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Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne prides itself in providing the best airport transfer and long-distance travel service to corporate and private customers across Kent and the south east of England.

We can provide everything from a saloon and estate car to a luxurious minibus, to cater for your most exigent needs, and we will always focus on quality and will do it at the best possible price. To enquire further, please do get in touch.

Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne Reviews


Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Abi Spooner
5 05/06/2018 Abi Spooner

Great speedy service. Made sure we got to the train station so we didn’t miss our train, even though we were panicking!

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Kasha Sotgiu
5 28/05/2018 Kasha Sotgiu

Im using this company for the second time and my experience is beyond five stars! The best company in Sittingbourne and the Romanian driver ( you would not guess as he speaks perfect English) is so polite, helpful and very professional.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Scott Jackson
5 17/05/2018 Scott Jackson

We booked though the website for a return cab from the hotel we were staying at, to a friends wedding. Our driver was on time, polite and professional. He gave me an estimated fare on the phone which was spot on. If I ever find myself in Sittingbourne again and in need of a taxi, I will definitely use these guys. Highly recommended!

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Amy Louise Holt
4 13/05/2018 Amy Louise Holt

Very reliable, with friendly and chatty staff. Thought I would miss my train and my taxi driver got me there early which is a plus. Very happy with the service.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Rae Rae
1 29/04/2018 Rae Rae

AVOID: This is a one man taxi service and a rip off too! If you don't know the area then he'll take you via a route to charge you more. He said I'll get a "discount" if I chose not to request a receipt. He charges more than other taxi services in Sittingbourne! I requested a return journey, gave him a time and he was 14 minutes late, and i almost missed my train - he didn't even apologise. This man is very prejudice and TV educated - He speaks so much of subjects, people, culture and race with an ignorant mind, so don't let his "eloquent" speech fool you.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by June Farquharson
5 26/04/2018 June Farquharson

I used this service for the first time for a long haul journey to Bedford.
The driver was very attentive to my needs as I have limited mobility. He made sure I was comfortable before we set off, bought me water for the journey and offered to stop at service stations if I needed it.
Great conversation too.
100% would you this service again. Worth every penny I paid.
Many thanks to my driver.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Mrs Mozza
5 18/03/2018 Mrs Mozza

Friendly & courteous driver, cheered me up after a long day! Highly recommended ????

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Tim Clay
5 17/03/2018 Tim Clay

Newington to Stanstead Airport in Heavy Snow . Indy Cabs picked me up 4.30am to drive me to Stanstead Airport 27th Feb 2018 It had been snowing all night with a good 7" of snow covering the roads. The driver told me he will try his best to get me to the Airport, I really thougt it was impossible. We got as far as the A249 which was blocked, he managed to pull back we finally got to the M2. The M2 was down to a single lane and covered in thick compacted snow making driving conditions horrendous. The snow eased after passing the dartford bridge, and we got to the Air port in good time. I can only hope the driver got back safely and wasn't stuck as he drove back into kent.The driver went above and beyond, his only concern was getting me to the Airport. Im sure other taxi services would of cancelled. Thank you Indy Cabs for your hard effort and great service.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Genelle Ross
5 11/03/2018 Genelle Ross

Indy’s cab have been very warm welcoming and professional in their job. Their friendly chats In keeping the passengers comfortable and making sure the little minutes of their services are being enjoyed. They are very wonderful and I would recommend anyone to use Indy’s cab.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by S Kayo
5 05/03/2018 S Kayo

The best kind of service!!!! I called from another town. Gabriel responded to my need and organised everything to come to my workplace promptly. I was overwhelmed that they were prepared to go the extra mile literally!!! Thank you so so much Indy Cabs.... Customer satisfaction = success

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Chija Gurung
5 04/03/2018 Chija Gurung

Amazing service on time great value keep it up

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Yannic Graichen
1 26/02/2018 Yannic Graichen

