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I'm a freelance personal trainer and soft tissue therapist. I've been running my own business for 3 1/2 years and have built up a client base around the Downton and Wellow areas. I also run Kettlercise and Pilates classes which all my personal training clients get to attend for free as part of their package.


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30 May 2017

Cannot recommend enough.
Isla helped me get back in shape after my first baby. She has a very sensible and realistic approach to fitness, strength, flexibility, and overall health.
She was careful to design a program specifically to my needs. She was always attentive to my biomechanics and potential for injury. She will not "beast you" like other personal trainers just to get the job done. Rather, she provides a sensible, sustainable, and safe approach to achieving your fitness goals. Well, that was my experience at least.
I also attended Isla's classes. These were great. Good fun. Non-judgemental. People of all abilities. Take at your own pace.
In terms of value for money, I think the packages Isla offers are very competitive.


Katharine Backhouse

Great class. Always feel like you've done a proper work out!


TheresaDavid Ball

Really great classes for all levels of fitness. Fantastic exercise for all round toning. Love it!


Hanna Cheeseman

I love Isla's classes they are so fun and effective and anyone can do it! Would also highly recommend Isla's sports massage she's amazing.


By understanding a client's likes and dislikes I help grow their confidence to exercise regularly and eat healthily. I allow them to attend all my fitness classes for free and regularly give them training ideas and help with their diet.

Exercise everyday and have a healthy clean diet with lots of vegetables, drink lots of water and get to bed early.

The people ! I love meeting people then helping them with exercise and being a person they can confide in and generally helping to improve people's quality of life.

After my second child I found it difficult to return to my Pre baby figure despite exercising regularly. I was also made redundant from my previous career and wanted to do something to help others. I kept getting asked to start my own classes so that's what I did. I started training as a Kettlercise instructor and then qualified as a personal trainer before going on to study a degree in Fitness and Personal training. I also qualified as an advanced sports massage and soft tissue therapist. Since then I have started teaching Pilates and absolutely love this, almost as much as the Kettlebell training!

I'm a very approachable, likeable trainer who gives it to you straight but understanding and sympathetic to your situation. I'm all about building people's confidence and helping them to do well and lead a healthy lifestyle.