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Fitness should not control your life, it should enhance it.

This is why my approach to Personal Training allows you to reach your physique goals whilst maintaining a great social life. I believe that you can achieve the body you want without feeling as though you are restricted from the things that you love. Consistency is key to any nutrition or training programme, therefore, it has to be flexible and personalised to you as an individual. In my approach, I will coach you through a change of life style and provide you with an understanding of nutrition and training without restriction, this is why I do not believe in following strict meal plans and wasting money on things that you do not need.

My journey began in my early teens as I struggled to understand nutrition and this led me to becoming overweight and battling against an eating disorder. In turn, I used this as motivation to educate myself to be better physically and mentally. After completion of my studies within the Health and Nutrition field, I set myself a personal target to provide support and information to help others understand that fitness does not have to be a struggle and that you can enjoy the process of self - development.

After experimenting and exploring with flexible dieting, my clients are able to enjoy each step of their journey without wanting to rush to the end goal. This is proven to lead to behavioural changes, resulting in a life style change rather than a quick fix. Throughout my time as a Personal Trainer so far, I have built exceptional relationships that I am very proud of.

The idea of Personal Training is to make it personal to you, therefore, a plan will be tailored to your life style, including work patterns, social life and family commitments, this leads to guaranteed results.

Please do not hesitate to check out my social media platforms for our transformations and articles that will help you along the way.
Feel free to book in for your first complimentary session on 07789985058 or contact me on my Facebook page JTLCoaching.

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  • Telephone: 07789 985058
  • Founded: 2016
JTLCoaching Reviews

JTLCoaching Reviews

Review of JTLCoaching by Clare Edwards
5 21/05/2019 Clare Edwards

I'm enjoying my weekly sessions with Jordan (one month in). He is encouraging and supportive and I am starting to feel and see some great results. I would definitely recommend!

Used this pro
Review of JTLCoaching by Gemma
5 13/03/2019 Gemma

Honestly don't know what I would do without Jordan, he has been nothing but supportive and a big motivator for me to reach my goal.

I started this journey to not only improve my physical health, and knowledge of excersise, but I also joined to improve my mental health, as before I started in January I was depressed and hopeless.

I met with Jordan for a tester session and decided to do 1to1 PT sessions with him and he always makes time to check up on me and encourage me to keep on going with my excersise and nutrition and its the best thing I could have done.

I definitely recommend JTLCoaching

Review of JTLCoaching by Emily
5 13/03/2019 Emily

Definitely recommend training with Jordan - always friendly, always encouraging and consistently pushing me to achieve more in our sessions

Review of JTLCoaching by Sunita Rayat
5 12/03/2019 Sunita Rayat

I’ve had 121 training sessions with Jordan at ridiculous time of the morning for the past two years! He is a great motivator and a great personal Trainer!

The most important thing for me is that Jordan understands my weakness and my goal and is using a technique suitable for me .

I will definitely recommend JTL coaching!

Review of JTLCoaching by Farrukh
5 11/03/2019 Farrukh

Very professional and he know what he doning love traning with jorden. He Also very encouraging and motivating.

Used this pro
Review of JTLCoaching by Eva
5 11/03/2019 Eva

Jordan is a fantastic PT, he's a great motivator and inspires people to reach their goals. Jordan has heen a great help and support over the years to reach my own personal goals in fitness and I can't thank him enough for being so flexible and taking into consideration his clients personal lives and their needs to adapt the gym life around the normal daily life.

Review of JTLCoaching by Kobir Ahmed
5 11/03/2019 Kobir Ahmed

Jordan always puts your goals first! Always encourages you to work hard to get where you need to be. Always friendly! If you need a PT I would highly recommended him

Review of JTLCoaching by Natalie
5 11/03/2019 Natalie

Very professional and approachable. Fair rates and knows exactly what he's doing/talking about. Love training with Jordan as he makes it fun and enjoyable, lots of variety so I never get bored!

Review of JTLCoaching by Natalie Ebanks
5 Natalie Ebanks

Love Jordans sessions! Fun, encouraging and motivating. Always pushing you to do your best ��

Review of JTLCoaching by Louise Casey
5 Louise Casey

Fab pt really pushes you he knows his stuff my fitness has improved so much in only a few months

Review of JTLCoaching by Aamir Sajad
5 Aamir Sajad

Was having problems with my diet and needed serious help ! Jordan sorted this in a couple of hours with a meal plan and a gym routine to help me :) if you need a personal trainer give him a shout.

Review of JTLCoaching by Keeley Casey
5 Keeley Casey

Jordan has now been training me for 4 weeks, and I thoroughly enjoy our sessions. Always struggled with going the gym due to finding the time but even though we only do 1 session a week I feel a difference already!!

Review of JTLCoaching by Steven Burke
5 Steven Burke

I recommend Jordan to anyone looking to get into training or need help with the training. Was an Amazing first session for me today. Really am looking foward to the next good few weeks!!

Review of JTLCoaching by Stephen Watson
5 Stephen Watson

Jordan is a great personal trainer; I'm really pleased with the results so far. He's really engaged with his clients and everything is bespoke to your needs. I would highly recommend him.

Review of JTLCoaching by Glenn Lee
5 Glenn Lee

Fantastic PT, would definitely recommend to anyone. Sessions are always well planned and professional. I've lost over a stone in the last 10 weeks since having Jordan, and am seeing great muscle growth results. Very friendly, approachable and always willing to help with any questions and advice. I'm finally starting to achieve the lean body I've wanted thanks to Jordan.