Booked cab for 530 pickup for an airport transfer, confirmed the night before.
Cab didnt turn up and no one answered the phone, and the alternative 'emergency' number offered on voicemail was the same as the original! Nonsense! Luckily managed to get a lift otherwise would have missed the flight.
Dissatisfied would be the understatement of the year.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Alex Haydon
5 19/10/2017 Alex Haydon

Great customer service, happily took a booking in advance (some Sittingbourne companies don't always do this) and chatted with me until I reached my destination. Recommend to anyone - a smaller company focusing on customer satisfaction.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Beatrice Jacq
5 11/08/2017 Beatrice Jacq

Great service and pleasant company! Thanks Indy cab of Sittingbourne. Would recommend to anyone.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Alberta Bianchi
5 09/06/2017 Alberta Bianchi

Indy Cabs team are the absolute best at what they do. I have used their airport transfer services personally to Stansted airport and I now use them for all of my clients who visit UK. They are reliable, personable, knowledgeable and very reasonably priced. When I compare what clients would pay for a regular taxi versus the services that they get with Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne, it is a no-brainer. Best of all, I know that the Indy Cabs team looks after my clients and I could not ask for more. Grazie mille, Alberta

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Guillaume Le Roux
5 14/05/2017 Guillaume Le Roux

Great service, we were looking for a trip from Sittingbourne/Swale to Elmley Natural Reserve, and it was very easy to book and make arrangements, and as a bonus, the driver was very super friendly! I would only recommend to make sure you have cash on yourself for an easier payment. :-)

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Sophie Dubois
5 05/04/2017 Sophie Dubois

They were absolutely SUPERB!!! We had an issue with our flight, lost our luggage and couldn't make it for our scheduled transfer from Heathrow to Hempsted House Hotel. I contacted their office and they were very helpful in sending someone out to get us after a terrible day waiting in the airport for our luggage to arrive. The driver was polite and courteous. I was so relieved to have their support and I will definitely book with them again. They really saved the day, and delivered fast professional service beyond what I expected, under the circumstances. Thank you so much Indy Cabs Transport, and especially to Gabriel, who went the extra mile to ensure we were taken care of.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Elizabeth Sanchez
5 30/03/2017 Elizabeth Sanchez

THANK YOU INDY CABS OF SITTINGBOURNE! I would definitely recommend your services to anyone traveling in and around Sittingbourne, Kent. You answered all of my many questions with prompt replies to my emails and made adjustments to my reservations with no problems. On the day we got off the cruise ship at Southampton, our driver was right there waiting for us. The car was clean, roomy, and our driver was very nice. Our return trip to London Heathrow airport was stress free and very comfortable.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Vic Guthrie
5 03/03/2017 Vic Guthrie

I was picked up at London City airport with ease. As a corporate traveler, I find the service professional; online reservations and credit card payments accepted while their customer service is outstanding. Highly recommended

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Diego Garcia
5 02/03/2017 Diego Garcia

I have been enjoying your airport transfer service for a few years now and can only have good words:punctuality,seriousness, cleanliness and quality of your vehicles. Recommended 100%

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Mike Harris
5 28/02/2017 Mike Harris

I have just returned from London Heathrow airport and wanted to thank you 😊, Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne. Excellent , truly polite communication at all levels, prompt, reliable and very knowledgeable.
Truly impressive and much appreciated.

Thank you

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by James Mathews
5 26/02/2017 James Mathews

Many thanks to Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne for their outstanding airport transfer service. Great service, friendly driver, clean and comfortable car. Definitely will recommend to all my friends.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by zarnofuk
5 15/01/2017 zarnofuk

Took me from middle of nowhere epic ride full on pro thx again

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by mickey one
5 14/12/2016 mickey one

This was an excellent service and I think this firm stands out. They double checked my train arrival time, and my driver was an intelligent and polite gentleman. Highly recommended

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Mahabaleshwar Kattige
5 28/11/2016 Mahabaleshwar Kattige

