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Hunter Surveillance Services Ltd, based in the North West of England Offers a different range of services from GPS Trackers for company vehicles to Personal assets , Surveillance for the corporate or public sector. This could be to finding out if a partner is cheating to if an employee is saying they are ill and getting paid for it when in actual fact they are working another job or even staying at home and having the time off at your expense.


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1 October 2018

Steven did a weeks surveillance for my family when he helped keep an eye on our daughters first holiday abroad. Steven kept us updated on a daily basis and was very professional in his approach throughout the process. Our daughter knew that Steven was there to help if required and found him discreet and helpful. I would definitely recommend Steven. More...



26 May 2018

We used Hunter Surveillance Services for a very Urgent matter, they responded quickly and efficiently and went above and beyond to get the result that left us with very satisfied Client and we would wish to use the Company on future matters when the need arises Thank you so much!!


Finding out the truth and getting results for the client.

The responsibility and challenge of providing the client with the evidence they require to find out the truth.

All agents are well trained and of ex-military, ex-police or professional Background. The service we offer the reliable, professional and confidential. We are here to get you the results you deserve.



Find out if your employee's are working another job Are they staying at home and getting paid by your company?

Is your partner acting different? Are they cheating? Do they hide their phone from you? Staying out longer then normal? Put your mind at ease and find out the truth!

Are your employee's at home and your paying their wage for no reason? Are they really ill? Are their injuries as bad as they say? Save your self money and find out the truth! Who want to have an employee who lie's!

Works vehicles being used for more then just work? Millage not adding up? With our GPS trackers you can find information out about the use of vehicle's We can fit them from a few days to months at a time depending on your circumstances.

Want to know were your partner is going when they leave in their vehicle? With our GPS Tackers you can find out were your partner is going without the need to have someone watching them.

Personal injury is a big topic at the moment. With a lot of employee's making claims against companies and also personnel exaggerating the extent of injuries during vehicle accidents, we can find out the truth if they are just acting on the day of a hospital/doctors appointment, if they live a normal life day to day still doing the activities they say they are unable to now do.