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Horizon Photography are proud to present their portfolio, we work well with our clients so the outcome is perfect for them. We work with well known Companies, Magazines, Holiday Rentals and Blue Chip Companies and offer of course services for Wedding Photography, Events and Private Parties.



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Knowing how to frame a good picture, (good composition) and knowing the manual settings on your camera.

What style they would like their photographs
How do you envisage the end product to be for eg. Photographs of your sports cars, do you want these as posters for your Business and so on
Are they for Business/Wedding/Events etc
We always meet our clients so we can discuss the perfect result

The Adventure, the people we meet and that we create their result in beautiful pictures

The fact that Family, then Friends wanted us to take their photographs. This lead to word of mouth, and from 2007 we have been Professionals.

We cover all Industries and Types of Photography. We have state of the art editing equipment and the correct cameras and lenses for the job in hand