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The Takeover is a boutique agency with a difference - one that’s intended to make your life a whole lot simpler. Here to take control of your company’s social media, digital event marketing, website design, and overall marketing package, we have an expert team, and they’re committed to helping you make the most of the many business opportunities that present themselves.


MARK - Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder and CEO of The Takeover, Mark is many things, including a hard-core retailer, passionate leader, and F1 lover. A fantastic eye for detail, he’s a number cruncher who really knows his stuff, which is great news for our clients.

SUZANNE - Co-Founder & Creative Director

Suzanne is the Co–founder and Creative Director of The Takeover. Creative and highly talented, she’s a social media genius, marketing pro, and lover of all things craft. Let her work her magic on your business.

DEXTER - Office Dog (All cool agencies have one)

Endowed of the cutest face around, Dexter either loves you or he hates you. We don’t have much control over which he chooses to do on the day, so we apologise for that in advance!


Now that you know us, maybe you’d like to discover a little bit about how The Takeover started out. Sit back and we’ll share our story with you. Once upon a time, there were two likeminded, ambitious, and passionate colleagues, whose greatest desire was to create a company that would allow them to do what they did best: help other businesses make the most of the online and marketing opportunities they were missing. That’s when they decided to put their heads together and turn their dream into a reality.

One was a hard-core retailer, who had a real talent for building business ventures with strong values and superb teams to help realise these; the other was an entrepreneur, one who had the ability to thrive in the corporate world and deliver some truly awesome marketing. Together, they were the perfect match. They came up with an exceptionally exciting idea: The Takeover – taking over your event or a part of your business that you don’t love so much, to leave professionals like yourself free to get on with something you do.

Our Star Values

Synergy - We make it our business to understand your business. Like a family, we are in this together.

Trust - We believe in respect, humility, and integrity, and will invest as much in you as you do in us.

Awesome - In everything we do! Let’s do awesome things together, and have fun at the same time.

Responsible - We care about you and your business. You can rely on us to do our very best at all times.

Get in touch with us today to learn more. We’re always excited to try something new together!

hello@thetakeover.co.uk Reviews

hello@thetakeover.co.uk Reviews

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Sammi Price
5 07/06/2018 Sammi Price

In a nutshell....I don’t know what I’d have done without The Takeover!
Working with Suzanne has been amazing! She has helped me build my new business with everything from branding, social media, business cards, flyers and now they are currently designing my website!!
Everything has been exactly what I’ve wanted and MORE!
Being both friendly and professional I couldn’t ask for anything else! They are always on hand to deal with my enquiries, I can’t recommend The Takeover enough!
They get a 5***** from me!

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Walkthepooch
5 19/03/2018 Walkthepooch

The Takeover team built my website, the team not only built me the website but gave me help and support in the design and content. Very reasonable price for professional website in Bridgnorth.

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by lucy renrut
5 07/01/2018 lucy renrut

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by 1301 Online
5 02/01/2018 1301 Online

I am currently using The Takeover for my first company website. I couldn’t have been happier with the result, going live very soon now, exciting times! My website designer did a fantastic job and was also very quick at handling my queries and requests. I will definitely not hesitate to use The Takeover again.

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Sharon Marriott
5 17/11/2017 Sharon Marriott

The Takeover team have listened to myself and the needs of my business, they were extremely easy to connect with and very helpful in answering all my questions. They have built a bespoke website totally suited to my requirements and it was created efficiently and quickly indeed. Nothing was too much trouble, I would highly recommend the team to any growing business.

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Louise Wheeldon
5 Louise Wheeldon

Excellent customer service and beautiful homeware and lighting products!!!

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Julie Batho
5 Julie Batho

Excellent customer service . 4 times I visited each time I couldn't decide which light . But Sharon didn't mind. My new light fitting looks beautiful . Thank you .

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Sheena Griffiths
5 Sheena Griffiths

Yet again Sharon has used her powers of persuasion.....and am i glad she did! Beautiful mirror purchased for hallway.

