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From the outset we look for the business owner that is serious about their business and its long term future and willing to put in the time and effort to work with us and help you make your website project succeed. From the beginning we go from planning, to mapping out the websites specification brief, to having renowned Internet Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers a Pioneer of the Internet Marketing Revolution with 20years experience. Just ask TOP SEO Rand Fishkin about Brian's efforts and passion to make website projects successful. Rand helped Brian launch OnlineXcellence (www.onlinexcellence.com) in Scotland a model especially developed to assist the small medium business owner who is governed by 4 important factors - TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE | BUDGET. Rand recently returned to the UK in 2016 and helped Brian launch another of his models Digital Excellence Scotland - www.digitalexcellencescotland.com that promotes to small businesses the expertise they will be tapping into if they allow the ICTADVISOR/ONLINEXCELLENCE team help them to have a successful website.

We understand you are going to have to deal with many tasks when adopting a website to support your business. So Brian leads the project overseeing the website specification, the design and build, and then providing a Search Marketing Service to ensure your website gets you traffic, sales and conversions.

Marketers should lead a web design project and not be left to an IT Department or simply a website programmer or graphic designer. Why? Because they are not marketers and did not go through 5 years of training to become a skilled website conversion specialist which is what Brian Mathers and his Digital Excellence Scotland Team are all about with his partners at ADEO GROUP who have been building websites under the guidance of Brian Mathers since 2007.

Brian has a highly tuned team of skilled website professionals that have supported all the projects that have passed through Brian whose other business Partner is the author of the book Internet Marketing An Hour A Day and also Wired to Be Wowed another publication on Web Marketing that Brian contributed towards with his thoughts helping the author who is globally renowned web marketing practitioner Matt Bailey of SiteLogic Marketing . Matt and Brian spend as much time together as they can despite one being in the UK and the other in the USA.

Every website project is different and so what we offer you is a bespoke website design and marketing package, that provides everything from start to finish and tailored to support small, medium and large businesses and more importantly your budget which we recognise could be limited.



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What makes a great website?

First impressions of your website will matter. Visitors to your pages make judgements about website credibility in less than a minute. But web design is not art. Web design helps people find answers, take action, or complete a task. Many websites are now decades old, and some have collected huge amounts of clutter along the way. If you are redesigning an existing website, start with a clearout and focus on what’s important by mapping key customer journeys.
Emphasis will be on having great content and if you can stretch to having video included on your landing pages that can lift conversion by up to 200%.
Navigation has to be simple. Keyword Research is a requirement right at the project start. It is essential to understand the persona of who you are trying to attract and how they think. It is also important once you have those keywords to have a look at who the competition is in the marketing space you are hoping to enter. This will help provide a shopping list of what your website might need or not in order to enter that competitive space.
Treat your website project like you are investing in your own racing car, you are building it not for it to look shiny, but to win races i.e. convert visitors into customers. And, you want to be able to work your website and not buy some complicated enterprise level website management software solution that is to complex and only for the likes of a business that needs 500 people to all be inside working on the websites pages. Remember, you are maybe a one man business or just a handful of you, and you don't want to spend the next 3 years trying to learn a system that is complicated, you want a website to get out there and make money for your business.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

The most important starting point is the factors that could be outside the website designers control that holds your project up.
Your domain names, who registered them,?
Where are your domains residing right now and who holds the Control Panel access?
How reliable is the hosting you have purchased and if you have a website now how reliable has the 'Up Time' of your website been?
If you have a website already and have fell out with the previous developers are they likely to make it difficult to migrate your website to our hosting servers if this becomes a requirement?
Do you have content, images etc for your website?
Are you going to be involved in populating the website, especially if the project is an ecommerce website?
If answered Yes to the previous question - can you cut and paste? I know - but it is amazing how many people cannot do this. Can you crop images etc.? How do you see the management of the site pages after build and launch? Are you going to be doing this?
Are you aware you need two budgets here - a build and design budget and a marketing budget.
Are you aware that no matter how many pages you think your website needs - it is going to need more. Take 1 keyword search term, do you know there could be 300 to 5000 variations of that term. You need to know how to make use of your landing pages and set them up as mouse traps to capture your prospect.

What do you love most about your job?

