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We at IPD Home Renovation work in the major areas between Edinburgh and Glasgow, providing a wide range of services for the renovation and decoration of your houses, shops or offices. We offer high standards and the utmost quality and use only excellent products in order to guarantee top-notch and long-lasting results.


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11 September 2017

Luca was really professional and did a great job repainting all my flat. He did everything on time with a very competitive price, proving to be a great decorator always providing honest feedback and the best solutions for each task. He left me very satisfied for his work, being also very creative he chose the right colours using only top quality materials making the property looking like brand new. Definitely recommended, five star painter! More...

5 September 2017

I can’t thank Luca enough for his hard work and dedication. Luca is the perfect guy for someone who lacks in ideas and taste (like my self). Luca is not just a decorator, he has a great talent in advising you for the best options, colours, materials or whatever you are after (he may be shy about it but his background is art, I say no more).
I have engaged Luca to redecorate my recently purchased flat and I must say, the property has definitely changed shape and I am sure gained value. The laminate is fit to meet perfection, I can’t see a single gap in between the sluts, the walls colours are simply amazing and a built-in wardrobe which looked horrendous is now back to life. Luca has a great taste and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for someone that can take your place to a next level. Attention to details, clean, reliable and most of all, he can meet customer’s needs.

Thanks Luca!


Six years ago we decided to embark on this adventure. Our aim was to export to the United Kingdom the undisputed quality of the Italian labour. In London we became stronger and reshaped our skills to meet the needs of the United Kingdom. Now we want to export our concept to Scotland too.
Our references speak for themselves. We put passion in our job and always try to create a trusted relationship with our clients, offering high Italian quality at excellent prices.

We like to think that refurbishing a space is a synonym for change, a period is over and a new one is starting, above all if we are talking about a house that, for us Italians, is the heart of life, a place to relax in, grow and recover one’s strengths.
IPD Home Renovation is not merely a company.
We aim at spreading a new idea of renovation, by bringing with us the experience and expertise related to the indisputable Italian quality.
We are the professional and friendly solution to your renovation needs.