Ontime, Nice and friendly

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Ed Smyth
5 05/11/2016 Ed Smyth

Great service when needed an urgent pick up to take to airport. Very courteous and communicative.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by CAOS Industries
5 21/09/2016 CAOS Industries

Very highly recommended. Gabriel and the Indy Cabs fleet provide executive personable first class service. We use them for airport transfers and direct transfers to London and other major cities. Their availability and communication with customers is exemplary.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Lorraine Gorst
5 19/07/2016 Lorraine Gorst

Excellent service. We were picked up from Sittingbourne station on time and they texted and called me on the train to make sure we knew the pick up point. The driver was friendly and very informative about the local area. The return pick up 2 days later was on time, which was a relief because we were on local nature reserve and about 20 minutes from the station, with a train to catch. I recommend Indy cabs based on my experience.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by 11Huggies11
1 24/03/2016 11Huggies11

Terrible experience wit this company. Booked a cab for a 6.30 am pickup. Cab never showed, the company wouldn't answer my calls. Caused me to miss my flight. Would not reccomend

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Joanne Aldridge
5 15/07/2015 Joanne Aldridge

I used Indy cabs to transport my elderly mother from Kent back to her care home in Essex after a family wedding. I must say that Gabriel couldn't have been more caring and helpful to our needs. I was worried about using a cab firm that I didn't know but my mind was put at rest. I received a text to say he was on his way so that I could have my mum ready and he also texted me when she was safely passed over to a member of staff at the end of her journey. I was fully satisfied with the service we received and would not hesitate in recommending them.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Sue Charlton
5 18/06/2015 Sue Charlton

I would highly recommend Indy Cabs and will definitely be using them again. The journey up to Heathrow was very reasonably priced and the driver was courteous and arrived to begin the journey with plenty of time to spare. Excellent.

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Tracey Harrison
5 12/04/2015 Tracey Harrison

We shared a cab back from HMP Elmley with someone we met at Elmley who we are now staying in touch with. We travelled to Sittingbourne station and the driver Gabriel was very polite, courteous and we were all at ease all the way back.

The three of us decided to stop in Sittingbourne for a couple of hours and we then my daughter and I felt that we would probably be better getting a taxi back from Sittingbourne to Sevenoaks where we were staying rather than have to go back by train which meant several stops.

Our new friend then kindly phoned Gabriel up and asked if he was able to take both of us back to our destination and even though he was busy he came to collect us. This saved us so much time and also all the way back I can only reiterate how friendly and polite Gabriel was all the way back. The fare we were quoted was very competitive, and we have decided that when we next come up to Sevenoaks, we will book Gabriel in advance hopefully from Sevenoaks to Elmley.

I have no problem recommending Indy Cabs to anyone.

I use cabs at home, but, have never been provided with such a lovely, friendly service such as we experienced with them.

It was a fantastic experience

Tracey Harrison

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Steve James
5 27/02/2015 Steve James

I received and excellent service from Indy cabs and would highly recommend them. The service was efficient, professional and competitively priced.

Indy cabs took me to Gatwick airport in the very early hours of the morning and despite the early start my driver was very courteous and polite throughout my journey. As a female travelling on my own I felt totally safe and secure with him. I would happily use Indy Cabs services again. Many thanks!
Carol James

Review of Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne by Ross Farmer
5 29/09/2014 Ross Farmer

Thank you so much!!
This is the first cab I have ever taken, so I was a little nervous, but I couldn't have asked for anything better. Great communication. I received a text letting me know he en route, and he arrived on time. Driver was super friendly and was more than happy with me chatting to him all the way home.
Very competitive with prices and it really feels Gabriel is really trying to give his customers a first class experience.
I would 100% recommend this company to anyone who requires a cab in the local area. I will most definitely use Gabriel and "IndyCabs of Sittingbourne" if I ever need to use a cab in the future.

Indy Cabs of Sittingbourne

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