I have been leading my web design teams for 20years.
I lead my web design and marketing team because I am the marketer with your goals at the forefront of all we will do together.
What I have learned in 20 years of delivering successful websites for clients is that you don't allow the designer or the programmer to lead the project. They are techies, not trained in how to sell!!
What you are trying to do with the website is have it make money for your business.
The excitement therefore I get is in being very much part of your journey, believing in what you do and wanting you to succeed.
Your website to me is a racing car.
Together as a team, you will drive the website because nobody knows more about the business you are in than you yourself.
But you need track-side mechanics with the skills and expertise for your website to bring you traffic x sales = conversions.
So what I love is seeing you achieving this.
But......and this is a big but...marketing a web page has a cycle which is governed by 4 things TIME | RESOURCE | KNOWLEDGE | BUDGET.
All of these factors will depend on how fast you will go around the track with your website and win races (sales). However you need to understand search engines, you need to understand how to plan a website campaign as in this industry a web campaign is on average a 90 DAY cycle sometimes 180 DAYS. We can explain all these things and more if you hire us. It is good to talk first to ensure you know exactly what you want and how we will deliver that and then set realistic goals as to when you can begin to expect achieving sales.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I started this web design and internet marketing business after spending 22 years in the Command Team of a Submarine and using the Internet when it was just Yahoo, long before Google came along.
The role in my submarine I had involved analysis, finding out the 'what if' and working out how to win.
The concept of what the Internet has become, I saw back then, and decided when I career changed this was the industry of the future.
But I also had a passion for seeing the smaller business succeed inside this internet world, because they don't have the knowledge or the budgets like the bigger players do. My father had a business when I was driving submarines. I watched what I called Snake Oil Salesmen come and sell dad technology which in lots of cases he was not needing. But I saw this Snake Oil guy just getting his commission fees because he talked dad into buying something he did not need.
If you buy a website solution from me here is how our relationship works. You have to know what you want, you have to know why you want it, and you have to know you are going to benefit from having it, and you have to take some time learning about what you have bought to get the most out of it.
Now what do you want your website to do? OK, I can help you with this, talk it through, ensure you are buying what you need and not just getting a website with a whole lot of ADD ON'S you might not need, and so you get the most out of what you have to spend. Let us not spend that what you have and it just fritter away.

Why should our clients choose you?

Having remained in this business for 20years now is testimony to the dedication I have towards delivering what I enjoy getting up every morning to do.
I can share some great testimonials which often I am very humbled by.
Just like when I was driving submarines, I have chosen my collaborative team that is around me over the years carefully.
They have to know what I need to ensure you get what you want.
I will set realistic expectations with you, because my 20years in website design and marketing has taught me a lot as to how long it takes to have a successful website.
I still have clients who have been with me for over 10 years and more, because they trust me, they also respect the network of people who are sitting behind me to help their business succeed. Some of the people on my team are evangelists to Search Engines like Google.
Take my main business partner he is author of a book Internet Marketing An Hour A Day and together we also put out a book called Wired to Be Wowed.
We are both passionate that you are not swayed by what we call Shiny Object Syndrome.
We don't just build websites, we don't just do your marketing, we also mentor, we train, we knowledge transfer our experiences and what we learn from working with all sizes of business that need a website.
I am also a Google Partner which means if you come with us you can be involved in Google Hangout Sessions online talking about - Your Business and how it is performing with us and you get input from Google guy who hangs out with us.
It is important we dedicate our time to you, but in return, we want to see commitment and that you are serious about your business and your website. If you are, then welcome to the complete digital marketing solutions that we can offer you and will make affordable to you.


Gretna Green

Been responsible for the success of all the websites associated with Gretna Green Group Ltd www.gretnagreen.com www.greensatgretna.co.uk www.smithsgretnagreen.com www.gretnahallhotel.com

Cosmo Tiles

Was hired to migrate Cosmo Tiles from a website platform that was just not being found. With my website team we transformed the website into what it is today. www.csomotiles.co.uk

Love Restored

A young business established a couple of years needed to have a website presence to showcase their products and promote their furniture restoration workshops. www.loverestored.co.uk

Midllothian Roofing Services Ltd

This roofing company had had a bad experience with their previous developers that nearly destroyed their business. We rescued their website and rebuilt it and also had to restore all the clients Google Products such as Google My Business, Analytics, Webmaster Tools etc. as the previous developer had taken it upon themselves to shut all these down.

Log Cabins Scotland

Built this client a new site www.logcabinsscotland.co.uk and have helped them increase their visibility and gain more traffic since redesigning their site. The company have really got into marketing and are also using our video marketing skills to help them promote their business more.

ProScot Driving School

Took on ProScot 4 years ago and helped turn the business around which led them to be able to put more instructors into work which meant more of their cars on the road promoting their brand across East Scotland. We are currently in the middle of anew build site for them as it is time for an upgrade.

Informed Luxury

We have supported this client for over 7 years now and transitioned them through a number of brand upgrades where now they have become a flagship brand in a niche business area online offering all that is luxury in Scotland. This site was revamped in January 2017 and we have more plans for further improvements during the year. www.informedluxury.com


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