Review of JTLCoaching by Nicole Ali
5 Nicole Ali

Would recommend Jordan to anyone as he makes you feel comfortable and his pt sessions are are always fun and never boring and he is always there to help you if your struggling with food or exercise I have seen a big difference.

Review of JTLCoaching by Jake Neal-Brown
5 Jake Neal-Brown

All of my sessions are well planned an the gym has all of the facilities needed. Jordan has set out workouts for me todo myself in the gym and he also made a nutrition guide for me to follow. Jordan is very easy to approach and is very friendly. Jordan will do anything to help you achieve your goals. Thank you Jordan!�

Review of JTLCoaching by Sarah Louise Slaughter
5 Sarah Louise Slaughter

I’ve been training with Jordan 3x a week now for 3 weeks doing 2 PTs a week and 1 bootcamp and so far I’m really pleased with the progress I’m making he pushes me to my boundary every single session such an easy guy to get on with aswell . Highly recommended. Thanks Jord

Review of JTLCoaching by Stefan Rushton
5 Stefan Rushton

I recently started training with Jordan 3 times a week. I've been doing 4 or 5 days of running and cardio exercise for the last 18 months leading to a 5 stone weight loss, but i wanted to move into the weights section of the gym, start to tone up my body and grow in confidence. Jordan is a great Personal Trainer, he makes you feel completley at ease and no question is stupid. Jordan explains what muscle groups your working and why and provides excellent nutrional support aswell. Hes easily contacted and flexible towards moving booked sessions, times, dates and will always answer any questions youv'e got as soon as he can. Looking forward to seeing some good results over the coming months working alongside him.

Review of JTLCoaching by Jamie Vincent
5 Jamie Vincent

I have been training with Jordan for a couple of months now and have saw a huge increase in my strength, more than I believe I would have managed training on my own. He makes a conscious effort to ensure I am using the right technique and is willing to listen to my goals helping me achieve them. Jordan makes every session enjoyable and I would highly recommend him.

Review of JTLCoaching by Hannah Ludford
5 Hannah Ludford

Would recommend Jordan to anyone looking to improve their health or fitness! Even though I already run 3x per week on my own I decide to train with Jordan because I wanted to improve my strength and tone up, as I'd only ever done cardio! Jordan has designed sessions and extra workouts that work around the running and competitions I already do, and I have seen some great results already! � He is very flexible with sessions around my shift pattern job, and he spends lots of his spare time in the gym so he's around to help out most of the time! Jordan's a really friendly, approachable guy, and always is always on hand to text/ call if you need any help!

Review of JTLCoaching by Brittany Robinson
5 Brittany Robinson

Afte years of coming up with excuses and trying numerous fad diets to try and lose weight as quickly and as easily as possible I finally decided it was time to do something about my weight gain. I contacted Jordan initially for some information regarding different programs etc, Jordan told me the different packages he offered and after thorough discussion of what I wanted to achieve we decided on the 8 week programme. Prior to me starting the programme Jordan gave me his personal mobile number and sent over a nutrition plan and home workout for me to start before our first session. I was able to pick dates and times for my sessions that suited me. I've been training with Jordan for only 2 weeks now and I am already seeing results, I've gained so much more confidence in myself in such a short space of time. I feel comfortable contacting Jordan with any questions regarding my nutrition and progress and no matter what time of day he always gives me brilliant advice and reassures me if I'm ever doubting myself. I look forward to training with Jordan every week as he is so motivating and really pushes me to do the best I can every week. I would highly recommend JTL coaching to anybody who is looking to make positive changes to their body and I am extremely looking forward to seeing the progress I make with Jordan in the coming months


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JTLCoaching Q&A

JTLCoaching Q&A

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

With anyone its important to understand their goals and then set a tailored nutrition and training program to get them to their goal. Once I gather the information during the consultation I can then tailor the plans to the need of the individual. The biggest part of getting clients to their goals is keeping them accountable, each week I have check ins with my clients where we go over how they have been getting on during the week and to monitor their progress on a weekly basis and to keep them focused!

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

The secret is enjoying your training and eating the correct calories based on whatever goal you are looking to achieve. Once you can achieve this balance and understand the calories in the foods you are eating it makes the process a lot easier. You need to enjoy what you are doing otherwise you will never stick to it. People think the gym is boring but that's because they are stuck in the same old routine, id hate the gym if I was on the treadmill for hours! Its all about finding out what you enjoy and progressing your training from there.

What do you love most about your job?

I love meeting new people and watching their confidence grow. There is always an underlying reason why somebody wants to get to their goal, its not always ' I just want to drop a dress size' they want to drop the dress size for a reason. Maybe it affects their confidence, relationships & social life and once you see someone get to their goal and other areas of their life improve its very rewarding.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I used to struggle a lot in my teens with eating disorders and a lack of self confidence as I wasn't in the best shape. So that led me to educate myself and finally be happy in my own body. From then I knew wanted to help other people who often struggle with their body image.

Why should our clients choose you?

I guarantee results with every client that starts with me as long as they are willing to give me 100% in and outside of sessions. I will push you every step of the way and help you grow in confidence!
Each session will be tailored to you as an individual so each session will be enjoyable and moving you one step closer to your goals.

Services provided by JTLCoaching

JTLCoaching Services

Personal Training

Work history from JTLCoaching

Work History

Personal Trainer


From May 2016 to present.

  • 9 hires on Bark.com
  • 5 hours average response time
  • Telephone: 07789 985058
  • Founded: 2016

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