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Anna Welch
5 Anna Welch

Stunning shop - purchased a few quirky gifts that you will struggle to find anywhere else �

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Haley Evanson-Smith
5 Haley Evanson-Smith

A wonderful shop with so many great things to make your house a home x
Sharon always gives you a warm welcome and has loads of lovely ideas to help you create the look you want in your home

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Jemima Dolling
5 Jemima Dolling

Beautiful shop I have bought a few small things in here and have my eye on a couple of other things, dropping hints about the bicycle clock and globe to my partner. Only problem with this shop is I want everything in it. Very helpful and friendly staff too

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Becky Sparrow
5 Becky Sparrow

Excellent shop, so many lovely items, will recommend to all my friends xx

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Ruth Barrow Cox
5 Ruth Barrow Cox

Went in on Saturday, lovely place and smelt so good with the candles burning, made a few purchases �� will be back �

Review of hello@thetakeover.co.uk by Julie Gleave
5 Julie Gleave

Lovely shop and Thankyou for my lovely £100 voucher I won on Facebook � I bought a gorgeous lamp, lantern for outside and a lovely plant stand for outside � Thankyou xx


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hello@thetakeover.co.uk Q&A

hello@thetakeover.co.uk Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

We love meeting new people. Having both worked in retail both in big boy retailers and small independents we have learnt a lot and now its time to share our knowledge!

What inspired you to start your own business?

Now that you know us, maybe you’d like to discover a little bit about how The Takeover started out. Sit back and we’ll share our story with you. Once upon a time, there were two likeminded, ambitious, and passionate colleagues, whose greatest desire was to create a company that would allow them to do what they did best: help other businesses make the most of the online and marketing opportunities they were missing. That’s when they decided to put their heads together and turn their dream into a reality.

Why should our clients choose you?

Happy to cover everything from cataloguing your events, driving your social media or building you an amazing website. Marketing is our forte. We will deliver all the specialist content you could desire to make your business bigger and better than ever before.
Exciting, inspiring and innovative, we bring your business to life in unusual, one of-a-kind ways to add real value. We are passionate about growth and committed to helping you make the most of many business opportunities that present themselves.

Services provided by hello@thetakeover.co.uk

hello@thetakeover.co.uk Services

Website Design

This is the part where it all gets complicated, so we recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and getting yourself comfortable. Being a small business is tough, and as much as you’d like to do all of it yourself, sometimes you just don’t have the skills or time. On the other side of the coin, you don’t have vast amounts to start chucking at professionals like us either. What you really want is simple: to create a website that allows you to share the awesome product or service you’re offering, without having to break the bank to get it. That’s why we do things a little differently. The result is something we should all be happy with: a website to be proud of, one that will allow you to tell your story, sell your products, and build a strong brand image and an improved customer relationship. With the nail hit squarely on the head, this will soon generate a growth in sales and profits alike. And this is just the beginning. All singing and dancing, our websites work perfectly with our other packages, namely marketing and social media. Working in tandem, these can have an exceptional impact on a business, helping to change its fortunes completely. OUR PACKAGES AVAILABLE: Bronze website package £499 Silver website package design £799 Gold website package £999 Platinum website package £1399 HOW IT WORKS... INITIAL CONSULTATION You will work with a dedicated account manager to find out what type of site layout would best suit your business. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Your designer will draft out and create a site that is unique to you and your brand. REVIEW AND FEEDBACK Your website will be sent to you for feedback so that your designer can work on any changes before the big launch. your website the window. Of course, we don’t expect you to hire us solely on the basis of what we’ve written here. That’s why we offer free website consultations to all interested parties, so that we can really get to know each other and work out whether our businesses are the right fit before you commit to anything. Why not get in touch today for a talk? Let’s see what we can create together.

Website Boost & Support

Got a brand new website? Give your website performance a boost and unlock your website's true potential today. SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is all about increasing you websites visibility and building brand awareness for your business and driving more conversions. Let us do the hard work for you. We will run a full SEO report of your website and get to work on improving the areas right away. From improving your website content, optimising your links to boosting your social media pages. To choose from: SEO health check and recommendations Rank in google - Backlink work: Social bookmarking on High authority sites - High authority blogposts Profile links on high PR & authority sites Image sharing - Social signals, local listings. Set up of up to 7 Social media platforms and optimise Google analytics set up A blog on your business

