him. The sessions with him have been fantastic and I’ve gone from being someone who hates all forms of exercise to one who actually misses it when I don’t do it! Sessions are really fun and personalised to my own aims, and there’s always enough variety to keep me interested. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Nick as a PT. More...


Hannah Mistry

Nick is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend him to any of my friends or family. I have been training with Nick for the past 3 months and have noticed a huge transformation in my strength, fitness and body shape.
The sessions are varied and really push you to the max, and you can see progress with each session!
Ive always struggled with weight loss and found it difficult to stick to anything for long enough to see results! My interest and motivation usually fizzles out in a few weeks. The sessions with Nick are tailored to my needs and therefore have managed to maintain my enthusiasm, the visible transformation keeps me motivated!!
Nick is a genuine, professional and lovely guy! It's obvious from the first session that he is passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals!
I'm very happy with my results so far!!

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Super Important! Everything starts with your health! If you feel good on the inside you probably look good on the outside, and vice versa. There's nothing better than feeling good in your own skin. Everything in life is so much better when your healthy: at work, in your relationships, better sleep, you name it!

By providing the highest level of service. Here at LEP Fitness we pride ourselves on not how many customers we serve, but how well we serve our customers. Each trainer completes no more than 25 sessions per week, to ensure the highest quality of service can be provided. Clients receive help not only in sessions but also outside of coaching hrs. Extra articles, workouts, nutrition plan/guidance and much more. We go the extra mile for all our clients and our results and testimonials on the LEP Fitness website back this up. Go check them out!

To be honest there are no secrets. It's a combination of factors, which combined and embedded over time lead to great change. Here at LEP Fitness that's exactly what we do. We provide you with a toolbox of weapons and strategies to help you take one step at a time. We also support you every step of the way.

Wow! I could be here all day. I don't call this a 'Job' - that sounds too boring! Instead it's what I call 'My Work' - it's a passion and I love everything about it. I get to work with awesome people and transform their lives. How cool is that?

I've always been a leader and into business. I've been heavily involved in sport from the age of 4. I've done karate, Ice hockey, football and pretty much everything in between! The fact that i'm a natural born leader and love sports = personal training business!

I'm not here to blow my own trumpet. I'll let the testimonial on my site do that! www.lepfitness.co.uk/testimonials

I'd also encourage you to come and meet me in person to make your own judgement.



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