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Mari Nicolson

6 May 2019

I felt listened to, respected and assured during my consultation with Dr Lifson. If you have a medical issue needing thorough investigation and for a GP to think 'out of the box' I would highly recommend this service.


Alvaro Lopez

6 May 2019

Excellent service, Doctor Kyle is always willing to help or give good advice.


Douglas Paterson

6 April 2019

Dr Lifson is a caring professional GP who takes his time to perform a thorough clinical examination and then discusses treatment options in full, making the patient feel part of the process. The reception team are also friendly and helpful and respond to queries promptly. Also, if they say they will get back to you with an answer to a question, they will. There is no chasing required. A credit to the clinic. This is how a GP surgery should be and I can't recommend Dr Lifson and the Kalmed clinic highly enough More...


Sanita V.

6 March 2019

Could not recommend Dr. Kyle Lifson enough !! He is an amazing doctor! Would not go anywhere else, he has helped my family so much. Somehow I feel so safe and reassured and I know that my health is in best hands - what I think is very important. I'm sure that there is good doctors out there, but I definitely have found one in Kalmed Clinic! If your health is bothering you - this is the best place! More...


david preston

6 March 2019

I cant praise Dr Kyle Lifson and his service highly enough. I have had ongoing health issues for months and was at my wits end going to my own gp without any success. it was a breath of fresh air to book an appointment that day with kalmed clinic and met with a kind caring person who listened and is now in the process of treating me. Dr Lifson has also kept me informed via email and phone calls. he goes above and beyond the call of duty. Never will I have to wait for a 4 week gp appointment again More...


Jamie Walker

28 May 2018

I did not pay enough attention at school to learn words powerful enough to praise this clinic and doctor. Beverly Hills style healthcare has landed in Stirling. Do not fear the "private bills" as they are not as bad as one may think. Besides can you really truly put a price on health? if you are already considering going private then like me you most probably already reached this conclusion. I recently suffered a very rare but debilitating condition. I thought I possibly had a stroke so I had little choice but to go to my gp. I was seen for appx 2 mins and given the treatment that was cutting edge 15 years ago. I immediately called the Kalmed clinic afterwards but unfortunately to my disdain Dr Lifson was on holiday. I was very worried at this point. Less than an hour later my phone rang. FaceTime. Dr Lifson who had only met me whilst seeing another patient took the time out of his holiday (almost a full hour) talking to me- giving me advice over the phone and asking about my gp prescription. He then explained EXACTLY what was wrong in great detail. Then changed my prescription, dosage, duration and a course of anti virals just in case. I collected that prescription directly from the dispensary at his office less than an hour later. Meanwhile he remained in contact via text/email eod until his return when his secretary Erin who I also cannot praise more highly gave me a prompt appointment. My single one regret with the Kalmed clinic is that I did not know about it sooner. You can go there in complete confidence, say what you WANT to say and not feel judged whilst your doctor actually listens to you. I repeat as I know for most of us this is unusual so I'll give that a second to sink in. THE DOCTOR LISTENS. Even if like me you are off on tangents. I'm finished my course of treatment yet Dr Lifson continues to keep in touch and ask of my progress. (You know how you feel you don't matter sometimes with your doc? Not here)
On another note- I first met Dr Lifson via a friends recommendation (this friend being in 1 Para so I knew he meant it) Unfortunately on this particular occasion it was for my partners father. He had been ignoring a serious stomach pain for almost a year before going to the doctors. All too common in men these days. He had been seen by his gp and given paracetamol. For incurable stomach cancer. Dr Lifson saw him the same day I called and wasted no time and did all that he could. I respected his honesty as he advised that it was so far advanced the best we could hope was for a "dignified" and comfortable exit. However he STILL called the hospital and did Literally everything and anything that he could do. I vouch for this as I was there every time. He has since and continues to help my partners mother as she has suffered from migraines for several years. Her gp originally prescribed her co codamol and dihydrocodiene. A few months ago her gp changed and told her she could not get anymore as she is a "drug addict" (59 year old well to do lady who works very hard) she felt alienated by this and became very sick due to withdrawal symptoms as you would expect if you have been on a drug PRESCRIBED by your doctor. Thanks to Dr Lifson she was then put on a reducing dose and is now on a treatment plan which seems to be working well for her and without the use of strong drugs. In summary I started this review with the statement that only regret was not knowing about him sooner. This is because I strongly believe if we had gotten my partners father to him sooner I believe he could still be with us. If any of these things sound familiar to you do not hesitate any longer and call this clinic. I would give them ten stars if I could. We are not wealthy people by a long shot but none of us grudge the fees in comparison to the wait times of the NHS (I know it's not their fault I'm not on here t bash gps) and the level of humanity offered here. You feel like you matter. In my book thats worth more than anything. Good luck with your health, if you feel it's not right call this clinic. Only comparison is a BH doc



3 October 2017

A doctor who has the time to discuss your whole history, follows up to see how you are getting on, and who you can drop an email to and get a personal reply! What's not to like!
I could also mention, thorough, knowledgeable and friendly too.
Worth using for a second opinion too, if you just want peace of mind!
Highly recommended.


Kelly-Ann Croll

2 March 2017

I would highly recommend this service. The care I received here was fantastic. After 6 months of struggling in pain with a medical condition and no help from my own GP, I decided to use this clinic. A speedy service and a doctor who went above and beyond for me and now I'm on the road to recovery. Very friendly and patient service. The doctor made me so comfortable and made me feel as if I was a priority. Will definately be recommending and using this clinic in the future. More...


Andrew Parker

24 February 2017

I was compelled to use this service due to the unavailability of my own GP over the Christmas period.
The matter I was discussing was an extremely delicate one. The doctor I spoke to was reassuring, calm and professional.
I will be using this service again and will recommend this practice to anyone in need of GP services. It has been a long time since I have received such prompt and unhurried service from a GP.
First rate.


claire docherty

17 February 2017

I cannot recommend this clinic enough I am sorry for lengthy review but I feel Dr Lifson deserves more than a "highly recommend " After over three years of illness and misdiagnosis by many gps and specialists I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease a poorly misunderstood condition with controversial treatment guidelines. I was left with symptoms that effect my quality of life and had hit a brick wall with my own gp.
I called the kalmed clinic and left a message to ask if Dr Lifson had any experience with my condition and was very surprised to receive a phone call back in the evening from him in person.
After our conversation and a few emails I made an appointment to attend the clinic.
Dr Lifson not only knew of this condition but had over the time from our telephone call to my appointment had researched much much further.
The appointment in itself was a breath of fresh air. A very thorough clinical assessment. Armed with knowledge dr Lifson put me on a management plan specifically designed for me personally based on my symptoms and not based on a paragraph of a medical book. I was put on medication that was posted out to me the very next day.
In a telephone call, a few emails and one consultation I have moved much further forward than I have in more than three years. I cannot thank Dr Lifson enough and would highly recommend this clinic.

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