Social Media Support, Management & Training

At The Takeover, our products have the potential to transform the way you do business, but they’re all based on easy to understand ideas, and our social media offering is no different: you simply hand your accounts over to us and we run them for you. This doesn’t take away from the fact that the service we provide is unique, one that has been specially formulated to offer the greatest possible benefit to your venture. Unlike many others in our industry, we don’t just sit back and create content in an office – we go out and get our hands dirty. We won’t just ask you about your business; instead, we’ll experience it. We will eat your food, work in your store, and become a part of your world, immersing ourselves completely in your company ethos. The content we produce will reflect this real and genuine understanding of your venture, and it’s this that will enable us to learn all about your clients and how best to entice them. This is what sets us apart. We really will get to know you, so that when you hand over a part of your business into our keeping, you can have full confidence in us to maximise the opportunities it presents, leaving you free to focus on what you’re best at whilst we take care of the rest, and design you some truly fantastic content in the process. We look after your fans WHATS INCLUDED To us, it’s incredibly important that we’re able to offer you a social media package that’s perfectly tailored to your business, and this is why our services include the following: Getting to know you We can’t do what we do without getting to know you first, so this is a real priority for us. We’ll talk extensively with you so that both of us understand everything we need to. A 12-month marketing strategy We’re not a business that’s content to be a one-hit wonder. A strong social media strategy needs to be consistent and long-term, which is why we’ll put together a 12-month plan for your company. Multi-platform management No matter what your goals are, we’ve got them covered, and we’ll look after as many platforms as you need us to to help you achieve these. Bespoke content Your company is unique, and that means your content should be too. Everything we produce will be designed in house by us, with your individual requirements in mind. Of course, it also goes without saying that anything we create is yours to keep. Products - Tips - Competitions - News - Team - Events - Customers - Community - Feedback - Reviews 24-hour support 365 days of the year Always here to help you, we have your back at any time of day or night, to keep your social media in tip-top shape. Plus we can offer you training too!

Events Marketing

Here at The Takeover, we’re lucky enough to go to lots of fantastic events, from beer festivals to flower shows to product launches. Almost always, these are well-organised and fantastic fun to attend, but as marketing professionals, we can’t help but notice that there’s often something missing. A desire to seize on the many opportunities that present themselves! Despite there being so very much going on, lots of hosts don’t know how to utilise the occasion to bring together everyone present at the event, nor how to use it to promote their business to the people who are not there. We do. From the guys performing to the teams on the stalls, the crowd, and those who were interested but just couldn’t make it this time, we have the nous to help you take full advantage of all of the hard work, time, and money you’ve put into organising your big occasion. How? The idea came to us over a glass or two of prosecco at the Shrewsbury Flower Show: we’ll use our social media know-how to help you shout about your event like never before. We bring content to life in unusual, one-of-a-kind ways to add real value to it, to deliver exciting, inspiring, and innovative event promotion. That’s what The Takeover is all about: taking over your event to harness the power of social media and use it to bring everyone together. It’s all very simple to understand. Our team will deliver a special and highly personalised package, making sure that they attend your event in person so that they know they’re getting all of those little details right. We will share the experience on social media, using our happy faces and upbeat promotional style to interact with your customers like never before, so that whether they’re attending or not, everyone gets an enticing taste of the big occasion. The content we create whilst there will be entirely yours, to keep and use however you choose to. This will give you plenty of material to push even when the event itself is over, to help keep everyone interested until the next one.

Business Support


The importance of marketing is something that no business can afford to underestimate. Big or small, you’ll always find the same thing: that if you get it right, customers will turn up and your venture will thrive. But it’s more complex than just attracting attention. You have to appeal to the correct people: the audience you want. If you fail to do this, you fail to do well – it really is that simple. It’s all too easy to get it wrong, and it often comes down to lacking the skills to identify your target market. So, do you know yours? Because if the answer is ‘no’, The Takeover team are here to help. There are lots of people that we can make a difference to, from those who are complete marketing amateurs to those who know their stuff but just need a little nudge in the right direction. Providing powerful marketing materials, and words and ideas that will really reach your audience, we know just how to identify exactly what it is that you need to take your business to the next level. We build bespoke marketing solutions for your business, blending both old school and contemporary methods to create a strategy that works. So what’s in our kit bag? We have plenty of options available, to make certain that we can provide the perfect fit for every business. What's in our kit bag! Email Marketing. Blog & Press writing. Promotional Material Design. Infographics. Consultations. Social and Website Banner design. Marketing strategy session. Marketing calendar creation. Website SEO & PPC advice & guidance. Competition set-up and running. It really is a pretty comprehensive package, because what we want more than anything is to create tailor-made tactics that work for each and every one of our highly valued clients.

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