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Ali Kazmi

Kennet cars best taxis in reading


Ooze Solutions-ltd

Wonderful service, really enjoyed and very on time.


Chaudry Mazhar Hussain

Lovely service friendly drivers with good clean cars


Ash Grey Mitchell

Car arrived 40 minutes after the original 20 minutes we were quoted. So we were hanging around for an hour in total. The Driver somehow got lost on our road which is essentially a straight line for 200 meters. I had to call the office around 4 times and in the final 20 minutes and the last call I was told he was on the road. However we would have seen him go up and down at least 6 times in that time. When he finally appeared down the road I had to frantically wave my arms from my driveway and even then he was still stopping and checking other houses. Eventually I had to walk up the road and point to where we were. Once in the car the drivers excuse was that he didn't have a working map.

On top of that we took the longest route to our destination, we still got charged full price and we also had to wait for the driver to run into a shop to get change for us.

Awful service which made us half an hour late for where we needed to be.

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