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I am an independent financial consultant with 15years+ experience in finance, operations and corporate finance.

I work with a number of clients based in the UK and Europe across various industries, assisting them with their financial and corporate strategy needs, including business plans, sourcing finance, restructuring, management accounts and implementing appropriate internal systems and controls.

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Dorothy McLaren

2 August 2019

Katherine is a consummate professional who is not only thorough and diligent but also an absolute pleasure to work with. I wish I could have her ‘on tap’ permanently! If you need help with financial planning, budgeting, cost control or any other aspect of financial management, contact Katherine.



19 June 2019

Katherine is very diligent and professional. She helped us put in place financial and credit control policies from the ground up, these structures are still in place and we still work with the bookkeeping company she recommended. I would highly recommend Katherine for advice around structuring and putting in place the right procedures as well as ongoing FD capabilities. More...


I provide a wide range of accounting services including starting the finance function from scratch, day-to-day management of accounts (including set-up, management and coordination of outsourced functions where more commercially appropriate), detailed financial forecasting and in-depth reporting to stakeholders. I can design and implement financial strategies critical to smaller companies such as strict cash management, aggressive debtors recovery, forex management, management of banking and credit relationships and the tightening up of internal systems and controls in preparation for planned corporate finance strategies.

Additional business accounting services include developing and writing business plans, working capital analysis, systems and controls risk analysis, audit preparation, raising private equity funds and crowdfunding.

Finance is the lifeline to any business venture and a decent accountant with a relevant skill set will give a company the best chance it has at success.

I studied Law at university and, though I found it interesting, it didn't appeal to my need for logic. I love numbers, I love the solid basis of accounting. That said, I'm not a traditional 'bean-counter' but instead enjoy applying logic and numbers to a living, breathing business or idea. With years of experience in corporate finance I particularly enjoy the space between accounting and law - the actual operational and financial machinations of a business, how to understand them, how to interpret them and how to maximise them. Over the past few years I have leaned towards working with smaller businesses purely because of the variety of work involved and the ability to implement real change.

In short I work for myself because I like being my own boss. I have happily worked within companies and run successful teams but I have two young children and I like the independence that working for myself affords me in balancing work and home life.

• Rounded commercial & pragmatic approach to business
• Ability to anticipate and deal with associated risks of start-up, small and growth companies
• Forward thinking and independent support to management
• Keen written and oral skills in reporting and interpreting financials
• Strong ability to build relationships and manage teams