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Oxshott, Surrey

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Oxshott, Surrey

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I help Built Environment Female CEO's to grow their companies

Roped into micromanaging employees? Staff not caring? Lack of talent? Working long hours? Overly competitive industry.

You are not alone in the problem, but there is a solution.


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29 August 2018

Excellent! Ed has an uncanny ability to see through all the peripherals that seem to overwhelm you and can really drill down on the core issues which you need to focus on to take things to the next level and progress. I would happily recommend forge10x to anyone needing to break through the barriers and succeed More...

Thanks James



8 August 2018

Ed has a passion for building your business to support the lifestyle you want. He lives and breathes this ethos: "Own Your Time". He is the real deal - a Maverick - who continually takes bold actions that push his own boundaries, be it personally or professionally. There is no time for armchair philosophising. It's about action and results. He is a razor-sharp businessman with a wealth of experience. As a business coach, he is hard-wired to activate the best in YOU - the confident, brave, unstoppable you - and provide you with the business acumen that will give you the resilience and agility to scale your business and create the lifestyle you want. More...

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What I love most is the unique diversity of every business. The dynamics at play are so interconnected and complicated that it takes a very specific thinking style to achieve their goal, reverse engineer the process in order to identify the problems and then implement a new growth pattern. I feel like I'm suited for this and thus I'm able to offer exponential value to my clients. I get my value from being fully invested in the success of my client's businesses.

Having built my own successful businesses for the past 20 years, I wanted to help other small to medium business owners own their time and really reap the wonderful benefits a business can offer.

(I currently still own 3 x seven figure businesses, of which run with about 20% of my involvement) And it's possible for everyone to do it.

I was being called by my friends asking how to build their businesses too. Questions like How to "own a sector" or "build a sustainable business". I would meet them in a coffee shop and help them with their challenge. Then it became small group lunches of friends, plus one!

Then their friends started calling, and then my clients asked for help and so it grew.

I realised that some entrepreneurs/business owners were struggling with very similar issues, so I designed a framework which I could follow to help them grow their companies. Note, its a guideline. Every company is different but they do have similar challenges.

Client and Coach choose each other. The relationship between coach and coachee is very specific and can be uncomfortably personal, as it deals with sensitive information such as life purpose and NAV.
The client must believe that I can help, and I must believe that the client is able to be helped, and with a problem that I am familiar with.

The complexities of a Maverick type personality is far more complicated than your standard small business owner. They are usually in a high risk, high reward situation and they just need someone to provide them with logical input. They are more often than not pioneering and thus will only really identify with someone that has done it before them. I am that guy. I am well versed in big risk (ie. big negative implications) and fully appreciate the anxieties behind pushing into ones discomfort in order to achieve sustained growth.

Maverick Coaching is all consuming. It is a very specific skill set, unfortunately, learned over time and on the front lines of business.

Mavericks struggle with the implementation and execution of detail; systems and procedures that are fundamental in building towards their vision. It is at this point that they become overwhelmed and either give up or look for help. The words they use are "trapped" or "crossroads" or "frustrated".

We take confidentiality very seriously, always.