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Ensuring it's functional and easy to navigate. The website not only loads quickly at first, but on each subsequent page you access. It has to be responsive, and fit to screen on all mobiles and tablets. Not only that, it needs to render properly on any browser it's viewed on. There's no point making it perfect in Chrome, for example, to find there's a nagging issue in Firefox that you'd overlooked.

Is there anything in particular you'd like, or is a must have? If you'd like me to work from a few ideas, or just a small idea, how much free reign would I have? It's better to be up front and honest about what you'd like to see, rather than expecting something at the start and being disappointed when it doesn't come to fruition because the right information wasn't always available.

Being able to realise a vision, and making it whole. Troubleshooting issues and working out problems. There's no point taking on a task that you're scared of finishing of unable to complete.

Years and years of experience and not being able to put it to use by various employers.

I'm dedicated, reliable and always professional. I won't give up on a job - no matter how complicated, and will see it all the way through to the end.